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Normal Days

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Herry talks with a new student and gets a name out of it

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The next day, Herry spotted the same girl in one of the hallways at school. He noticed that more than a few guys at Olympia High were gawking at her. She need oblivious though as she walked down the hallway. A few guys tried cheesy and terrible pick-ups lines on her, she woud just smiles and give polite no's, sometimes giggling at them. The bell rang and the boys started to disperse. The girl opened her locker, collecting her books.

Herry came up behind her. He opened his mouth but nothing came out; he shook his head and tried again. "Hey."

The girl jumped a little and turned around with a welcoming smile on her face. She gave a little blush to her jumpiness. "Hi." She said politely, holding an armful of books. She kicked her locker closed with her foot. It's him! Don't act stupid, Helen..

Herry looked at all the binders and textbooks she was carrying. "Um, would you like some help?"

"No thanx I'm fine." She paused for a moment. "But could you help me find my next class?"

"Sure what is it?"


Herry thought for a moment, trying to remember where it is. He face lit up as it dawned on him. "Follow me." He gave a gesture with his hand.

The girl followed. She quickly is step in step with Herry as they walk down the hallway. It was apparent that she was probably a head taller than him. He looked down at her, "Um, By the way I'm Herry."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Helen. How long have you been going here, Herry?"

"Not long actually, under a year." They turned a corner; a few people were entering a classroom in fron of them. "There you are History class."

She took a few steps and turned around. "Thank you." She freed up one of her arms awkwardly and gave him a wave and turned starting to walk away.

"Maybe I'll see you around sometime." Herry stammered out.

Turning her head. "You can count on it." She giggled lightly and entered her classroom.

Herry let out a large breath of air. Grinning he turned and left the hallway, with a little spring to his step.

"Hermes what are you doing?" asked Helen, as Hermes in his ridiculous disguise pushed her along a the street and into a large building.

"Helping you make friends." He responded.

"But I have enough friends." She told him sternly.

"Believe me it is for the best that you get to know them." He pushed her through a doorway, Helen wincing at what was to come next. When she opened her eyes, there sat a normal looking bunch of kids sitting together watching a movie. They looked just as astonished as she was.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Helen." Declared Hermes.

She shyly gave a wave to everyone there. Helen started to recognize most of the kids there. Odie was in all of her Math classes, and was a genius. Theresa and Atlanta were on the field hockey team. Jay was in her History class. Herry she had met in the hallway. Archie and Neil were in her gym class, along with everyone else except Odie. A girl in gym class told her Neil was full of himself, it may of been because Neil had not given any notice to the poor girl.

"Helen, why don't you sit with us?" asked Theresa patting at the spot on the couch beside her.

"Thanks." She replied, as she walked over to sit with Theresa and Atlanta. She could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her.

Hermes grinned, "Oh look at you, making new friends, your mother would be so proud of you, but I have to go, a busy guy you know. Ta ta!" With that he was gone.

Helen blushed even more and sat there awkwardly looking at everyone, as they looked at her. Why am I so awkward?

"How do you know Hermes?" asked Odie, breaking up the silence.

"Family friend." She replied rather quickly, giving a quick smile.

"Popcorn?" asked Atlanta who was sitting on the floor in front of her.

"No thank you." Helen said politely waving it off.

"Well we are watching a movie, would you like to watch it with us?" Jay suggested.


Archie unpaused the movie, and the lights turned off. Everyone's heads turned towards the TV.

Helen glanced quickly over at Herry, to see that he was looking right back at her. She turned away in surprise, blushing even more. As she watched the TV though, she had a small grin on her face.

After the movie the group decided to head outside.

"Ya!! Some fresh air." Helen leaped into the hair and gave a little giggle.

"I take it you like outside." Asked Jay.

"Much." Answered Helen. "I have spent a lot of time outside. My dad is a farmer in the prairies."

They chatted of many things from school teachers to who won the Hockey championships. When they stopped they had arrived at the park. By this time it was darker and shadows were casting themselves onto the dimly lit paths.

"Let's play, hide and go seek!" Suggested Atlanta, as she started to casually run off. "Archie, you're it."

"Aw, really Atlanta? That is totally unfair.... fine." Archie shouted out, but she was almost gone already. "Fine. You guys go hide."

Everyone dispersed and Archie's monotone counting could be heard the further and further Helen got away from him. She finally found a good spot behind a tree. After a little bit of time she thought she heard something in the bush moving. She started to back up farther and farther from noise source. Until suddenly, she bumped into something tall and soft. That's strange. She turned around to see that it was a human. "Oh sorry."

"oh, it um... fine." It was Herry's voice.

"Is that you Herry?"

"It's me!" He replied joyfully.

"Fancy meeting you out here. What are you doing in this neck of the woods?" She laughed a little. Without warning though someone grabbed her shoulder forcefully.

"Gotcha!" Yelled Archie.

Without warning though, Helen moved with a supernatural speed and it was her that was behind Archie, with his arm in a chicken wing. Everyone stood there in an tense silence. "Sorry." She exclaimed, realizing what she had done. She dropped his arm quickly and stepped away. "I have to go." With that she ran off into the trees.

Helen was given a message to meet Hermes on the steps in front of the school. She sat on the steps, waiting.

Before long, Hermes came along in his so called 'disguise'.

"I have come to a decision." Hermes declared.

Helen had a worried face, knowing that Hermes 'decisions' so far had only brought embarrassment.

"You are going to move into a dorm."

"A dorm? Where?" asked Helen.

"Well it seems you get along with Jay, Theresa, Herry and the rest of that group, so you will move in with them."

"Really?" Helen is worry and surprised. "I don't know... That doesn't seem like a good ide--"

"Don't worry, I even consented with them. You'll move in tomorrow, and believe me, you'll be in safe hands."
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