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Love is forever, as is this curse

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This chapter has a lemon in it people, so if you don't like yaoi sex, the close button is that'a way! -point's at close button-

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A/N Hello again! I'm happy to note that –as you may have already figured out- that Nero is alive once again! SOOOOO sorry for the scare ladies and gents, but his –almost- death was required for later chapters, sadly I have to say that this fic is coming to a close, maybe 1 chapter to go, but if everything plays ut the way I'm hoping there MIGHT be a sequel! If there is you'll love it, because I've actually already got half of it planned XD. And might I say it's gonna be a hectic sequel, and I may be giving too much away when I say this, but hey it'll bring you all back for it! There's a helluva lot more to that curse then everyone thinks! Lol, you all know how much of a slob Dante is, he probably doesn't take care of his books and stuff!

Aside from that I am as tired as fuck, I didn't do anything at school because we all had this stupid excursion for work experience! I chose Animal Welfare and health, naturally. I actually got to stare eye to eye with a FALCON! God their so beautiful...and stubborn, it refused to blink first damn it!

I do not own DMC! I do own my OC demons –the ones that ain't dead- and the plot!


Then he heard a strangled gasp and watched in nothing but shock as Nero's chest gave a strong heave. He was only dimly away of the fact his own face was half submerged in the water on the floor, which was still, by the way ankle deep. Only for some weird ass reason it wasn't red anymore... it was clear, as if the blood had been sucked right back out of it. Then before he knew it his eyes had drifted to a close as his body shut itself down to recover, his mind barely registering something warm wrapping around him and pulling him close.

He'd be a selfish crazy man and believe it was Nero who was holding him...

Warnings for this chapter: You should all know by now but I'll say anyway. Swearing, violence –aka Dante bashing- OOC'ness, cuteness and yaoi lemony goodness! And no folks this ain't a maybe, it's a definite X3

So if you do not like Yaoi, meaning GUY ON GUY, man on man, gay on gay then go and jump in a volcano! Hehehehe right my fellow yaoifans? Who needs gay porn when you can get it in words, leaves so much more to the imagination!

If you do not want to read the yaoi then when you come to XXX scroll down until you come to another XXX. If you do this, then your a pussy.

Mission 8: Love is forever, and apparently so is this damn curse!

If there was one thing Nero would never want to do was die. He had felt every fiber of his being fade, he'd felt his heart stop, and he couldn't force it to keep going. He had felt invincible at times, but the second his heart stopped, he'd felt nothing. There was nothing he could have done to save himself, he hadn't even had the strength to call out to Dante, where ever the hell he had disappeared to.

That had scared Nero, he had actually thought the man had left him to fight alone, he had felt abandoned...

Alone, just as Ninso had said...

But then out of no where he could breathe again, he had felt his heart actually kick itself back into life, even his Devil Bringer had pulsed with warmth. He had no idea what in hells name had brought him back, but what ever it was it had certainly been powerful, it hadn't come in a steady stream or small bursts, it had all just exploded into him at once, then it had been like flicking a light switch, he was suddenly there again.

Then the memories of what had happened made themselves known once more and he was bolting upright, expecting Ninso to be laughing at him cruelly as she finished him off. But she hadn't been laughing at him, in fact Nero couldn't sense her even near him...she was gone. Then he remembered everything else and gasped, his hands instantly going to his waist. His brows furrowed at finding nothing but smooth flesh. He drew his gaze down and blinked in awe at finding nothing but a small splotch of blood where he had just about been severed in half, there wasn't even a damn scar to show it had been there! If it weren't for the blood Nero wouldn't have thought it happened and that it had all been one fucked up dream.

He almost lodged his head in the ceiling when his sensitive ears echoed with the sound of a soft groan, the sound instantly drawing his gaze to find a lump with a mop of white hair on the floor. It took his slightly foggy mind a moment to comprehend what he was looking at, but when it clicked he was on his feet in an instant, almost falling on his face in his hurry to get to the downed devils side. When he dropped to his knees beside the elder he wasted no time in rolling him into his arms and checking his pulse. Of course it was there, but it was slow and weak with exhaustion, but he seemed to be ok, if a little pale...

Without any real thought Nero lifted his human hand to run through the wet white locks of Dante's hair, brushing them away from his peaceful features as he shifted the weight in his arms to better rest against his chest. There was something odd about the hunters eyes, if he was normal he wouldn't have noticed it, but as it were he wasn't normal, in fact he was quite far from it, but either way he saw the slight discoloration around the edges of his eyes and found himself tilting his head slightly, one furry ear flicking as he drew closer to find any possible cause of the faint pink coloring, it almost looked like the hunter had been crying...

"Crying? Nah, this is Dante we're talkin about, he never cries...why would he?" Nero shook his head and with a huffed curse lifted Dante bridal style, his head propped against his chest as he half slipped half stumbled towards the stairs, doing his best to keep from loosing his footing in the water. He reached the stairs and ascended to the top with his load. He made his way to Dante's room but paused in the door way with a brow raised. Ok maybe not Dante's room, because for one it looked like a hurricane had gone through and decided to do a U turn to go at it again. Not only that but the mattress was still half hanging off the cupboard from when Dante had chased him and found him. With a sigh he turned and trudged his way to his own door, using his foot to push it open all the way. He entered the confines of his room, easily stepping over the clothing on the floor –he had a floor drobe- and made his way to his double bed. He eased Dante's limp form onto the soft mattress and pulled back with a sigh of relief, despite his fit looks Dante was by no means less then heavy. "He should lay his fat ass off the pizza for a while and eat healthy food like a normal person." With an inward snicker and an outward sigh Nero dropped himself onto the foot of his be, careful not to disturb the unconscious man laid out in the center. He rested his elbows on his knees and dropped his face into his hands. "So what does this mean? Is Ninso dead? Did Dante kill her? Or did Ninso hurt Dante and run off? Argh, I need details ...hey wait a minute!" Nero raised his head and felt over it with a hand, almost growling at finding two stubs of twitching fur, he turned around and dropped his head at finding a flicking demon blood soaked tail. Oh yeah, thats right he was still covered it Blitz blood! "This day just- Crap, I am never saying that again! 'Cause it played out so well last time! And because of that 'last time' I might not even get to take a shower! Which also means hell when we get around to cleaning the lower floor. I guess it's safe to say we're up shit creek without a-"

His thoughts were interrupted when he suddenly felt the bed dip behind him and turned to see if Dante had woken but squeaked in shock at coming nose to nose with said man and would have fallen sideways off the bed if strong arms hadn't wrapped firmly around his waist and pulled him into a tight embrace, emphasis on the 'tight' because he was having difficulties breathing. He was about to voice this but was cut off by warm lips catching his own in a drawn out kiss that said one thing.

'If you do that to me again, I'll bring you back, and kill you for it.'

When Dante finally pulled away Nero was again about to speak but was again interrupted, this time by another voice.

"I told you to wait for me you stupid punk." Nero's left eye twitched once, then twice, then his face went red and his ears flattened against his head.

"Wait for you? For how damn long! I was stuck fighting that scaly bitch and her pet by myself while you went and did god only knows what! Where the fuck were you anyway? Cause in case you didn't notice that bitch actually killed me!" Nero was actually shocked to see Dante's face drain of any emotion and just stare at him blankly. Then without warning he couldn't breathe again, strong arms were again around his waist, only this time a hand was in his hair and holding his head against a warm chest and a face was buried in his hair.

"Damn it kid, you have know idea just how much I care about you, do you?" Nero's eyes narrowed slightly, maybe it was true...Maybe Dante did feel the same as he did, maybe he didn't abandon him like so many others had. This needed to be sorted out, was he wanted or not? Was what Dante said true or was he just saying it to toy with him? Nero's Devil Bringer flared slightly with his decision.

"Then show me."

XXX Warning, lemon time people, it's a long one XXX

Dante didn't even hesitate to pulled back from Nero and crash his lips against his again, and Nero didn't hesitate to respond. He massaged his lips against Dante's almost desperately, his Devil Bringer moving to tangle itself in the older hunters damp white hair, his human hand gripping the back of his neck like a vice as he shifted himself until he was straddling the elders lap. He suppressed a moan as Dante's hands traveled his body, his fingers ghosting over his flesh as he flicked his tongue against Nero's lips, pleading for entrance. Nero parted his lips and met Dante's tongue halfway, using his hair to pull him deeper into the kiss, if that was possible. Nero blushed slightly when he felt a growing bulge between his legs, and it wasn't his. He inwardly smirked as an idea came to mind. He always teased Dante, so why not do so in a situation like this? He continued to roll his tongue against Dante's, their lips moving together almost demandingly, only broken by a surprised gasp from the normally red clad hunter when Nero rocked his hips forward against his growing erection. He blinked in slight awe at hearing Nero snicker silently but that was quickly replaced by a smirk of his own when his eyes met Nero's, whose widened a fraction at seeing his smirk.

Without warning he grabbed a firm hold of Nero's hips and rolled them over until he was on top and Nero was blushing under him. He took a moment to take in the outward turned ears and growing red tinge on the teens face before he dove back down to claim Nero's lips again, his tongue instantly pushing past his lips to enter his mouth, tasting every inch of the enticingly sweet cavern. He always did have a sweet tooth...

Nero was surprised at the sudden change but welcomed it and parted his legs more to let Dante rest comfortably between them. He retangled his devil claws in Dante's hair and moved his free hand to rest behind his neck again, raising his knees slightly to hold the elder between his legs. He failed to suppress a moan when one of Dante's hands ran down his sensitive sides –the one that hadn't been sliced open- but was intrigued when it seemed to effect Dante. So when Dante passed over another sensitive spot he didn't try to stop the moan that rumbled in his throat, just to see how it'd effect the white haired man on top of him. Well it was obvious his moans effected Dante because the second the sound passed his lips the older male shuddered and gripped his hip firmly. Nero, deciding he wasn't going to be the only one doing all the vocal work ground his hips upward into Dante's and was smug when he was repaid with a groan from the other. He repeated the action, this time harder and accidentally moaned himself as his own erection rubbed against Dante's through the fabric, causing the lips against his own to vanish and attach themselves to his neck. He turned his head to the side slightly to give the hunter more access, closing his lust glazed eyes when sharp teeth nipped the sensitive flesh above his pulse. He was only vaguely aware of something vibrating in his throat, and it took a slow minute to figure out that he was purring...again. He would have ceased the odd sound but was momentarily distracted when Dante slid lower down to waist, leaving a wet trail of butterfly kisses and love bites as he descended to flick his tongue over his navel, causing his back to arch slightly off the bed as he moaned Dante's name, his glowing blue fingers still tangled in his hair.

He felt Dante smirk against his skin and growled. "Stop being a fucken tease." He muttered as he lightly smacked the side of Dante's head. The older hunter chuckled deeply for a moment, then abruptly gripped the fabric of Nero's jeans, looking up to wiggle his white brows at the look Nero gave him.

"You wont be needing these." Without much else he simply yanked the article of clothing off of Nero pretty much the same way cartoon villians do with their disguises. Nero's face instantly lit up at being left in nothing but his navy blue boxers but was easily gratified when Dante slid back up his body and captured his lips in a chaste but wet kiss before he vanished down his body again, the action almost making Nero dizzy. So dizzy in fact, he nearly didn't notice that his boxers had sailed over the side of the bed...nearly, so his face went an even darker shade of red, almost matching Dante's leather coat when all Dante did was gaze over his now completely naked form with pure desire hazing his ocean blue eyes.

Dante smirked down at his soon-to-be mate and trailed his lips back up his body until they located the junction between his neck and shoulder. He ran his tongue over the unmarked flesh and nipped at it once, causing the younger to shudder under him as he raised his lips to press against the teens, parting his lips with his as he slipped his tongue into his mouth. Familiarizing himself with the teens taste, which came oddly close to vanilla custard and fresh ginger.

He had a new favorite flavor...

And he wanted his dessert now...

He groaned as his straining erection was ground with slim hips and came to the sudden realizing that...his pants were starting to annoy him. He was about to solve the problem but was surprised when Nero seemed to read his mind and rolled them over again so he was the one on top. Dante didn't fight against it and let Nero continue the four play, enjoying the not-so-gentle bites the teen was lavishing his neck with as he ran his hands down the teens sides, earning a shudder of pleasure before he gripped the younger slayers hips, pulling them down against his harder, causing them both to moan slightly. He felt Nero's demonic hand trail down his chest and over his abdomen, a sharp glowing claw leaving a thin red line in it's wake as it passed over his navel and stopped at the top of his jeans. He suddenly figured Nero wanted to return the favor of destroying a perfectly good pair of denim jeans, his thought proven correct when sharp claws sliced through the fabric with the ease of a red hot knife through butter, but he didn't stop there, no he shredded Dante's jeans and threw the pieces over his shoulder until he was left in his own black boxers, which had a thin slice dangerously close to his member, meaning one of Nero's claws had come painfully close to slicing that off too. The thought nearly made him shudder, but then something did make him shudder, quite violently too. He had felt his boxers being sliced off along with his pants but had not expected Nero to deep throat him without so much as a 'Guess what?'.

Dante was impressed, the kid hadn't gagged or shown any sign of discomfort when he simply swollowed his pulsing erection, meaning either Nero had natural tallent in sex, or he'd done it before...

He'd ask when they were done...

He shuddered again when Nero ran his tongue along the underside of his shaft, skillfully flexing his throat muscles around his cock, earning a shuddering gasp from Dante as he tangled a hand in the teens hair. Yep, he'd definitely done this before...

He groaned when Nero bobbed his head steadily, working his shaft effortlessly, dragging Dante closer to the edge as he rested his hands on either of the elders hips, preventing him from thrusting into his mouth. His muscles twitched and spasmed as he came closer to release, his hand tightening in the teens hair as his breathing turned into ragged gasps, his free hand clenching and unclenching by his side. His body tensed as his release approached, but then suddenly ceased when the wet heat around his shaft disappeared, causing him to groan in disappointment. He was only mildly annoyed that Nero had stopped and was currently working his way back up his body, but obviously all had been forgiven when he rolled them over once again, this time planning on staying on top. Nero's hands went straight back to their assigned places, one on his neck and the other in his hair as he crushed their lips together in a bruising kiss, his tongue finding Nero's instantly as he deepened the heated lip lock. When Dante's mind clicked and remembered that something was missing he pulled back and grinned crookedly. "Stay." With that he disappeared from atop Nero, who blinked in confusion. He reappeared in his previous position atop Nero with the same grin on his face, inwardly praising demon speed, even though he'd almost tripped and landed on his face four times.

Nero was about to ask what Dante had vanished for but was silenced by Dante's lips on his own again. His twitching ears caught the sound of something popping, but payed it no heed as he focused on returning the hot kiss Dante was lavishing him with. He felt one of his thighs being lifted but again ignored it, only to jump when he felt something cold press against his entrance.

"Relax." Dante whispered in his ear, his hot breath causing the furry appendage to flick. Nero did as told and settled back down, now knowing what was coming he did his best to relax and stay that way. But when he felt something cold slip into him he winced and automatically tensed, which caused him to wince again. He relaxed slowly when he felt Dante kiss the furrow from his brows and shifted his human hand to grip the others shoulder. He forced his body to stay relaxed when he felt Dante withdraw his finger, but couldn't stop the pained gasp that escaped his lips when it returned with a second. He felt Dante nuzzle his cheek in a silent apology and again forced his body to relax, the thing is it was easier said then done. He tried to ignore the pain as Dante withdrew his fingers and slid them back in, preparing him for what was to come. Some moments later he found himself used to the feeling and actually felt something other then pain, surprising himself when he moaned softly. Dante took this as a sign to continue and removed his fingers again, only to reinsert them with a third. Nero had honestly expected it to hurt, but the pleasure that sky rocketed up his spine had him arching off the bed and moaning Dante's name once again.

Dante, satisfied with the reaction withdrew his fingers and lowered his lips to capture Nero's with renewed heat, distracting the half devil while he braced an arm beside the teens shoulder while the other moved to lift a lean thigh against his hip as he positioned himself to press against Nero's entrance, then proceeded to slid himself to the hilt without pause.

Nero's body tensed at the sudden intrusion and he gasped, his grip tightening on Dante's shoulder as he shuddered. Dante remained still to let the teen adjust while he lowered his head to nip at his pulse point again, the hand gripping his hip moving to run down a sensitive side. He felt Nero shudder under his touch and smirked while he kissed along his collar bone. When he felt Nero relax around him he eased out of him until only the tip of his shaft remained inside of his body, then buried himself fully once again, earning a ragged gasp from the teen as the grip on his shoulder increased, the strength of the grip actually surprising Dante. He removed himself again, sliding back in without a pause, reveling in the way Nero's form shuddered under him as he slowly rocked himself within the teens warm body, his thrusts remaining slow and measured.

Nero eased his grip on Dante's shoulder after he'd noticed how hard he had held onto him and shifted his hand to the back of his neck, his fingers brushing white hair as he settled his grip. He felt as Dante slid himself in and out of his opening, the sensation only slightly uncomfortable. He had never gotten this far in any relationship he'd had in the past, so yes, call him a virgin he didn't care, he just wanted it to hurry up and make him see stars.

Almost sensing the teens desire Dante strengthened his thrusts, sliding in deeper while he kept the pace the same. Though when he thrust in a second time with the added strength Nero's eyes widened and he gasped, arching gracefully from the mattress as he gripped the back of Dante's neck again. Dante smirked at discovering the teens sweet spot and shifted slightly to thrust in at just the right angle to hit it with every thrust.

Nero released a breathy moan as pleasure exploded through his form, each burst increased tenfold with every firm thrust to that spot, which had him seeing those stars he wanted. He moaned deeply as he raised his legs to wrap around Dante's hips, pressing his own hips upwards to meet everyone of his thrusts, the action causing him to slide in deeper if possible, hitting his sweet spot dead on making him cry out in pleasure. He continued to meet Dante's thrusts, his breath coming out in pants as he dug his nails into Dante's neck, his demonic claws tightening in sweat soaked strands. The pleasure was incredibal, but it was starting to not be enough and Nero wanted all of Dante, he wasn't as fragile as the older seemed to think and he was more then willing to prove that. He tightened his legs around Dante's hips and released the elders hair, opting to run his sharp claws down the hunters back. "H-harder." He moaned as he dug his claws into the flesh of Dante's back, being sure to draw blood to show him exactly what he was willing to do.

Dante smirked and leaned down to crush his lips against Nero's, granting the teens wish he increased the force of his thrusts, moaning when claws scraped along his back and increased his own pleasure. He picked up his pace, removing his hand from Nero's hip to brace himself better against the mattress, rocking against the other harder and faster as he fucked the teens body and his mouth, his tongue battling against Nero's in a hot fight for dominance. Naturally Dante won, his quickened pace not having anything to do with his victory, Nero was the one who gasped.

Digging his claws back into Dante's flesh Nero separated his lips from Dante's to run them down his chin and to his throat, finding a place to bite. He closed his eyes and released a breathy moan as pressure and heat built in his lower abdomen, causing his body to tremble under Dante's as he continued to rock up against his stronger form. He didn't know how far aong Dante was, but Nero could feel his own release approaching surprisingly fast, each hard thrust Dante made pulling him that much closer to climax.

Sensing this Dante snaked a hand between their heated bodies and grasped Nero's neglected shaft, firmly pumping it in time with his thrusts. He continued to pound into the teen as he listened to the nothing but sexy vocal pieces Nero unleashed as he came closer to his end. Each breathy moan and pleasured gasp pulling Dante closer to the edge as he fought against his Trigger. He lowered his head and nudged the teens face to the side, exposing soft pale flesh to his teeth as he resumed nipping at the tender flesh. He felt Nero tense under his body and knew the teen was also fending off his Trigger as they rocketed towards their release.

Nero gasped and tensed, almost painful pleasure errupting through his frame, causing him to loose his grip on his demonic half, resulting in his Trigger and his release.

Dante felt the heat around his shaft tighten almost painfully as Nero Triggered, the action setting off his own release as he too Triggered in a flash of crimson, growling as he snapped his head forward to sink his sharp teeth into Nero's neck, causing the younger to cry out in both pleasure and pain as they rode out their orgasms.


A few moments later Nero released his Trigger, soon followed by Dante who collapsed onto his chest breathing hard. He shifted slightly when he felt Dante's essence inside himself and almost groaned in disappointment when the other pulled out of him and rolled onto his side, using one strong arm to pull him against his chest as he rested his head in his other hand, propping it up as he sighed in contentment. "Believe me now Nero?" Muttered Dante as he opened his blue eyes, fixing them on Nero's slightly flushed face as he continued to try and catch his breath. The younger shifted to wrap his human around around Dante's side, resting his forehead against his warm chest as he nodded, to tired to speak. Dante chuckled slightly and settled into the mattress, pulling the sheets up and over them, pulling Nero closer to his chest. Then a random thought occurred to him. "You know, with that Ninso chick dead, your gonna be stuck with that curse for the rest of your life." Nero smirked, cracking open a single eye as he firmly wrapped his fluffy tail around Dante's waist, causing the man to laugh.

"I'm sure I can live with it." he muttered as he flicked his ears. Dante only smiled and ran his fingers through the soft white strands of Nero's hair, his thumb stopping to rub affectionately behind one of his furry ears, which of course had Nero purring like the kitten he was.

"Your too sexy for your own good, you know that?" Nero chuckled and playfully nipped Dante's chest.

"Yes, I do know that. Your not too bad yourself." Dante shook his head with a laugh, then blinked as the mark on Nero's shoulder caught his eye. He frowned and dipped his head get a better look, causing Nero to blink and follow his gaze.

The once twitchy red/silver feline was now a deep crimson and was curled around itself, not even flicking an ear when Nero did. "Whoa, looks like you are stuck with it..." Nero shrugged.

"If you don't like go cry me a river and drown in it." Dante barked a laugh and flicked Nero's nose, making him sneeze with his ears flicked back.

"One, it only makes you sexier, if that's possible, two...We already have a river down stairs." Nero blinked, then shook his head.

"And I ain't cleaning it up." Dante smirked.

"I'm sure Lady and Trish will see it in their hearts to help out." Nero snorted and nuzzled himself back into Dante's chest and sighed.

"Have fun convincing them, I've already died once, I ain't doing it again." This had Dante smirking.

"Awe, don't worry I've heard cats have nine lives." This actually made Nero start as he pulled back to stare at Dante, who blinked. "What?" Nero blinked again, then raised a brow.

"Speaking of lives, how the hell did I come back?" Dante blinked, then rubbed the back of his head with a sigh.

"When I touched you that mark sucked out my demonic energy and used it to heal your body. So I guess you only have eight lives left eh?" Nero glared, but sighed and let it drop.

"That explains your old ass snoozing in water." Dante spluttered.

"Christ, even after all this your still callin me old?" Nero smirked against his chest as he settled back down under the covers.

"Careful you old geezer, after such a task don't you think you should rest?" Dante's face dropped and he sighed, shaking his head and dropping it onto the pillow.

"Don't worry about me kid, after all I'm only a pedophile[**]." Nero snickered into his chest, but soon quietened down to get some shut eye, but before he did he nuzzled his forehead against Dante's chest.

"I love you." Dante smiled and pulled the teen closer to his form.

"I love you to, kid."

"Ass hole."

"You love it."


A/N AND THAT CONCLUDES MY STORY CAT NIP! Unless I decide to write a sequel, but it's up to you. Yay or nay on a sequel?

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