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The Game

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Herry has interests in a new student at Olympia High, with connections to Hermes...

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So after 5 years, I remembered I had a ficwad account! So I did some editing and such. I am also instead of doing this in the first season setting, it will take place after the ending of season 2 sometime. Just a heads up.

Almost all was quiet in New Olympia. The birds chirped, the children rang in the parks, but Cronus was planning another scheme against the teens. It was a tense silence that the teenagers where glad to accept. Even though it meant trouble was just around the corner.

Herry was bored of staying indoors and being confined by his room's walls. He decided to get some fresh air. He wandered just outside the dorm, but he was still bored, so he decided to adventure further.

He noticed two figures in the distant at the hockey field. He decided to approach them. As he got closer he started to pick out the distinctive features of one of the figures. Hyperactive, skinny, definitely Hermes.

But, he was not wearing his usual clothes. Still the same boots, and then Bermuda shorts, a Hawaiian flower printed top, a toque, and sunglasses. Beside him though was a girl he did not recognize.
She had long brown wavy hair that came down to the small of her back and a lighter brown streak to the one side. The girl had sparkling greenish-blue eyes, a slim body, a little bit of a tan with a barely noticeable olive skin color.

She's beautiful. Herry thought to himself as he approached the small party.

She looked at the wide hockey field in awe as she casually walked around, studying it very carefully. Hermes waiting patiently for her to finish.

Herry walked up to Hermes and whispered in his ear, "Hermes, who is the new girl?"

"Oh, she is a new student here; Hera told me to show her around."

The girl stood waiting more than hearing distance away waiting for Hermes to finish with Herry.

Hermes turned around, "Okay then." He flung his arms out, "On with the tour!"
The girl giggled flashing a sweet smile.

Herry burst through the dormitory door, "Guess what everybody?!" he yelled.

Atlanta, Archie, Theresa, Odie, Neil, and Jay looked at him with bewildered faces. Making, Odie drop his computer game onto the floor.

"What Herry." Said Atlanta in a not spontaneous reply.

"We have a new student!"

"You made us jump out of our seats for that?" barked Archie.

"Not just any student." Herry paused, "The student is a she!"

"Well then I might just have to look myself." Archie got up from his comfy chair in a joking matter to test Atlanta's reaction.

"You are not going anywhere until we are finished this game." Atlanta grabbed Archie's arm and pulled him back down. He landed rather hard.

"Where did you see her?" Archie asked. Trying to find interest again in his chess game.

"I saw her on the sport grounds with Hermes."

"Hermes?!" shouted out Archie, Theresa and Jay in surprise. Theresa and Jay were in an intense card game probably, War.

"Unless, Hermes just became Olympia High's new tour guide, what is he doing showing a new student around?" asks Theresa.

"Who knows with the gods." Said Odie.

A few of them shrugged and return to their interests. Herry left the others and made his way to the training room in Olympia High in the secret wing.

Atlanta walked in and grabbed the climbing gear and harnessed herself in. connecting it to the climbing wall, she called out to Herry. "Could you help me Herry?" She seemed to be a little flustered.

Herry got up. "Sure."

Atlanta started climbing up the wall as Herry held onto the rope. An awkward silence settles between them, as Herry could sense Atlanta's brooding mood.

Archie and Jay walked in, moments before Atlanta has reached the top. "Hey guys." Jay waved to Herry.


"I'll take that from you." Archie swiped the rope from Herry's hands.

Archie looked up the wall to where Atlanta is almost at the top, "Look I am very sorry, Atlanta. Will you come down please so we can talk about this?" Archie asked pleadingly.

"No! You are immature that is what you are!" she yelled. She climbed up to the top of the cliff and sat there looking down at Archie. She resembled somewhat of an eagle on its perch, looking down with piercing eyes.

"Um, Thanks." Replied Herry.

Jay and Herry sat down on a bench near the wall watching the two bickering between each other.

"What happened?" Herry whispered to Jay.

"Oh, apparently, Archie did something to make Atlanta really mad while they were playing chess. Now she is angry at him."

"Oh." Herry stopped from going on any further into that conversation.

"So Herry," Jay paused. "it looks like your hand will be full." He smirked.

He gets a puzzle look on his face. "What are you talking about?" Herry questions.

They both paused because of the bickering going on between the duos, at the wall.

"Atlanta, you better come down you have a field hockey game to play really soon." Archie's voice solicited.

"I am not coming down!" Atlanta yelled down.

Herry and Jay return to their conversation.

"Well... I can tell you have interest in that girl."

"Uh, ya sure... I'm gonna go though, going to watch the game."

"Okay see you there!" Jay waved.


"Atlanta please. ATLANTA!!" squealed Archie.

Herry saw Neil sitting in one of the stands. "Hey Neil!"

Neil looked over, Herry a wave, and then took out his mirror and giving a dazzling grin to his reflection. Herry seated himself beside Neil.

He spotted Odie on the girl's bench as water boy and first-aider. "Hey Ode." Odie looked up into the bleachers and gave Herry a wave.

Herry looked at his watch. "The game should be starting in 10 minutes."

Until then the boys watch the girls' warm-up.

Jay came just before the game, the team had just started heading to their positions on the field. Jay sat down on the other side of Neil. He seemed to be doing a good job of registering where Theresa was at all times.

There was still no sign of Archie, or Atlanta for that matter.

"Jay, when did you last see Archie or Atlanta?"

"Well last I saw them Archie was climbing the wall trying to bring Atlanta back down."

"I wonder how that will turn out." Muttered Herry under his breath.

About 10 minutes into the game, the girls had a score of 1 to 0 for them.

By this time, Atlanta had arrived. She seemed a little rushed and her outfit was put on in a hurry. Her socks were pulled up at different lengths, and her uniform shirt not centered. She was jumping around still trying to put her shoes on.

Archie arrived on the scene letting out a sigh, looking like he had been through a hurricane. His hair is askew and looking like his shirt had been tugged on.

Neil glanced over. "Didn't go well I take it."

"It didn't." replied Archie he then slouched down on the seat in the bleachers beside Herry.

The boys cheered the girls on, especially when they made a goal.

At a few minutes left in the last half Herry noticed a new person sitting on the bench with the other players. Her hair was light brown, pulled back into a ponytail.

The coach leaned over to the girl. "Alright, this is your time to impress me. If you do well, you are on the team."

The girl nodded her head and ran onto the field switching with another player. This was her chance to impress the coach, and the team. Theresa and Atlanta gave her a small greeting as she rain on. The girl turned her face to the crowds searching, it seemed she did not find the person she was looking for.

Herry is dawned that the girl was the same one that was with Hermes earlier.

"Archie." Herry punched Archie with a fair amount of force.

Archie rubbed his arm. "What do you want?"

"That's the girl that was with Hermes, the new student." Herry pointed out into the field.

Archie leaned forward in his chair and squinted for a second; he then relaxed and leaned back again. "Nice." With a small grin looking over at Herry.

The score was 3 to 3.

The crowd in the bleachers was cheering wildly, Theresa was playing on the right wing, and Atlanta was playing centre forward, while the new student timidly went to the left wing.

Theresa gave her a thumbs up, the girl replying with a small smile.

The referee blew the whistle, everyone was concentrating on the ball. He dropped the ball, and Atlanta won the face off. She tries to pass to Theresa but she is blocked so Atlanta looked over to see that the new girl is open. Atlanta shoot the ball her way, the pass is successful.

The girl advanced on the goaltender, two of the rivals rush at her she pushed the ball a bit in front of her and jumped into midair doing a three sixty and landing on her feet. The girl then retrieved the ball and starts off where she had finished before. She winded up and shot. The goalie tried to reach for it but was too slow, Olympia High scores.

The crowd is bewildered and cheered crazily.

The girl jumped into the air, waving her stick overjoyed she got the winning goal, and slightly surprised she did that well. Her teammates rushed towards her like a wave and she was engulfed in a team hug.

After shaking hands, Theresa and Atlanta held back.

"She is good." Atlanta commented over the still very excited fans.

"Ya." Replied Theresa. "Maybe too good." She whispered to herself and looked up at the girl. Catching eye contact with her, the girl quickly glanced away.
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