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The Letter

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Herry gets a letter from an old pen pal

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Herry returned home with Helen after working out at the gym, she went up to her room to have a shower.

"Hey Herry, there is a letter for you from your pen pal." Jay called out and handed him the letter.

Herry had almost forgotten about his pen pal ever since Helen had come along, he and his pen pal had been writing for over two years now, he had almost told them everything, except the super-hero part. Even he, a person who was not very good at any type of English, had enjoyed writing back and forth.

Dear Hungry Brawn,
I haven't written in awhile, sorry about that. I was just a little busy. It is good to hear that you are enjoying your new home, and making many friends. You never told me, are you playing any sports at your new school? Anyways, how goes New Olympia? I have moved to a new place, again. This time guess where it is, just take a wild guess... New Olympia!! Now we can meet for the first time, a friend of mine showed me a great ice cream parlor, on 22nd Street, on the corner near the park at 2:00 on May 16th. It is pretty hard not to miss. I hope you'll come.
Yours Truly,
Greek Physique
P.S. It sounds weird but I think I may attend the same school as you. Maybe we have seen each other!

Just as Herry was finishing reading the last words, Helen's head popped over his shoulder, she was quickly skimming through the letter. She stared at his pen pal's name. She gave a grin.

"Who is the girl?" questioned Helen.

"Who said it was a girl?" Herry acted surprised.

"I can tell." There was a long silence. "So I guess I will be meeting you on Tuesday at the ice cream parlor." She started to walk out the door.
"Helen what do you mean?" Herry got up and started to run after her. He caught up to Helen.

She looked at him. "I'm Greek Physique." She kept on walking, leaving Herry there standing speechless.

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