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Diamond 11

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Diamond 11: Give me Strength

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Don't Give Me Diamonds

Diamond 11: Give me Strength

"Giovanni?" Delia called unsure, she couldn't see anything.

"I'm here," why would she doubt it? He was holding her hand so they wouldn't be separated in the darkness.

"I know, I just... it's so quiet." The Tempest Gang had attacked their temporary beach-side cave hideout and a raged battle began. At first, Delia could hear the echoes of the fight, even when they began to move away from the collapsed wall of rocks to find another way out of the cavern before they became permanently trapped, but that was over now.

They could no longer hear the noises or feel the earthquakes, which meant the battle inside the cave had ended, though surely it still went on outside, too far to be perceived from their current distance. They were certain that the team made it out, it was the only possibility either was willing to accept, Team Rocket wouldn't be defeated so easily, no matter what the Tempest Gang did, they would stay strong. "We'll find a way out."

"I hope so," Delia closed her eyes, she couldn't see anything anyway, and tried to focus on sound, seeking to perceive any sign of a way out. "Do you hear that?"

Giovanni stopped and listened, the soft sound of running water ringing out clearer undisturbed by the sound of their footsteps, "an underground river." They continued carefully, testing the ground, knowing the river was close by judging by the sound, until the came to the edge. Giovanni reached into the water feeling the currents. "This water has to go to the sea, it should lead us out, but the currents are strong."

They couldn't lose now, not when Delia realized how strong Team Rocket was, not when she was feeling so invincible. "I can swim." Normally, she would think twice about jumping into an underground river in the darkness, but they had no time to waste, they had to join their comrades. Team Rocket needed its leader and Delia would be there to help them defeat the evil Tempest Gang as well. "We can make it, I know we can!"

"Then let's go, hold on." They jumped into the river together, being carried away by the strong current. It was very difficult, but they held on to each other, having only fleeting chances to surface against the deadly water to capture small portions of much needed oxygen. It was a life threatening situation many would call terrifying, being so close to drowning in the darkness, pushed by the water and dragged down constantly, not knowing when it would end or how it would end. It was reckless, but those who felt they had all the strength in the world had little room for fear.

Finally, the water the water turned shallow and the current weakened as the river was spread into many tiny underground streams that had plenty of room to flow and no pressure to make them harsh. With a rush of adrenaline, speedy heartbeats and labored breaths, Giovanni and Delia emerged, wet cold and a little bruised, but alive and energetic despite the recent events.

"We made it... I knew we would..." She was the heroine, the vigilante, she was invincible and so was he. They could not be caught, they could not be defeated, they were Team Rocket.

"That wasn't so bad... it was refreshing..." To look at danger in the face so many times and each time come out victorious, maybe no danger was too great after all.

They examined this new section of the cave. The light was faint, filtering through the cracks in the cave's ceiling, but it was just enough to see, with their eyes having become adjusted to the darkness as well as human eyes could. "The exit has to be close by," a sudden growl made Delia turn towards the sound, "was that a pokemon?"

"It sounds like it's coming this way, but it can't be from Tempest, there's no way they would know we would end up here," Giovanni was sure the Tempest Gang was still at the area at the beach outside the cave. They had to have their hands full with the battle, there was no way they could spare a pokemon to send after them and even less likely that they would be so easily found. "It has to be a wild pokemon."

Giovanni was right as a wild Graveler came into view. "It looks angry," Delia observed. They had no pokemon to battle it, but they wouldn't lose, not now and not ever. She searched her pockets for an empty pokeball she had taken that morning from the supplies, just in case. "I have a pokeball, but I don't think it'll work when he's so strong."

The Graveler charged at them angrily and they dashed in opposite directions, leaving the furious pokemon to slam against the cave wall. "If we could just get him into the water," Giovanni tried to think of a way and through the pokemon was angry enough to recklessly charge walls; it seemed to be sufficiently conscious of its weakness not to approach the cluster of small streams.

They dashed away from the Graveler meeting in the other side of the cave chamber, trying to think of a way to trick the Graveler into approaching the water. "We can do it; we can't let our pokemon do all the fighting all the time."

"You're more reckless than I thought, I like it. Alright, I'll take it on," Giovanni went on the attack, running towards the surprised Graveler, it expected the humans to keep trying to avoid him and attempting to escape.

"Mega punch!" Delia called out as Giovanni attacked the astonished pokemon.

His fist slammed hard into the pokemon's solid surface, a trickle of blood dripping between his knuckles staining his white glove, but he didn't flinch.

The Graveler stepped back, flailing its arms, it certainly didn't expect to have to fight humans, let along such a strong human. "Tackle!" Delia rushed over full speed.

Taking the opportunity now that the Graveler was dazed by the unexpected attack, Giovanni and Delia ran into him together, pushing the heavy pokemon towards the shallow waters near by. The Graveler roared loudly in protest being exposed to the water.

"Finish it off with mega kick!" Delia called out.

Giovanni kicked the Graveler hard and the previously ferocious rock pokemon fainted defeated.

"Pokeball, go!" Delia tossed the pokeball at the Graveler and captured it. "We did it! We did t!"

"No one can beat me; Team Rocket is ready to take on the world!" Giovanni enjoyed the victorious battle, momentarily forgetting that the war was not over.

Delia picked up the pokeball which now contained Graveler and gave it to Giovanni. "It's yours since you did most of the work playing the part of the pokemon."

Giovanni accepted the pokeball, "it takes a strong trainer to keep up with a strong pokemon," he pulled Delia close suddenly and stole a kiss.

"You may battle like a fighter type but you're still Charmander," Delia whispered under her breath, though she opposed no resistance when he kissed her again, caught in the feeling of victory and the rush of invincibility.



"Sorry dudes..."

Giovanni and Delia quickly parted, searching for the source of the voices with the scarce light that filtered into the cave. "For how long have you been there?" Giovanni demanded to know.

"Um..." Luke thought he had said enough for the time being.

It was Aayla who stepped forward to answer. "Around the time Delia said mega punch."

The confession was followed by cheers from the crowd at the entrance to the cave chamber. Some just yelled in joy, various cheered for Team Rocket and their boss, and others professed their loyalty and admiration.

Binks stepped forward, handing Delia back her pokemon egg as if he had been awarded the greatest honor by being able to carry it for a while.

"I have news," Aayla was pleased to inform, "The Tempest Gang is in big trouble, after a while their super strong pokemon started fainting and some looked like they were in a very critical condition, they must have overdosed them too much. With so many pokemon sick and injured, I'm sure their forces are very weak. They went on the run, probably back to their base. Leah is tracking them and will meet us in point A."

Leah had wanted to make up for her panic during the attack and also wanted to get away for a while after her terror for earthquakes was revealed. Plus she was the sneakiest and most easily overlooked, also being a great strategist, she was ideal for a tracking mission that required no confrontations.

Delia was shocked by the revelation and most of all angered at Tempest thinking about their poor pokemon. Giovanni saw this as the perfect opportunity to finish off the Tempest Gang once and for all. "Now is the time to take them down. Team Rocket will storm the Tempest Gang base and make it our own!"

xoxox xox xoxox

Team Rocket advanced towards Viridian City, since the Tempest Gang had headed in that general direction. After the hostage situation reported in the forest, it was suspicious that they would go that way, there might still be police officers searching the area, if only calm the citizens of Viridian City. None the less, that was where their prey headed and they would follow until they crushed their enemy.

They met in the outskirts of the city, deep in the forest on the spot they would have gone to if escape plan A had been put into effect. Leah was waiting there with the news. "The Tempest Gang's headquarters," Leah spoke softly, but this time everyone heard her, "is the Viridian City Gym." Gasps of surprise were shared by a few, while others simply stared.

Suddenly it all made sense to Giovanni. Amethyst must have been with the Tempest Gang all along. She must have recognized them with information from Venom. She played nice to delay them so that the Tempest Gang could plan an attack while the leader of Team Rocket was away. "We need to get them as soon as possible; we can't give them time to recover! It's too much of a risk doing the day, we'll attack tonight."

There was unanimous agreement among Team Rocket, but for the time being all they could do was wait. Leah made another trip to Viridian, returning with food and drinks. While a few stood guard around the area, the others slept and rested. They had traveled for a long time to the forest and they had to regain their strength for their next mission.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Pokemon. Now you know what that scene with Amethyst was about and the consequences of Venom finding out Giovanni was away, which led him to attack Team Rocket's hideout. The scene where Delia uses Giovanni as a pokemon was lots of fun to write. XD
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