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The Beginning of a Rescue

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Cronus has Helen, how will she be able to escape the trouble awaiting her?

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Meanwhile, poor Helen was on the west coastline. She had been taken to a large rock near a foreland, where there was a lighthouse. The wind pounded the waves against the rocks and the sound of crashing waves surrounded her. The air was damp, and visibility was low.

The last of the chains were being snapped onto her arm. Helen was chained by her arms and legs, with a chain coming from each corner of the rock, she was barely able to move at all.

"There you go." Said Cronus. "Don't you feel like the damsel in distress?" As he faked to be in need, by putting his hand on his forehead, giving a pleading face. He then gave a half-hearted laugh.

"Don't I ever." Mutters Helen under her breath sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"If this doesn't bring Herry and the rest of those children, I don't think anything will. Now this reminds me of the story of Perseus and Andromeda, with the damsel chained to rock, the monster, the winged hero, you know the story."

"Don't you need a sea creature though?" asked Helen trying to ruin his mood.

"Why of course, thank you for reminding me. A matter of fact, I do have one." He snapped his fingers and out from the waters slithered the silhouette of a large long, monster. His teeth glimmered faintly from the barely visible moon overhead. The eyes flashed brightly against the shadowy night. It gave a trembling screech.

"Well that answers that question." Remarked Helen.

"Well when we found you, we found this also." Odie showed him the postcard. On the card was an old rickety lighthouse. On the other side was written in elegant and cursive handwriting, Bring your bathing suit, you might be going for a swim.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Herry.

"That is why I am the computer guy." Answered Odie. He swiped the card from Herry.

Odie busily typed on the laptop, clicking a few times. He was staring at the computer screen pretty tensely and for a long time.

"There." He pulled back to let Herry see the computer screen.

"This is the only place I think she could be."

"Let's go tell the others."

Odie explained the situation to the gang.

"Alright, Neil you'll go with Theresa, Herry, Atlanta, and Archie in the truck. Odie you'll come with me and pilot the jet, you and me can pick up Theresa's boat along the way with the jet. We'll all meet at the lighthouse."

Everyone quickly separated into their groups and they were off.

"I like your spunk, how about we just leave those miserable kids this creature, and you join me?" Proposed Cronus. "I could give you anything you want, at the snap of a finger, so what do you say?"

"I would never join the likes of you." Helen turned her head away from him.

"Oh too bad, what a shame for such 'talent' to go to waste." Replied Cronus. "Oh and by the way, lil' Hebe... Never say never." He smirked, as he turns towards the open ocean.

Helen looked at him in shock. How does he know?

Cronus knew what she was thinking. "Don't you worry, I know who you are. I just did not want Herry in on our little secret."

"There is the lighthouse!" yelled Herry. As his pickup truck lights hit the base of the lighthouse, the truck came to a stop.

Everyone in the truck got out. It was completely dark, everyone was peering through the fog and precipitation from the waves, trying to see each other.

Odie and Jay have just finished launching the boat into the water. They landed the jet beside the lighthouse.

Jay jumped out, while Odie started to cautiously climb down. "Hey where are you guys?" yelled Jay over the fog.

"We are over here." Replied Theresa.

"Odie could you pick up the pace?"

"Hold your horses. Didn't anyone tell you slow and steady wins the race." He reached into the jet and grabbed the knapsack before he warily climbed the rest of the way down. "Here put these on." He pulled out a pair of night vision goggles. Jay willingly put them on, along with Odie.
When the two had reached the others, Odie handed a pair of the goggles to everyone.

"Odie how did you know we would need these?" questioned Theresa.

"I knew the lighthouse hadn't been working for a very long time, plus I checked the weather conditions."

"Why I do hope your friends come soon, because my precious beast here is getting famished, and it isn't a pleasant sight when she gets hungry." He tsked. "It would be a shame not to follow the guidelines of the story, if you get eaten and all."

"I don't think you have to worry about me." Remarked Helen again. She struggled with the chains trying to get loose.

The monster flung half of its body outside the water, giving another deafening roar.

"Well it looks my little pet is hungry. I better leave it to its dinner. I have a feeling though if things don't work out for my pet, we may be seeing each other again. Ta-ta."

Cronus opened a portal gate. "You know I would love to stick around, but I have other business to attend. Maybe I will stop by later to see your friends' demise." He stepped through the portal and it closed behind him.

The beast roared again.

"Great." Said Helen sarcastically.

Neil jumped into Herry's arms giving a squeal. Herry looked a little surprised. "What was that?" asked Neil.

"It was probably just an coastal, harmless animal of some sort, you don't have to get your feathers all ruffled." Replied Atlanta.

Herry put Neil down. Neil brushed himself off, "Why, I knew that." He strode off to Jay.

"Okay here is the plan, Odie and Neil you will try to see if you can fix that lighthouse to spread some light on the situation. The rest will search for Helen with the boat. Careful though, the waves are large, I don't want anyone to get lost."

Archie winced. "I think maybe I should go with Odie and Neil, what if there is heavy lifting or something?"

Atlanta rolled her eyes. "Still that water thing isn't it?"

"It isn't my fault that I don't like water." Replied Archie defensively.

"Actually it is." Barked Atlanta.

"Fine, Archie you can go with those two." Stated Jay. "Come on the rest of you, to the boat."
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