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Diamond 12

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Diamond 12: Give me Friendship

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Don't Give me Diamonds

Diamond 12: Give me Friendship

Hiding in the Viridian Forest, Delia couldn't decide if she was restless or exited. She snuck away from the group for a while, to join Leah in her lonely spot not too far away. "Are you alright? Maybe you should sleep; we have an important mission tonight."

"I shouldn't have panicked," Leah spoke softly. "I thought I was over that."

"It's alright," Delia consoled, "everyone has their own fears."

"I won't let it happen again; somehow I won't, because I'll forget," Delia wasn't sure what Leah was talking about, maybe it was something in her past.

Aayla soon joined them, releasing Haunter from his pokeball. "Ghastly evolved into Haunter during that last fight with Tempest so he should be stronger now, but what if it's too much?" The conversation puzzled Delia.

"Please proceed," Leah requested. Aayla glanced at Delia and Leah nodded, "it's alright, I don't mind if Delia knows."

"Okay, here goes, Haunter you remember how to do it, right? Just like before, use hypnosis on Leah," Aayla commanded.

Delia watched in surprise as Leah was willingly hypnotized by Haunter. When the hypnosis was over, Leah looked calmer; any sign of being upset was gone. "Thank you," she smiled, "I feel much better now. I'm going to get some sleep so I'm ready for the mission."

"Got it, go get some rest," Aayla recalled Haunter into his pokeball and glanced around, confirming that the tree they were sitting under had shielded them well enough from the guards. They were all teammates and Leah was slowly starting to become more open, but it was not good if unnecessary questions were asked.

"Aayla..." Delia's expression was full of puzzlement after Leah had left.

Aayla shook her head as if disapproving her own actions. "She wants to believe they're the same; that Han never died or perhaps never existed."

Delia grew more perplexed, "Han?"

"She said it was okay for you to know, that means she wants me to tell you. I know it doesn't look it at first glance, but Leah and I are good friends," Aayla explained. "It's the same as it was with you; I thought she was weak until she proved what a good strategist she is. You've proven yourself too, you're brave and resourceful, but also kind and loyal; that's why you have my respect."

"Thank you," Delia smiled, "to be honest I thought you were intimidating at first, but now I think you're really cool and I admire you."

"Thanks, but I think your coolness surpasses all, I'll never forget seeing the boss being used as a pokemon. That only made everyone idolize him more, but I also realized he was right, a strong pokemon needs a strong trainer. I think everyone is seeing that in you too, that determination that makes us feel like we're invincible, that's what they see in Giovanni."

"My opinion of him was pretty bad at first but I think I've gotten to like him little by little," Delia's restlessness seemed to evaporate talking to Aayla so casually, but she was still curious about Leah.

As if seeing the question written on Delia's face, Aayla revealed the full story. "Leah is shy, it took a lot for her to tell me her story and ask for help. You've earned her trust, but it's still hard for her to talk to people about her past so that's why she wanted me to tell you, she wouldn't have let you witness that if she didn't."

Delia listened intently.

"Leah used to live at Fuchsia City and went vacationing all over the world often; she was from a rather privileged family. She met Han in Cinnabar Island and they became friends, then a couple. Han was Luke's identical twin brother; Han, like his brother, loved adventure. One day, Han and Leah were planning to explore a cave, but Luke had a bad feeling about it. Leah brushed it off and they went. That day there was an earthquake which caused a cave in and I don't know the full details, but Han died. She felt guilty and heartbroken, as if it was all her fault for not listening to Luke and because Han tried to protect her," Aayla revealed.

When Delia had become curious about the reason behind Leah's request to be hypnotized, she didn't expect such a tragedy to be revealed. She was guessing that it was to help her relax or something like that. "I had no idea..."

"You know what they say, everyone has their own past. What about yours?" Aayla asked.

"My past is nothing complicated. I lived a normal life without any big problems. As soon as I was old enough, I started studying pokemon with Professor Oak at Pallet Town. I was doing an internship at the Pokemon Center in Cerulean City when we first met and you know the rest."

"How dull, I bet you're really having fun now," Aayla laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

"I never thought I would be having so many adventures, I never thought it was even possible. Maybe deep down I've always longed to be some kind of heroine and that's why I had to follow you guys. I thought you were the villains I had to stop, but that has changed a lot now. You're the good guys, the Tempest Gang is bad. What about your past?"

"I've always been a troublemaker for as long as I can remember. Then I hooked up with Tempest and thought I found my place," Aayla confessed. "I was Venom's second in command," not to mention his lover, but Aayla decided no one needed to know that part. "I did a lot for the Tempest Gang, then one day they abandoned me to be caught by the police at the Pokemon Center in Pewter City when we were stealing the pokemon. I'll never forget what Venom said 'a big sacrifice is justified by a bigger reward' I don't know what that meant but he betrayed me. I managed to escape on my own and I'm out for revenge. I hate Tempest, that's why I joined Team Rocket."

Aayla's was another past story that made Delia very so different in comparison, as if she came from a sheltered world and perhaps she did. "Wow, I don't know what to say, everyone has such complex pasts."

"Everyone? You've only heard two, three if you count Luke since his past is linked to Leah's. I bet Binks' past is simple," Aayla theorized.

"I wonder..." They nodded in agreement and went to find Binks.

Binks was brushing his precious Rattata. The pokemon was quite weak but Binks adored it. He looked up at the approaching women as he sat on the ground and began to get nervous when they stood left and right of him. "Are you two here to beat me up?"

"Of course not," Delia assured. "We're just curious about your past."

"My past?" Binks looked confused.

"Yeah, how did you join Team Rocket and why?" Aayla elaborated.

"That's easy, I joined to be strong! I originally wanted to be a researcher but the professors with whom I tried to apprentice always end up firing me. I got nervous and dropped things; they said I was too clumsy. Whenever I tried to catch a pokemon to study it on my own, it would beat me up; I didn't have any pokemon to send to battle so I fought them myself. It's not that I never had any pokemon, it's just that the pokemon I was given would beat me up and run away when I called them out to battle," Binks confessed in embarrassment.

"How pathetic," Aayla commented.

"But you're doing better now!" Delia tried to cheer him up.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Binks saw a ray of hope again. "One day I saw a bunch of Rattata that were picking on another Rattata. I felt sorry for her so I jumped to the rescue and got beat up, but thanks to the distraction, this Rattata got away. She later returned as if to thank me and we've been together ever since."

"So how did you end up in Team Rocket?" Aayla repeated.

"Oh well, it was random. I just ran into Giovanni one day, well not literally, more like I saw him and thought he looked dangerous, like a gang boss. He looked strong so I thought he would beat me up, that's what all the tough guys I was unfortunate enough to find did. But he didn't beat me up; he just kept walking as if he didn't see me!" Binks was somehow filled with adoration.

"He probably didn't see you or thought you weren't worth it," Aayla concluded.

"I don't know, but it was really cool to cross paths with someone who looked so strong and not get beat up. I wanted to be strong too, that's why I ran after him and said 'please let me join you to become strong like you!' he laughed at me so I thought for sure he was going to beat me up, but he didn't. He let me tag along and join the gang, Luke and Leah were already there, then Aayla joined, then a bunch of other people joined and then Delia joined and who knows who else will join," Binks was full of hope for the future, though the path to accomplishing his goal of becoming strong was unclear, all he knew was that he would stay with Team Rocket.

"There you have it, a pathetic and dull past, I told you they weren't all tragic, well it was kind of tragic, but in a different way," Aayla shook her head at Binks, she expected something uncool, but this was pitiful. "I'll be getting some rest now, see you around."

"See ya," Delia watched Aayla walk away, feeling a little closer to her as a friend, it was the same for Leah, Luke and Binks now that she knew more about their origins. "Bye Binks, I'll see you on the mission briefing."

"Yeah, I'll be there!" Binks cheered.

Delia spotted Luke talking to his pokemon, both of which had evolved, and walked over to him. "Wow, your pokemon look strong!"

"Dudette, they totally are, they're like fully evolved, you know?" Luke appeared to be very eager to try out his pokemon's new strength. "Tentacool evolved into Tentacruel like fighting the Tempest Gang, you know? Aayla's Ghastly like evolved into Haunter too, you know? It was like totally awesome, man!"

"The team's pokemon are so much stronger now, this is great," Delia was filled with confidence.

"It sure is, dudette!" Luke smiled brightly. "I liked found a water stone for Poliwhirl to evolve into Poliwrath, you know? It was like in the chest where the uniforms were at the beach, I like totally forgot I saved it there, you know? Man, those guys messed up my fav place, they'll like totally pay!"

"They will, we'll make it happen!" Delia wished the time to turn the tides in their favor would come fast. Those terrible criminals from the Tempest Gang couldn't be allowed to cause more damage.

"You like totally said it, dudette!" Luke seemed cheerful one second, then sad the next, "I hope Leah's like alright and I hope she can like become stronger, you know? Move on, man."

"Move on?" Delia wondered if Luke knew about the hypnotism, but if he did, how could he allow that? Aayla wasn't really helping Leah by encouraging it either. Perhaps they just didn't want to see Leah in pain and did whatever they could to help, even if it didn't help in the long run.

"Sorry dudette, I like have a big mouth, you know?" Luke wanted to take his words back.

Delia already knew about Leah's past so she assured him that he hasn't revealed too much, "I know about Leah and about Han."

"Oh, you know?" Luke was a bit surprised but also relived. "I'm a like memento," he observed Delia's puzzled expression. "I'm like a reminder of my brother, I think, because we were like totally the copy of each other. It was hard, you know? Like losing my other half, but Leah's worse off, she can't face it. I don't mind having her around, but I totally don't want to be like used to like replace my brother's memory, you know?"

"It'll be okay, we'll help her through it. When this battle is over and we have a little time to ourselves, you, Aayla and I will help Leah!" Delia encouraged.

"Thanks dudette, but Aayla? Does she like even get along with Leah?" Luke was surprised by that.

Delia was even more so perplexed because he didn't know, "they're better friends than it looks," clearly Luke was unaware of the hypnotism part and Delia kept it a secret. When peace was restored to their world, they would make everything right little by little, until each of them had their happy ending; that was what Delia believed.

To be Continued

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