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Every Ending is a New Beginning

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it seems there is surprises around every corner with Helen

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In Persephone's garden, everyone were sitting down on either a bench or a step. The whole Titans gang was there but also there along with Hermes, Hera, and Helen.

"Well Hermes should we tell them?" asked Hera.

Hermes nodded. "You see Helena here, isn't any mortal, she is one of the goddesses."

Everyone's faces dropped except, Hermes, Hera and Helen.

"demi-goddess." Added Helen.

"Helena?" smirked Herry.

"Don't ask." Helen replied flatly.

"Wait!! You mean I went on a date with half a goddess?!" Herry just got the grip of what was just said.

Everyone's faces dropped again except this time so did Hermes and Hera. They all looked at Herry.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"So that is what you two where doing on Saturday night." smirked Archie.

Helen's face was in horror, it was meant to be secret. They all turned to Helen, Hera raised an eyebrow at Helen. Helen gave weak smile and blushed slightly.

"Okay back on subject, How are you a demi-goddess?" asked Atlanta.

Helen smiled glad, she held up her hand not thinking too hard, looking upward. "Well my father has Hermes bloodline, we aren't actually too far off he is my great, grandfather," She held up one finger. "And my mother's bloodline, Hebe, the goddess of youth. She is well let's say not too close to my family."

She held up another finger, she looks at them and then puts her hand down. "I am still far off if you ask me but for some reason, in my generation, my ancestor's traits are very noticeable.

"So you are not related to Helen of Troy?" asked Theresa.

Helen shook her head no.

"So if you're a goddess that means...." Said Archie.

"Correction, demigoddess, but I don't know if I am immortal or not, we'll find out sooner or later though." Helen replied.

"That is why Helen is here so she can be under the gods' protection and receive proper training from Hermes and the other gods and godesses." Hera declared.

"So let me get this straight." Herry looked at Helen. but stopped for a moment to think. "You're a demigoddess..." he paused trying to think.

"With the bloodline of Hermes and Hebes." Said Odie.

Helen nodded in response.

"Well that explains a lot." Said Jay as he stood up from sitting on the steps.

"Especially the whole, crazy chicken-wing move." added Archie.

Everyone left, except Herry and Helen.

"I don't know Herry..." Helen looked at the floor, kind of sad. She was fiddling with something in her hands.

"What is it?" He asked concerned.

"Are you okay with the fact of the 'real' me?"

"I don't see a difference."

"Still...If I cause this much trouble and put a risk onto your whole gang, I don't think I should be here."

"If you leave though you'll just cause more trouble, at least here you are safer aren't you?"

"Ya I guess." She sighed, trying to cheer up.

"Here." She put a wreath of purple flowers on his head. She giggled gently putting her hand on her mouth as she laughed. "Never mind what I said, you're worth staying here at New Olympia." Herry smiled proudly. "I guess." She said teasingly.

"Hey you take that back!" he yelled out not too aggressively.

"Make me!" she uttered into his face. Helen friskily ran off into the trees laughing before he could reply.

"Hey come back here." Herry ran off after her.

They twisted through the garden as the light hit through the trees, shining on the two teenagers laughing in the garden.

The rest of the Titan gang were secretly looking upon them by the door, all of them smiling and satisfied.
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