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Bring Me To Life

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'“Gerard. WHAT. ON. EARTH?!?”'

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Two Months Later

Silence enveloped the room as Gerard watched Lucy from the chair next to her bed, hands intertwined. Lucy was deep in thought, staring at the same four walls as she always did, she was holding back something, the memories from her past life eating away her soul. Gerard could see this happening, he hated watching her being mauled by the past, a silent memory of the girl he had met all those years ago.
Suddenly, Lucy ripped her hand away from his and put her arms on either of his shoulders. This move startled Gerard, he had never seen her move so quick, not since that day when-
"Gee, you have to get me out of here, ever since... y'know, that day" she shuddered in remembrance. "They think I'm mental. I'm not mental, I'm just remembering stuff." Lucy looked deep into Gerard's eyes, begging for understanding. Gerard looked back, focusing on her eyes, the truth and tears were spilling over. Gerard wiped the tears off her cheeks and nodded.
"Okay, I have a plan."


'Name and purpose please.'
"Hey, my name’s Gerard Way, visiting Lucy with her Great Aunt Franny." Gerard held his breath, waiting for the buzzer to beep. Finally it did and he pushed the wheelchair into the building, holding Great Aunt Franny on the shoulder so she didn't move too much. He wheeled her through the lobby smiling at the nurses as he did, trying to avoid eye contact for any signs of fear that may lurk in them. Soon enough he came to Lucy room. Knocked on the door and smiled as she ran and lurched open the door. Giggling, she ran past the wheelchair and jumped into Gerard’s arms. "You ready?" Gerard whispered. Lucy simply nodded and slowly let go of Gerard before turning to the wheelchair.
"Hello Great Aunt Franny!" Lucy giggled, rather too loudly.
"Shh, do you want us to be found out?!?" Gerard teased. Lucy quickly shut up, dragging him in by the hand and closing the door behind him and the wheelchair. Quick enough, Lucy had Gerard against the wall, tongues locked and bodies entwined. Gerard pushed Lucy backwards so they were on the bed. Gerard slowly unbuttoned her hospital pyjamas, sighing as he felt her silk-soft skin against his rough hands. Lips still locked, Gerard removed Lucy's shirt and trousers. Lucy broke away from the kiss, rushing over to Great Aunt Franny, removing the hat and wig and placing them on her own head. Then, unbuttoning the sundress Franny was wearing and began to button it up on her. Gerard recovered from the make-out session while lazily watching her get dressed then got up off the bed, taking the hospital pyjamas Lucy had just been in and placing them on the manikin that had formerly been 'Great Aunt Franny' before taking a black wig out of his bag and putting it on the manikin ‘Lucy’ before placing it in the bed. Soon enough, Lucy was sitting in the wheelchair where the manikin had been. Minutes later, a nurse came in telling them it was time to leave, luckily not trying to wake up the sleeping 'Lucy'.


"You're free!" Gerard whispered as he closed the door to Mikey and his apartment. Lucy looked around the lounge/kitchen/diner, taking every inch of it in then clapped and got out of the heelchair running around it to jump and wrap her arms and legs around Gerard’s neck and waist, locking Gerard’s lips with hers. Soon enough, the pair had made their way to the bedroom.


Mikey walked down the street and saw a light on in the apartment Great, Gee must be home he thought to himself, ever since Lucy had been locked up in the hospital Gerard was always vacant and moody after visiting her, like he left himself with her when he left the hospital. He was barely approachable without getting your head snapped off. Mikey made his way up the stairs to the apartment door and unlocked it. Turning on the light, Mikey noticed a trail of what were obviously Gerard’s clothes and a wheelchair and another set of clothes that looked like that of an 80 year old and a...wig? There was a low moan and a higher-pitched scream of pleasure from Gerard’s room that grabbed Mikey’s attention. Slowly tip-toeing around the corner, Mikey stood outside the closed door.

“Gee?” Mikey wrapped on the door causing both Lucy and Gerard to jump.
“Shit!” Gerard whispered, “I thought he wasn’t going to be home until tomorrow!” Lucy stared at Gerard, eyes wide open, worried that she was going to be taken back. Quickly, Gerard kissed her, untangled himself from the black silk sheets of the king-sized bed and got off to grab some clothes, chucking a t-shirt-and-boxer ensemble at Lucy. “Hang on a minute Mikes!” He then got dressed himself, tousling his greasy black hair in front of the floor length mirror before throwing a quick dashing smile at Lucy before creeping round the door.


“Hey Mikes!” Gerard smiled, still slightly out of breath.
“Gerard, who do you have in your room?” Mikey asked suspiciously.
“No one, how about a coffee?” Gerard ran over to the coffee machine and poured out two cups.
“What’s all the women’s clothes about then?”
“Oh, I was trying something out for on-stage, y’know, like drag, thought it would be fun.” Mikey eyed Gerard up suspiciously before silently turning and opening the door to Gerard’s room. “NO! MIKEY!”

“Gerard. WHAT. ON. EARTH?!?”

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