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To lose the one you love

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When Nero goes out on a mission he runs into a demon, and it just so happens that that demon is bored out of it's skull...So it curses Nero with big fluffy cat ears and a tail to match, and doesn't...

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A/N Mwuahahahaha yet another update right on schedule! Hehehe, I kinda had more time then usual to do this because I took the day off school. I kinda have a killer migraine from stress...Oh well I'm sure some DanterxNero action will cheer me and everyone else up! I'd love to thank my deticated reviewers for their oh so lovely praise and to reward them, I give them another chapter bwuahaha!


I do not own Devil May Cry! If I did Dante and Nero would be a couple and Vergil would be occupying himself in the background somewhere...Anywhere really, just not in the after life! Hell is negotiable.


Warnings for this chapter: Hmm lets see...Swearing is an essential, so is violence. There will be bloodshed and maybe a little DantexNero action...MAYBE even a character death...or two, if you count the bad guys.

Oh and I DO NOT condone violence towards women, but this is a special case ne?"

Previously on Cat Nip! (Whoa that sounded so cheesy)

"Rude? Drop dead you psychotic lizard!" This made Dante laugh.

"Awe come on Nero, the lady came all this way just to meet me! Show her some respect!" Nero blinked, then smirked as he cracked the knuckles of his demonic hand.

"Oh, I'll show her some respect!" The woman just laughed and waved him off.

"Zyou do not stund a chance kitty, for I am Ninso Lady of ze River." Nero only snorted as Dante folded his arms and grinned.

"Yeah well I'm Nero, the guy with the demonic arm that's gonna strangle your ugly ass!"

Mission 6: To loose the one you loved...

Nero, being...well Nero jumped over the railing and charged towards the recently named 'Ninso', who currently stoop with her trade mark finger on her collar bone. Now Nero did not enjoy beating up women, but this was a very special case so he damned well wanted to enjoy it! Without much thought Nero drew back his Devil Bringer and trust it forward, unleashing a phantom claw to circle around the scaled woman's body, he lifted her giggling form off the ground with ease and slammed in back into it, then promptly pegged her out the door she had entered through. With a satisfied smirk Nero moved to the couch and grabbed Red Queen and Blue Rose, tucking the former into the back of his jeans as he followed after the reptilian woman, who was still giggling outside.

He ignored Dante when he was told to wait and stood at the top of the steps, glaring daggers at the giggling lizard in the middle of the road. He ignored the screaming randoms and promptly charged with Red Queen drawn back ready to cleave the demoness in half. A mere second before the blade connected with the scaled flesh something appeared between them and took the blow. Nero screamed when a jolt of raw electricity followed up his blade and into his body, knocking him backwards and onto the sidewalk. He panted as he used his blade to balance himself onto his feet, looking up to glare at the Blitz that had protected it's mistress. The demon hissed and shrieked at him as Ninso smirked and delicately ran a hand over the blind demons neck.

"It iz vne of ze advantages of being a higher being my dear, a mere half breed zuch az youzelf could not hope to stund a chance againzt me." Nero grit his teeth and shook his head, clearing it from the fog the jolt had brought.

"Yeah what ever, I'm only gonna ask you once more, remove this curse or I'll be sending your scaly ass to hell." Ninso only tutted and shook her head, her tail swaying lazily behind her as she rested her clawed hands on her hips.

"Ze curze vwill ztay az it iz." Nero hissed then charged towards the Blitz, swinging Red Queen at it's neck only to gasp when yet another jolt of electricity followed up his blade on impact. He hadn't ever fought a Blitz before, so he didn't really know how to defeat one, Dante had said something about wearing out it's electric shield, but he had zoned out while he explained just how it was done. He swung at the growling beast again, missing when it zoomed to the side and swiped it's sharp talons at his waist, he danced out of the way and returned the favor with another blow of his own, but he staggered backwards as he was again assaulted with the electricity the Blitz shielded itself with. He growled when he realized he'd end up getting himself crispy fried if he kept such a useless approach up so retreated to the steps once again, his mind dimly wondering where Dante had gone to. He eyed the beast as it stalked back to it's lady's side, the demoness giggling and resting a hand on it's head.

"Zyou are alone child, zer iz no vne here to zave zyou from death. Zyou can only give up." Nero snorted and opted to draw Blue Rose.

"Sorry lady, but I don't give up, no matter what." With that he snapped his gun upwards and pulled the trigger, he grit his teeth again when the Blitz snapped itself in front of the lizard, taking yet another blow, but this time something caught Nero's eye as both bullets seemed to create an odd red spark in the creatures shield. Then it hit him, he had to wear the shield out with out directly touching it! With a renewed smirk Nero bolted to the side, firing round after round on the charging Blitz as it swiped and clawed at his agile form. He took note of the way the yellow of the electricity shimmered a few times before dulling to a deep red, then after a few more shots sizzled out completely. Nero figured it to be safe to attack and redrew his sword, instantly setting to work on hacking the crap out of the demon as it wailed and tried to defend itself with it's sharp claws. Unfortunately, for it, Nero drew his weapon back then thrust it upwards, cleaving a hole straight threw it's head.

Nero grimaced as demon blood rained down onto his bare torso and trickled down his arm, trailing down his body to soak into his jeans. Then that thought occurred to him...

Where the fuck was Dante?

Oh wait...

"God damn it Dante where the fuck did you piss off to this time!" he shouted as he retched his sword free from the demons head, stepping aside as it collapsed lifelessly to the ground, a pool of sickly red/brown liquid forming around it's corpse. Upon receiving no reply from the older hunter Nero growled, his ears still flat against his head as he wrapped his tail around his waist, though he regretted it a moment later when the blood running down his body soaked into the white fur, turning it a yucky dirty red. Wait, why did he care if his fur got dirty? It wasn't going to be there much longer anyway!

He hoped...

He growled again when Ninso sauntered her way to the stairs of the Devil May Cry, where water was still tricking down into the street, where a large clear puddle easily ankle deep had formed. The government was cheap, they didn't think storm drains would be needed...

Nero watched as the demoness crouched to scoop water into her hand, she took one glance at Nero, then smirked, her sharp teeth jutting out from her lips as she let the water fall from her hands, only it didn't splash to the ground like the laws of gravity demanded, no, instead it fell to the woman's knees, then swirled in on itself, hovering back up to the scaled face of the demoness, whose smirk broadened.

"Water iz my element boy, zyour fate iz zealed." With that the once harmless water splattered into thin spikes and flew towards Nero, who barely managed to duck out of the way. He rolled to his feet and gaped.

"What the hell!" Ninso cackled and repeated the attack with several more, each one getting closer and closer to Nero's form as he tried again and again to avoid the sharp demonized water. He ducked, he rolled, he jumped and he used Red Queen, but his stamina was wearing down from all the movement, and something told him that this was Ninso's plan all along, because she started cackling like a mad woman.

"Awe, iz ze little kitty getting tired?" Nero dodged another attack and turned to swing his place at the woman only to be viciously thrown backwards by her thick tail. He gasped as his body skipped along the hard ground and dug his Devil Bringer into the cement, using the momentum to pull himself out of the skip and onto his feet, grunting at the effort Nero tore his demonic hand out if the ground, removing a large chunk of Earth as he did so, with a growl he span on his heel and launched it at the demoness, who only snorted and battered it aside with her powerful tail. "If zyour zo tired kitty, I zhould put zyou to rezt!" with that she kicked off of the ground and charged towards Nero, who saw the attack with widened eyes. He raised his sword in time to counter Ninso's deadly claws, but failed to see the axe tipped tail sailing towards his side.

Nero gasped when he felt a white hot pain shoot through his hip as he was sent hurtling through the doorway of Dante's shop, crashing into the desk with a painful crack. Ninso smirked when Nero didn't move, clicking her tongue as she swayed her tail behind her, the bladed tip shimmering as crimson dripped from it's sharp edge. "I told zyou child, zyou did not stund a chance againzt- GAAH!" Ninso shrieked as something suddenly burst from her chest, black blood splattering outwards from the wound, covering the ground. She wailed and lashed behind her with her dangerous tail, missing her attacker by a long shot causing her to stagger sideways with an ancient looking Dagger lodged through her chest from behind, it's blade glinting crimson while the hilt shone a brilliant white. Ninso regained her footing and screamed, her hands instantly clawing at the blade in her back as Dante trudged up behind her, grabber her tail and yanking it backwards, causing the shrieking demoness to fall onto her back, pushing the blade deeper into her body, causing her to scream more. Dante stood above her form, his bare foot thudding against her stomach to keep her down while the other stood on her tail, keeping it from doing him any harm, the stare he was giving the elemental demoness was cold and filled with demonic rage, but his face showed nothing.

"You really shouldn't have touched the kid lady." Ninso only cackled, but quickly halted when she fell into a fit of bloody couching. Dante removed his foot and bent to pick the woman up by her neck. "Now remove that curse you put on Nero, now." Ninso only cackled again.

"I'm afraid I can't, ze boy iz dead." Dante's eyes narrowed as he tightened his grip on the demon.

"Where the hell is he?" he snapped as he shook the laughing demon roughly, causing her to cough.

"In ze after life." Dante snapped, before he even realized what he was doing he'd ripped the odd dagger from the demons back and had twisted it through her throat, relishing in the way her blood splattered and coated her form. With a final retch Dante removed the blade from the now dead demons neck and watched as he body hit the ground, only to disappear into white ashes. He sighed in relief and looked around the street, finding no sign of Nero. With a frown Dante turned to see the corpse of the Blitz, then the abandoned blade not five feet from it's head. He frowned as he also spotted Blue Rose near the curb.

"Nero!" he called as he looked around again, his heart beating faster in his panic. He turned on his heel and bolted inside of his now ruined shop, freezing when the sight of his demolished desk caught his eye, though it wasn't the desk itself that made him freeze.

Lying face down on the remains of the desk was Nero, body still and stained crimson. He took a hesitant step forward, then all but lunged to the teens side. He dropped to knees beside the motionless figure and rolled him into his arms. His eyes unconsciously traveled to the curse mark on the teens shoulder and gasped. The once active feline was a withering gray and lay sprawled on the half devils flesh, it's limbs slumped in defeat. Nero's blood splattered ears were still against his head, his eyes closed...

Dante shifted his to the source of the pooling blood, and he slumped onto the floor.

His waist was a hand away from being cut in half..





He wasn't moving...








Nero...wasn't breathing...




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