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Overdoses and water logged floors...

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When Nero goes out on a mission he runs into a demon, and it just so happens that that demon is bored out of it's skull...So it curses Nero with big fluffy cat ears and a tail to match, and doesn't...

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"What now fur ball?" Nero just growled and tried to once again buck Dante off, but failed just as before, causing Dante to grin in smug satisfaction. "Your not going anywhere kiddo, I got you now." Nero only snorted.

"Your still an old man, now do your worst, 'cause I ain't taking it back!" Dante's smirk returned as he used his legs to lock Nero's against the floor, his grip tightening on the teens wrists as he lowered his head to grin eerily.

"You shouldn't have said that, Nero."

Warnings for this chapter: Swearing, violence, cuteness, OOC'ness, extreme humor and yaoi fluff/smut.

Mission 5: Over doses and water logged floors...

Nero was confused. One second he was a whirl wind of energy, the next he's the picture of calm. Dante had him pinned under his own body and was threatening him with something supposedly unspeakable, he should be struggling, he should be biting, he should be shouting insults not blinking owlishly at the hunter above him! Even though he was confused, he could still feel an odd heat creeping into his cheeks, the way Dante had said his name had made something coil inside Nero's body, he felt tensed and ready to pounce, but then the body on top of his was preventing any kind of movement.

All Nero could do was wonder what the hell was wrong with himself...

Even more so when Dante lowered his face until they were nose to nose, the look in the elder hunters eyes worried Nero, and at the same time excited him.

"You've been a very naughty kitty Nero, I think it's about time you got your punishment." To Nero, the words were odd coming from Dante, and sounded oddly coy. To Dante, the words were ever slightly slurred, he had no idea why, but he felt drunk. His mind was slightly foggy and for some reason his head felt like a slab of jelly.

Maybe it had something to do with the poison in Nero's claws?

Nah, it had barely effected him before, so why would it effect him now? Maybe the fact the claws had been submerged in his flesh for well over 40 seconds had something to do with it.

Great, he'd over dosed on Nero's poison...

Nero was about to ask if Dante's 'arthritic' was slowing him down but was halted by a loud 'oof' when the man suddenly collapsed onto his chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. He blinked when the grip on his wrists went slack and blinked again when the hunter didn't move. "Hey old man, you didn't fall asleep did you?" When he was met with silence he frowned and jolted his body slightly to get the half devils attention, it didn't work. With a huff of effort Nero rolled the motionless form of Dante off of himself and sat up. He turned and looked down at the hunters face.

His eyes were closed and his face slack as if asleep...

Nero raised a brow and poked his cheek with a glowing blue finger, blinking when the face didn't even twitch. "Hellooo, Earth to Dante, this is a wake up call!" Nero grabbed the mans shoulder and shook it roughly, watching in disbelief as the body just fell onto it's back. Now he was getting worried... he shifted to kneel beside Dante's form, his fingers gliding to press into his neck, fortunately he found a pulse, unfortunately Nero realized what had happened, and slapped his forehead. "Argh, wait a go Nero, you poisoned the one guy who could help get rid of this curse." With a sigh Nero stood, bending down to scoop the motionless hunter into his arms with only a little difficulty, he moved back over to the couch and deposited the not-so-light man onto it's surface, dropping down onto the hunters legs with an exasperated sigh. "Stupid old man must be a light weighter." He huffed as he examined his claws and grimaced at finding them slicked with the mans blood. He leaned over the side of the couch and grabbed the cloth he had used to polish his sword, quickly using it to whip the crimson liquid from his claws. "This day just can't get any worse."

Creak, shudder, bang...

Nero's eyes widened to diner plates when the door to the bathroom behind Dante's desk flew open, propelled off it's hinges by a jet of water. "What the hell!" yowled Nero as he jumped to his feet, only to hiss when water splashed against his bare feet. He jumped back onto the couch and watched wide eyed as the shop flooded with cold water, the bathroom splashing a never ending stream of water as it sowly drained from the front doors and down the steps into the street. Nero knew Dante was cheap, but seriously, when was the last time he checked the plumbing! With a growl Nero whirled to straddle Dante's hips and bent to slap the man across the face a few times. "Oi old man! Wake up!" nothing but silence. Nero growled again and leaned over the side to scoop water into his hands, then leaned back to drop it all over Dante's face, if only Nero had foreseen Dante bolting upright and knocking him backwards off the couch and into the cold water.

"What the hell was that for kid!" Nero, who was currently scrambling to get out of the ankle deep water only hissed and jumped back onto the couch, his claws unconsciously digging into the fabric to stay there.

"Your a cheap ass you know that! Your main water valve just exploded!" Dante blinked, then turned to the source of the water.

"Uh man! I had that checked six months ago! He said it was fine!" Nero only shivered once, then snorted.

"You well it ain't fine now! Fix it!" Dante blinked, then turned to give the soggy neko a flat look.

"Do I look like a plumber?" Nero only shuddered.

"Dude, have you seen your rear when you bend over?" Dante just spluttered, then jabbed a finger into Nero's nose.

"What the hell are ya doing looking at my ass!" Nero only snorted.

"It's kind of hard to miss when your showing it off to the world grandpa." Dante only shook his head and pushed himself into a standing position. He flicked his water covered feet at Nero, effectively splashing the Neko, who flattened his ears and growled. Dante chuckled and sloshed his way into the flooded bathroom. When he entered it he went straight under the sink in search of the secondary valve, with a triumphant grin Dante turned the panel and shut off the water. When he emerged from the bathroom he saw Nero on the back of the couch glaring at the water.

"What's wrong, is the kitty afraid of the water?" Nero only snorted and flicked his tail.

"I ain't scared of water, I just hate it!" Dante only shook his head.

"That's the curse talking kid, your always in the shower for well over two hours." Nero huffed.

"Am not." Dante snickered and sloshed his way over to Nero, who upon catching the look in his eyes hissed and skittered backwards to the end of the couch. "What ever your thinking, no! Don't do it!" Dante only grinned evilly and grabbed Nero by his Devil Bringer, effectively yanking him off of the couch, if only he'd been expecting the kid to latch onto him instead of just falling off. Dante burst into a fit of laughter as Nero clung to his form for dear life, his white tail wrapping tightly around Dante's leg while his arms were wrapped tightly around his neck and his legs around his waist.

"Come on kid I know I'm irresistible and all but I'm not into the clungy type." Nero growled while Dante just laughed, if the kid wasn't going to let go, he'd have to get wet himself. Without further ado Dante's arms wrapped firmly around Nero's body, holding him tighter against his form when the teen began to struggle and hiss at him. With a final snicker he simply let himself fall forward into the water, Nero hitting it first with a splash and yowl.

"Damn it old man that shits cold!" Nero shouted as he tried to get away from Dante, who cackled and shoved his front into the water, effectively getting him soaked to the bone.

"Well now we've gone from a pissy kitty to a soggy kitty! Tell me kid how does the water feel?" Nero growled and tried to buck the older man off when he straddled his back. "Whoa now easy there tiger!" laughed Dante as Nero yanked his Devil Bringer free and swung it back in an attempt to snag him in the jaw. Dante avoided the blow and grabbed the offending arm, pressing it back against the teens side. "You really don't like water do you?" Nero hissed and used his leg to kick Dante in the back, knocking the man forward and off of his body. With a triumphant chuckle Nero pounced onto the rising Hunter, promptly knocking him onto his back and straddled his hips in return, grabbing the mans hands and pinning them above his head.

"What goes around comes around you old geezer." Snickered Nero as he locked the mans body down with his own. "Your not going anywhere!" he cackled as he shook his head to get the water out of his ears, which were currently flicking wildy to dry themselves. Dante just snorted and tested the teens grip.

"keh, your a little cub trying to hold down a lion kid, you only get one warning." Nero snorted and smirked, his fangs glinting in the reflection of the water as he tightened his grip.

"And what are you going to do? Break a hip on me?" Dante snarled and snapped his hips upward, sending a yelping Nero sailing off of his form and back onto the flooded floor, the impact sending water splashing in every direction. With a chuckle Dante retook his position on Nero's body, this time straddling his hips with his knees to keep him in place.

"Your getting out of hand Nero, what am I going to do with you?" The teen in question just snickered and shrugged. His cat side had taken over yet again and he was eager for another round of tackle tag. Dante blinked at the response, his brow raising as he decided to take in the teens body. They were both still shirtless, as neither had bothered to dress themselves before all of this had started, so he could easily tell that the neko teen was tensed. He smirked as he admired the toned abdomen under his hips and the rising and falling chest before his face. He'd always found the teen attractive, but the feline tail and ears had only made him sexy, he'd had to keep himself away from the teen before...but now it just seemed like the kid was asking for it. oh well, the worst thing the kid could to was poison him again, right?

"Come on old man you didn't fall alseep up there did you?" Dante smirked again and lowered his head to be eye to eye with Nero.

"Your really askin for it you know that kid?" Nero snorted.

"I guess your Alzheimer kicked in again because I'll have to repeat myself. Do your worst you old geezer!" Dante's lips twitched into a smirk once more.

"You asked for it." Before Nero had time to respond Dante's face descended to press his lips firmly against his, the grip on his wrists tightening slightly as he did. Nero's eyes could shame diner plates as a heavy blush spread across his cheeks and his ears flicked outwards and froze. The fact that Dante was kissing him wasn't what was shocking him, he'd always known the hunter was an old perv, no what was shocking him was that the old man hadn't been sent flying threw the roof yet. Nero was actually letting Dante kiss him...

Nero suddenly wanted this curse gone now more so then ever, it was fucking around with his emotions...

Dante was amazed he was still alive by this point, he'd expected claws to tear into his bare back and poison him to death or at least a kick to the nuts, but neither had happened and he was still breathing! Dante smirked inwardly as he massaged his lips against Nero's still ones, smiling mentally when he found them to be as soft as he's imagined them. Nero didn't have to respond, Dante was just glad he'd been allowed to get this far!

If Nero was going to throttle Dante, why wasn't he? I'll tell you why, he was too busy trying to decide if this was real or a joke. If it was real then he didn't know what he wanted to do about it, if it was a joke...a play on his emotions, he'd kill Dante, no fun or play, he'd down right slaughter the older devil in cold blood.

Nero's lack of any kind of response made Dante uneasy, was the kid just going to lay there and let him have his way or fight back? He knew it'd be a mistake, but he'd gone and done it anyway. If the kid didn't hate him for it he'd kill him for it later...

With an inward sigh Dante withdrew himself from Nero and stood, leaving the teen blinking on the flooded floor. "Sorry 'bout that, you pushed a few buttons." With that he ran a hand through his hair and headed towards the stairs, he might as well leave the kid alone for a while after that little slip up...

To Nero, that was a clear sign that Dante had not been fooling around, the look of regret and guilt on the mans face as he removed himself from Nero's body was enough to verify that...

To Nero, it was a shock to his system as it finally fixed pieces of the puzzle in his head together. He had not missed the way Dante had watched him during his work outs, at first he passed it off as the man being observant, to see if there were any flaws in his routine, but now it made sense...

To Nero, that kiss hadn't lasted long enough...

With this in mind Nero sprung to his feet and dashed towards the stairs where Dante was half way up. He could see the hunter tense as his approach became clear and figured the man was expecting a beating of some kind. But instead of confirming that belief Nero grabbed Dante's shoulder and spun him around, using his demonic arm to slam the mans back into the wall. Without a seconds hesitation Nero grabbed Dante's hips and pinned them to the wall, using the mans surprise to his advantage he crashed his lips against Dante's, the force actually knocking the mans head into the wall lightly.

Dante was frozen against the wall as Nero's lips caressed his own and his hands tightened on his hips. Well now, this was unexpected...

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth Dante responded eagerly, massaging his lips against Nero's as his hands slipped around the teens waist, drawing him flush against his body. A moment later Dante pushed himself off of the wall and spun the teen to take his place, using the momentary surprise on Nero's part to slip his tongue past his lips to find it's counterpart. To Dante's delight Nero accepted the challenge eagerly and raised his arms to wrap around his neck, his demonic hand moving to tangle itself in Dante's surprisingly soft hair.

Just then Nero's ear twitched, then flicked towards the door as an odd sound made its way to his sensitive ears. He frowned slightly when Dante didn't seem to notice it so with obvious reluctance pulled away from Dante's tantalizingly addictive lips and turned to the door just as a shadow passed by under it. Dante, either not knowing or not caring simply took the opportunity to attack Nero's neck with his lips and teeth, effectively drawing a soft moan from the teen as he passed over his pulse. Nero pushed Dante's chest lightly to get his message across that something was off and almost snickered at the disappointment on the elders face when he looked at him questioningly. Just as the man was about to voice his question the front doors exploded from their hinges and a yellow flash zoomed into the shop, bouncing off everything it came into contact with, breaking it in the process. A few seconds of zipping around later the yellow spark zoomed to a stop in the center of the room, it's body crackling with electricity as it turned it's head in their direction.

Dante groaned at being so rudely interrupted with Nero and glared over his shoulder. The Blitz in the room only grunted as another figure entered the room, only moving at a normal pace. Nero, upon seeing the new comer hissed dangerously and flattened his ears against his head. Dante noticed his reaction and frowned as he removed himself from the teen and leaned over the railing.

"Sorry, we're closed, come back tomorrow." The new comer being a woman with flowing beige hair and green scales only giggled when Nero yowled at her.

"You again! Take this damn curse back now you crazy bitch!" Dante blinked at this and turned back to the demoness, who only tutted and waved a finger.

"Awe, und here I thought ze kitty vwould miss me." Nero only snorted and hissed.

"Damn it remove this stupid curse before I kick your ugly ass!" The demoness only frowned.

"Argh, zuch a vrude kitty, und I came all zis way to meet ze Son of Sparda!" Nero only flipped her off with his Devil Bringer.

"Rude? Drop dead you psychotic lizard!" This made Dante laugh.

"Awe come on Nero, the lady came all this way just to meet me! Show her some respect!" Nero blinked, then smirked as he cracked the knuckles of his demonic hand.

"Oh, I'll show her some respect!" The woman just laughed and waved him off.

"Zyou do not stund a chance kitty, for I am Ninso Lady of ze River." Nero only snorted as Dante folded his arms and grinned.

"Yeah well I'm Nero, the guy with the demonic arm that's gonna strangle your ugly ass!"

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