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I'm selfish, I'm allowed to be damn it!

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When Nero goes out on a mission he runs into a demon, and it just so happens that that demon is bored out of it's skull...So it curses Nero with big fluffy cat ears and a tail to match, and doesn't...

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/N Thank you for all the reviews! I've been an author for three years and NEVER have a gotten SO MANY so quick, for the one story none the less! It's safe to say I'm happy...I might even reward all of you for your dedication to this fic with a bonus chapter at the end! I'll make it a damn funny and good one that'll have you screaming for a Sequel!

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Lying face down on the remains of the desk was Nero, body still and stained crimson. He took a hesitant step forward, then all but lunged to the teens side. He dropped to knees beside the motionless figure and rolled him into his arms. His eyes unconsciously traveled to the curse mark on the teens shoulder and gasped. The once active feline was a withering grey and lay sprawled on the half devils flesh, it's limbs slumped in defeat. His eyes shifted to the source of the pooling blood, and he slumped onto the floor.

His waist was a hand away from being cut in half..





He wasn't moving...








Nero...wasn't breathing...

Warnings for this chapter: Swearing and Violence, OOC'ness, that just gave everything away! Waaaah!

Mission 7: What can I say, I'm selfish...I'm allowed to be damn it!

"Damn it kid wake up! Don't you fucken die on me!" Shouted Dante as he all but broke the teens ribs, hey it'd been a long time since he last used CPR, so forgive him for being a little...desperate. He'd been at it for going on 5 minutes and Nero was still not responding, he had tried every healing method he knew, from Vital stars to Gold Orbs, nothing wanted to work. "Come on you stupid punk breath!" snapped the white haired hunter as he lowered his lips to Nero's, breathing air into his still lungs as he raised himself to compress his chest once again. He had examined the wound, which had stopped bleeding due to the fact...there was just nothing left to spill onto the floor. Dante's jeans were soaked through with the teens life blood which had turned a good portion of the flooded shop red, and Dante had the sneaking feeling that if he ever got through this, he'd have a fear of blood, which would not do him any good in his line of work. He pressed the teens chest again and continued to breathing air into his lungs, ignoring the fact that his eyes had began sting and his hands were trembling. He'd only just got Nero, he had no intention of loosing him!

But nothing he did was working...

Nero remained still...

Dante's teeth clenched as he removed his hands from Nero's chest, instead moving them to wrap under the teens shoulders, lifting the motionless form into his lap as he cradled him against his chest. He shifted his head to burry itself in the crook of Nero's neck, inhaling deeply as a shuddering breath escaped his parted lips. Nero was dead...

And it was all his fault...

He shouldn't have let the kid go after the elemental alone, he should have gone with him! But even if he had they wouldn't have been able to kill her or even wound her. It took a very special kind of blade to kill an elemental demon, and he had happened to have one, though it was buried somewhere in his room, it had taken him to long to find it. Too long, because Nero had suffered for it.

The dagger he had killed Ninso with was that special kind of blade, forged by demons but coated with the blood of an avatar, an elemental god.

But damn, he should have been faster!

"I'm so, so sorry Nero..." whispered Dante as he ran trembling fingers through soft white hair, gently brushing his thumb over a furry ear. Vergil had been right about one thing it seemed, Dante was weak... he cared too much about those around him and got too distracted. Nero had been one of the few people he actually cared dearly about, damn...he'd even dare to say he...loved him. But Nero was dead, so he'd never be able to tell him...

Hell, he would give anything just to get socked in the face for saying it...

Dante thought about calling Trish and Lady, but his mind instantly discarded the idea, it was bad enough he, the great Son of Sparda, was crying...he didn't need them adding to the flood in the room. Dante sniffed and withdrew himself from Nero's neck, trailing his gaze down Nero's body, taking in the random cuts and bruises that adorned his flesh. Nero's Devil Bringer was limp by his side, the faint glow that had always given away the teens position –when they decided to hide from each other to save their faces- was none existent. He brought his gaze back up but stopped to frown at the cursed mark on his shoulder, drawing his face closer for a moment in confusion. Hadn't the feline been gray and dead looking before? Dante shifted a hand out from under Nero's shoulders to brush over the mark, blinking when he had to withdraw his hand instantly. The once gray feline was now a blazing red and was scorching hot to the touch. "What the hell?" he muttered as he moved to touch it again, the second his finger touched the red mark Dante was blasted back into the wall as a blinding red light shot out and engulfed the room. He tried to jump to his feet to find out what it had been but groaned and fell onto his front, he was too weak to stand, something had drained his demonic energy to the point he was bordering on consciousness.

He winced when an odd ringing started in his ears and his head started to throb, an obvious sign that his body was about to give up on him. He groaned again and tried to shift onto his arms, but failed miserably and collapsed again. His eyes were at half mast by the time movement caught his eye and he forced his head to the side to see where it was coming from. The second his eyes found the source the went as wide as diner plates. No, it was his imagination, his mind was playing tricks on him because of his sorry state of body and heart. Because there was no way in hell he'd seen a furry white ear twitch atop Nero's head. Uh-ah, he was loosing it in his grief...

Then he heard a strangled gasp and watched in nothing but shock as Nero's chest gave a strong heave. He was only dimly away of the fact his own face was half submerged in the water on the floor, which was still, by the way ankle deep. Only for some weird ass reason it wasn't red anymore... it was clear, as if the blood had been sucked right back out of it. Then before he knew it his eyes had drifted to a close as his body shut itself down to recover, his mind barely registering something warm wrapping around him and pulling him close.

He'd be a selfish crazy man and believe it was Nero who was holding him...

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