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Here kitty kitty kitty

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When Nero goes out on a mission he runs into a demon, and it just so happens that that demon is bored out of it's skull...So it curses Nero with big fluffy cat ears and a tail to match, and doesn't...

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A/N Wooo I'm updating this quickly for a change! I wonder how long I'll be interested enough to keep it up...I updated Drowning In You once or twice a day before..then I hit a stupid wrters block! Same thing happened to Cry Wolf, I need help with ideas...So far I got Reno confronted with a demonic Tseng and Angeal confronted with a Werewolf Zack...Feel free to lend a hand people...

I do not own Devil May Cry! I do however own the plot for this story, my OC demons and my little Feline Curse! Other then that CAPCOM owns the rest...


"And he's right, the look suits you kiddo, you could turn a straight guy gay!" with that she slammed the door closed behind her, not even stopping to see the reaction that got from Nero.

Who meanwhile stood rooted to the spot with a blush that could put a school girl to shame and his ears pointing outwards. When Dante emerged from his room rubbing his head he took one look at Nero and smirked.

"What's the matter kid, cat got your tongue?"

Warnings for this chapter: Obviously there will be Swearing, some violence and OOC'ness. Now I can't make any promises but there might be a little fluff, don't get your hopes up though it's a bog maybe. If you want it so bad REVIEW ME AND TELL ME!

Mission 4: "Here kitty kitty kitty."

If there was one thing Nero reluctantly liked about his new characteristics, it was the heightened sense of hearing. Normally he could hear very well, but with ears that could shame a radar, damn, he could here the old lady next door playing Scrabble with her fellow old people! He amusedly imagined Dante playing Scrabble with a bunch of old people, somehow the picture didn't fit...but it did make him snicker in his position on the couch. He currently sat cross legged with Red Queen resting over his knees, a polish cloth held over it's silver surface as he continued to snicker at the oncoming mental images of Dante doing things old people do. He couldn't help but openly laugh when an image of Dante yelling at kids to get off his lawn popped into his head. Thankfully the older hunter was in the shower, but he had not a doubt in his mind that the man could hear his near hysterical laughter and was probably thinking 'wtf?' while he bathed.

Nero whipped the tears of laughter from his eyes as his chuckling died down to small snickers. Damn, what the hell had come over him? One second he's relaxed and polishing his sword the next he was laughing like a lunatic!

Oh well, the images were pretty funny so he had an excuse if Dante bothered to ask...

With a final snicker Nero settled back into polishing Red Queen in silence, his ears perked forward in concentration as he focused on the task. He was only dimly aware of the water shutting off in the bathroom behind Dante's desk and the shuffling of a towel as the man dried himself off so he didn't even flinch when the white haired hunter kicked open the bathroom door wearing nothing but a pair of tight jeans as he worked a red towel through his hair.

Dante, upon catching sight of Nero on the couch working on his weapon smiled lightly and shook his head. The way the teen was sitting with his ears perked forward and his tail wrapped around the hilt of the blade was utterly comical, even as he poked his tongue out to the side of his mouth as he tried to rub a stubborn smudge out of the metal. The half naked swordsman removed the now soaked towel from his damp hair and tossed it over his shoulder and back into the bathroom just as the door swung shut. He removed his gaze from the teen and dropped himself into his chair, instantly leaning back and kicking his feet onto the desk. Two days ago he had called Trish, and two days ago had Nero snapped at him. The teen had locked himself in his room for the remainder of that day and had only emerged later the next morning to get himself something to eat. It had taken all of Dante's self control not to 'comment' on the teens choice in breakfast...

A Tuna sandwich...

He'd had to literally bite his own hand to keep quiet as the ex order member climbed the stairs and returned to his room. The funny thing about that was, Nero hated any form of sea food whether it be tuna or something as simple as fish and chips...

Yet he had made himself a tuna sandwich and actually finished it, willingly.

It had taken another several hours for the younger hunter to come back down stairs, but when he finally did he'd been wearing nothing but his trousers. Dante had watched the teen move to the side of the room and drop to start his daily work out. Meaning push ups until he dropped onto his face, sit ups until he knocked himself out on the floor and then chin ups on the bar Dante had put in –for his own work outs- until he slipped and landed on his ass, then finally a long hot shower.

Dante had long since lost interest in his dirty magazine and had focused his attention on something better...Meaning he watched every muscle in the teens back flex and strain as he plowed through a long stream of push ups. The older hunter had sat and enjoyed the show even as the teen finished his push ups and sit ups and had moved unto the chin ups...which coincidentally had his front facing Dante –the bar was aligned with the wall- so the white haired devil had taken great pleasure in staring at Nero's well toned abs as they flexed and strained, his flesh covered in a sheen of sweat as he pulled himself upwards continuously.

Thankfully Nero hadn't seemed to notice he had an attentive audience since he had a tendency to keep his eyes closed while he performed this particular work out. Dante had taken advantage and had openly admired the body presented to him.

Though eventually Dante had had to sneak into the bathroom for a well needed cold shower. Watching Nero's perfect body move like that had surprisingly aroused the older hunter...

With a shake of his head Dante ran his hands through his hair, shaking droplets of water out of it as he glanced at Nero, who had finished with his sword and had leaned it against the side of the couch, his hands now occupied with his prized Blue Rose.

Dante had to say, Nero was a very attractive young man, he had honestly wondered why that girl Kyrie had kicked him out of her house. Nero had said it was his own fault, but Dante figured the girl had gone soft in the head. He had heard all about Nero staying with a friend, the news had irritated the older slayer because he'd wondered why the teen hadn't asked to stay with him. He could have given the kid a job and payed him for it, along with a roof and bed. But no, the kid had chosen to stay with some random...

Dante almost felt unloved!

"What's up your ass old man?" Dante blinked out of his daze and turned to face Nero, who had finished with his gun and had placed on the coffee table in front of him. The teen was looking at him with a look of only slight annoyance, his ears pointed in his direction as he awaited a reply. Dante just shrugged.

"Nothing kid, I was just thinkin is all." Nero raised a slender brow, his tail twitching absently beside his leg.

"Oh really? Then why were you glaring at your desk? Did it steal your pizza?" Dante snorted and pointed a finger at Nero.

" No, you stole my Pizza, I was just thinking." Nero only smirked, his brow still raised as he folded his arms.

"Well your thinking too hard old man, you look like someone stole your denchers." This made Dante's eye twitch sightly as he gave the half smirking half grinning teen a flat look.

"One, I don't need denchers, I have all my teeth thank you. Two, do you want to know what I was thinking about? I was thinking about how to kick your skinny ass into next week!" With that Dante launched himself out of his chair and tackled a hissing Nero off of the couch, catching the teen in a head lock when they hit the ground. "Now I don't know how many times I have to tell you kid, I ain't old!" Nero just hissed and sunk his fangs into his bare arm, causing the man to wince and loosen his grip, only to regret it when Nero swopped their positions.

"And I don't know how many times I have to tell you, I ain't a kid!" Dante just chuckled and raised his hands to grip onto Nero's ears, pulling them down roughly, causing the teen to yowl and release his head to remove his hands from his ears. Dante used the opportunity to grab and toss Nero backwards on the floor, using his speed to grab both of the teens wrists and pin them above his head before he could fight back. He straddled the struggling Neko's waist and smirked above him.

"Now that I have the kitties attention –oof- Now that was just rude." Nero only growled and tried to buck him off, the attempt making the man laugh. "Now now, be a good little fur ball and answer me this, I suggest you choose your answer wisely or I might just dump a bucket of water over your fuzzy little head." Nero blinked incredulously at him, then resumed his struggling. Dante only smirked and tightened his grip. "Am I an old man?" Nero snorted and laughed.

"No Dante, your not an old man." Dante grinned. "Your an antique!" Dante blinked as Nero erupted into a fit of laughter, while he himself growled.

"Come on kid I ain't old!"

"And I ain't a kid!"

"You sure are acting like one!"

"Calm down old man I don't need you having a stroke."

"Grr keep it up kitty cat, just keep it up!"

"And what are you going to do about it? Throw your denchers at me and call Senior Services!"

"Now you've gone and done it whiskers."

"Hah! I don't have whiskers!" Dante growled and was about to kick Nero's ass but yelped when a knee collided with his crouch, causing him to roll off of the teen in a groaning heap. Nero seized the moment and jumped to his feet, instantly taking off up the stairs taking three at a time. In the short time it took him to reach the top Dante had jumped to his feet and zoomed in front of him, blocking his way to his room. With a startled hiss Nero skidded to a stop and turned on his heel to dash in the other direction, which just so happened to be Dante's room. He burst through the door and slammed it shut behind him, locking it and leaning on it for good measure as he took in deep breaths to calm his racing heart. His tail swayed nervously behind him as his ears lay semi flattened. His heart jumped into his throat when the door suddenly gave a powerful lurch and threatened to break. Following nothing but instinct Nero dashed away from the door and dove under the king sized bed against the wall, skittering to press himself into the corner, his eyes glued to the shuddering door as Dante rammed it from the other side.

Dante grunted as he rammed his shoulder into his own bed room door, dimly cursing himself for fixing it with reinforced locks. With a final grunt he slammed his body into the wood, yelping when it gave way and he fell with it. Stumbling to his feet Dante scanned his room for Nero, walking over to his closet and opening it, finding nothing but his own clothing and a few choice toys he closed it again, turning to inspect the room with a hand on his hip. He scanned the room again, his gaze passing over the odd pile of dirty or clean clothing as he looked. His lips slipped into a smirk when he caught sight of a faint blue glow coming from under his bed and slowly walked over to stand in front of it. "Here kitty kitty kitty." He coed as he walked around to the foot of the bed, then slowly walked back. He eyed the glow with a smug smirk, then swiftly lifted the mattress and threw it across the room, instantly revealing a panicking neko under the bed frame. It just so happened Dante didn't expect the teen to scramble out from under the frame and between his legs, causing him to stagger sideways and fall over as the teen disappeared out the door cackling evilly.

"Too slow old man!" Dante growled.

"Not an old man!" He hollered as he climbed to his feet and took after the cackling teen.

Nero jumped over the railing of the staircase and landed on all fours with ease, with only a seconds hesitation he jumped to two feet and bolted towards the double doors of the Devil May Cry, still cackling as his hands gripped the handles. Sadly he couldn't pull the doors open because a strong hand grabbed the back of his jeans and yanked him backwards, the force of the yank making him fall on his rear a few feet from the doors. He snickered and rolled backwards over himself as Dante tried to grab him, then sprung to his feet, instantly pouncing over the back of the couch as Dante again tried to grab him for a healthy dose of ass kicking.

Meanwhile Dante was wondering what the hell was wrong with the kid, one second he's all broody/annoyed the next he's bouncing off the walls like a kitten on cat nip! Then it hit him. He had cat instincts in him now...Cats are playful.

Nero was being playful, and Dante was playing along with him...

At first it had been him trying to kick the kids ass for calling him old, then it turned into him chasing the hyper active half Neko/Devil around the joint. To think Nero hadn't realized what he was doing was just crazy!

Dante laughed when Nero pounced over the couch like a cat and followed after him, only he 'leapt' not 'pounced', so he looked dignified when he did it. Nero obviously had been waiting for him because the second Dante flew over the couch Nero was there to intercept him, catching him in a headlock in mid air. Dante, finding the weak point in the hold easily found his way out of it and used his body mass to knock Nero over the side of the couch, only he wasn't expecting the kid to latch his claws into his jeans, therefore taking Dante with him onto the floor. Unfortunately for Dante the claws tore through the fabric and cut into the flesh of his hips when he landed on the, not floor... he had landed on Nero, who was now trying to wiggle out from under the older hunter but couldn't due to the fact the man was heavier then he was and his claws were stuck in the fabric of Dante's jeans, which seemed to be funny because Dante burst into laughter because it looked like Nero was trying to grope his ass, but he wasn't, his claws were just stuck and he was trying his damned hardest to get them out! If he tried any harder Dante had the faint suspicion he'd tear the ass of his jeans off...

"Awe, wazza a mutter? Kitty got his claws stuck?" Nero just hissed in his face and rolled them over, only to regret it because that resulted in his hands getting painfully stuck under Dante, who only laughed at his expense. "Your not making your life any easier kid, just give up and take it like a man." Nero only snorted.

"I don't give up old man, now get off my hands!" Dante just smirked, then rolled them over again, grabbing the teens hands and yanking them free from his jeans, only to pin them above his head instead.

"What now fur ball?" Nero just growled and tried to once again buck Dante off, but failed just as before, causing Dante to grin in smug satisfaction. "Your not going anywhere kiddo, I got you now." Nero only snorted.

"Your still an old man, now do your worst, 'cause I ain't taking it back!" Dante's smirk returned as he used his legs to lock Nero's against the floor, his grip tightening on the teens wrists as he lowered his head to grin eerily.

"You shouldn't have said that, Nero."

A/N CLIFFY MWUAHAHAHAHA! Am I evil? Yes I am. I hoped you enjoyed this chap as much as I did, I laughed so much threw out it. Finally we're starting to get onto the yaoi track, now review if you want to see Dante's worst!

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