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~These events are ones that happen here and there and don't really make a real story.~ (They are just little moments that involve Helen) and if you hadn't noticed Helen has super speed.
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"That what you get when you date a teen hero." muttered Helen as she paced pack and forth in her room. "Why can't I have dated a normal teenage guy!" she murmured to herself. "but nooooo, Helen you had to go and date the hero."

"He always has to be out somewhere fighting some evil something or other, saving some helpless citizen or fighting off the gods' enemies." she complained to herself. "Oh well, I'll live with it." She calmed down. "I guess."


Herry and Archie open the door to Hermes' room. It was a little dim. Both of them proceeded into the room with caution.

It seems it had been torn apart by a large cat. The cotton from the pillows was laying everywhere. Almost everything was askew. There was a few broken vases and a bed sliced in two.

"Hello?" called out Herry. "Anybody home?"

Something thud to the floor on the right. They quickly turned to see it is just a vase that fell onto a demolished cushion. A cool breeze brushed against their necks.They shivered.

They again proceeded on. "Tell you the truth Archie this place gives me the creeps."

"Ya, I agree."

All of the sudden out of nowhere jumped a figure. It took a swipe right between the two boys.The figure had long, straight, sharp metal claws. The silhouette of a female figure and long hair could be visible through the dim light. She had a wild elegance. "Hiya!" the female attacked again. Slashing left and right trying to slice anything she could get its hands on.

"Whoa." Archie stepped back almost getting metal claws through the stomach. "That was close."

Herry came from behind the predator and squeezing her body so that her arms were immobilized. The figure squirmed and wiggled, but can't get free. Instead, it stamped on Herry's foot. Herry lets out a big yelp and tried to cradle his foot. The female gave a short malevolent laugh. She then started to advances on Archie.

"Uh oh."

She plunged towards him. He dove down, and threw his feet into the air. She landed on top of them. Archie sprung her off into the walls. The female crashed against the split-in-two bed. The female quickly and smoothly got up. She shook her head and again once more advanced on Archie.
The lights turned on. Herry was standing by the lightswitch. They both looked at their attacker. It was an familiar face.

"Helen!" they both exclaimed with surprise.

Her face turned dumbfouded but instantly turned back to a mean, pursuing face.

"Helen what is the matter with you?" retorted Archie.

She didn't answer and just started trying to slash at the boys, surrounding both of them by jumping here and there. Almost flashing before their eyes, gone and the next second there.

"Helen if this is about forgetting the date last night, I am sorry." pleaded Herry. He threw a punch at her to stop her. "Helen, I don't want to hurt you."

"You forgot your date?!" queried Archie. "Now I understand why she is mad! It looks like Helen is the brooding and silent type though."

Herry tried to takes a charge at her without her being aware of it. She identified Herry's actions immediately and jumped behind him.


Helen kicked him right in the small of his back, send him flying into the floor.

Archie took out his whip, "Sorry Helen, but you got anger issues to work out."

Helen turned towards Archie looking like she wanted another skirmish. She gave an evil wicked smile as she crouched over a little. She pressed on hissing like a serpent. Archie aimed for her heel, and took a hir at her. But, before he could reach his target a large claw blocked the attack and the whip wrapped around the four metal hooks. Archie looked surprised. Helen smiled, and jerked the whip out of Archie's hand, catching it in her own. Tucking the whip into her pocket, she dragged her claws along the wall ripping the wallpaper as she proceeded towards Archie. Tripping over a turned over chair, Archie landed on his tail end. Helen turned away from Archie and in a blink of an eye she was standing face to face with Herry.

"Hello Herry." jeered Helen with a smirk on her face.

"Whoa, Helen whatever the problem is we can work this out can't we?"

Helen shook his comment off with disregard. Herry grabbed a leg of a footstool and prepared himself. She pounced ,their weapons lock. It was a battle of strength, and Herry was winning. He threw her to the floor. He lunged himself at her to try and capture her. She rolled away and tackled him from behind. She pressed her claws against Herry's neck.

"Don't move." She hissed.

"Okay Helen that is enough." Odie's voice appeared out of nowhere, he seemed like he is about to burst laughing. Odie revealed himself, he had been hiding behind a curtain. "I think those claws AND you have proved their worth."

Helen removed the claws from Herry's claws, and stood up.

"Whoa what just happened here?" asked Archie.

Helen gave a sweet smile and took off the claws and put them in one hand. With the free hand, she offered a hand to Herry lying on the ground. He seemed to be a little baffled. He accepted and she aided him getting up. Helen walked over to Odie and gave him the metal claws.

"Man, Helen I have never seem those two squirm so much before. Wow, you are good."

"Thanks." She said gently.

"You mean Helen acting like she was on a rampage was all fake?" asked Herry.

Helen nodded smiling. "It was hard too keep myself from laughing though."

"Won't Hermes be mad?" questioned Herry.

"No he said we could trash it. He said he needed to redecorate anyways." replied Helen. "It turns out though I am Odie's new tester of his invented gadgets and weapons."

"By the way Herry I accept your apology." Helen said as she strutted out of the room giving him a wink.

"Herry, I am glad she is on our side." whispered Archie.

"I am not coming out!" Helen's muffled voice yells out from her room. "you guys can go on without me, I'll come a little later."

"Come on Helen, what is the problem?" asked Atlanta who was standing outside her door along with Archie, Herry, Neil and Jay.

"to tell you the truth, I stand in white Greek linen and golden jewelry. I look like I am going to some geek Greek fanfare."

"Why?" asked Herry.

"Hermes says it would help me understand my role as a demi-goddess and my ancestral history. He says whenever I work for him or study with him or other gods I have to wear this...outfit."

"It can't be that bad." remarked Jay.

"Oh it can." said Neil. They all gave him a glare.

"Come out Helen we won't laugh." persuaded Herry.

Helen sighed from behind the door. "Okay..." She opened the door slowly.

They all gasped. The boys couldn't help but laugh.

"Man I didn't know Aphrodite was capable of that." commented Neil.

Helen stood in a white Greek dress that had pins on each shoulder and came a little past knee-length. Her hair she wore down with a clip pinned into her hair. For jewellry, there was two gold hoop earrings and two gold armlet. She wore a belt with blue and green block on it, the trim matched.

"I knew this would happen." Helen muttered, staring unimpressed at the boys. She started to walk into her room.

"Helen." Herry grabbed her wrist "it looks fine." He gave her a smile.

She smiled back. "Thanks." She mouthed to him.

"Who gave you the dress and jewelry?" asked Atlanta.

"Aphrodite. She gave me the full makeover. Saying something about the beautifulist have to be adorned." sighed Helen. "If you are ask me I rather go natural."

"Hey there stop it." Helen giggled as two wolves totally trampled her, and a griffon nudged her shoulder as she was laying in the grass at Persephone's garden.

"Doing well Helen, doing well." Hermes congratulated her.
"It think you have mastered you ability to charm beasts. I think they like you naturally though."

"Thanks Hermes." she replied cheerfully as she slowly got up and walked towards Hermes. The animals following closely behind.

"Hey Helen." Herry walked up behind Hermes.

"Hi." she said shyly, as he approached.

"Well I leave you two alone, your lesson is finished for today Helen."

Helen blushed lightly. Hermes left the two, and the door closed softly behind him.

"I didn't know you had control over animals?"

A hawk flew over and landed on Helen's ready armlet.

"Either did I actually, but I am not as good as Hermes. and I charm them, not control."

"Well that is still pretty amazing." Herry looked at the animals waiting beside her. The wolves nudging her hand to be petted.

"Oh right." Helen turned around. "Sorry guys you have to leave." she said gently.

The animals look dissapointed and they dispersed into the trees. The bird stayed, Helen stroking the hawk's chest.

"By the way, this is Aldara, my little messenger." she stroked the bird's chest again.

"Um... Hi." He waved at the bird. It shrieked in reply.

"How do keep a griffin under control?" Herry asked.

"I can only CHARM one at a time. The best way is to sing to it." Helen looked over at the griffin sitting under a shaded tree. "even though may I note it isn't the greatest singing." Helen added, giving a quick giggle.

"It can't be that bad."

"Believe me it has it's moments. Should we go for a walk now?"

"Sounds good." Herry shrugged his shoulders.

"I have the perfect place." Helen smiled and she gently pulled on Herry's hand, as they started making their way out of Olympia High.

There was a small grassy hill having flowers popping up here and there. Helen by this point had changed into her normal clothes as they made a pit-stop at the brownstone.

"I like this spot, it is very sunny and cheery." She gave him a smile and brought him along to the grass.

"You know I am getting used to you in that umm.. dress. I am really starting to like it." Herry comments.

"Good to hear." Helen replied gladly.

She lays down in the grass and stares upto the sky. She patted the ground beside her.

Herry lays down rather close beside her.

"Have you ever watched the clouds in the sky?"

"I did when I was a lil' kid. I don't now." responded Herry.

"It is so calm and soothing. Plus, it is sometimes really fun."

"Well anything is good if you are here." remarked Herry. He placed his hand over Helen's.

Helen gave a small brief laugh. "That is so cheesy, it works."

"Are all my lines cheesy?" Herry turned to Helen and leaned on one elbow.

Helen mirrored his actions, facing Herry. She thought for a moment. "No not all them but a fair bit." she teased. "but I like them anyway."

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