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a/n: SoRrY!

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Hey Babes ;)
So I'm very sorry for not updating. I've been ill, had 3 GCSEs and been looking after my Grandad. Also, atm I have a tummy bug that basically means my day is spent running to and from the toilet. And I also have a chest infection :/

so, if I can I shall update today, if not in the near future.
I'm so sorry guys, I love writing I just Have no time in life!

ALSO! I found out I am dyslexic (reason for my crappy writing skills) BUT I have and IQ of 121 which is like; 'IQ Score of 121 | Superior Intelligence
The Wechsler Intelligence Scale classifies an IQ Score of 121 as superior intelligence which is above average IQ.' Sorry, I found out I was clever, it made me happy.

ANYHOO see you guys soon :)

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