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What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

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When Nero goes out on a mission he runs into a demon, and it just so happens that that demon is bored out of it's skull...So it curses Nero with big fluffy cat ears and a tail to match, and doesn't...

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Just as the book had said, it was curled in on itself as Nero slept, not even moving when he poked it a few times, but when Nero moved lightly in his sleep at the prodding, so did the mark. This made Dante raise a brow as he got an idea. He stopped scratching behind Nero's ear and instead moved to lightly brush over the tip, causing it to flick to the side, Dante snickered when the mark mirrored the motion, its ear flicking when Nero's did.

Oh he was going to have so much fun with this...

Warnings for this chapter: Swearing as per usual, there's always violence when Nero and Dante are in the same room for too long and Nero is too cute for his own good! OOC'ness!

Just a reminder this is a yaoi fic between Dante and Nero, if you do not like yaoi I suggest you leave now...

Mission 3: What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

It has been three days since Nero was turned half Neko, and Dante had made the most of the time...

Meaning he had many broken noses and windows...

Nero didn't seem like waking up to warm fingers rubbing his ears, even thought Dante had insisted he hadn't seemed to mind while he was sleeping, which only resulted in more of a beating for being a perverted old man.

Currently Nero at the top of the stairs while Dante spoke to Trish over the phone, his cheek held in his demonic hand while the other rested on a raised knee. His ears were facing outwards while he listened in on Dante's conversation with the blond woman, his tail flicking nonchalantly behind him.

"I've already found what it is Trish, it's the Curse of the Neko-Youkai...Yes he has a fluffy tail...yes he has ears to go with you can't have Lady can't have him...What! Hell no I haven't molested him! What do you take me for, a pedophile?...I knew you were going to say that...Just get your ass here and see if you can get rid of it." with that he hung up and Nero was left to twitch in silence.

Why the hell would Dante molest him?

Better yet why was he even thinking about it, it's not like the idea appealed to him, he'd kick the old mans ass and send him to a home bound and gagged with demon proof chains!

Nero sighed as he dropped his Devil Bringer to his knee, his head instead leaning on the railing of the stair case. He wanted to do something, anything to keep his mind off of the present, away from his predicament and away from Dante, the man was confusing him to know end. Waking up to find the man gently scratching behind his ear had been a shock, even more of one when he started purring, then he realized what he was doing and yowled at the man, instantly sending him flying across the room via a foot to the chest...hard.

All Dante had done was laugh, and call him a sour puss...

"Why the hell did I have to say yes? If I had just stood my ground and told him to do it himself I wouldn't be stuck like this! It was bad enough my arm drew stares, now I look like some kind of cat freak...And from the sounds of it, I'm gonna be stuck like this for the rest of my damned life."

Nero sighed when Dante smirked at him from the foot of the stairs, a smug look in his sky blue eyes as he folded his arms. "Trish is on her way to assess your situation, she might know something we don't." Nero just rolled his eyes and averted his gaze to his tail while it dangled over the stairs.

"Great, someone else to enjoy my misery."

Dante noticed his distraction and raised a brow. "You ok kid?" Nero just nodded absently, which caused the crimson clad hunter to advance up the steps to stand before him. "You don't look it kid, what's bothering you?" Nero glanced at him for a moment, then shook his head.

"It's nothing, I'm just thinking." Dante snorted.

"Well your thinking too hard there kid, you look like you drank sour milk." To Dante's surprise he wasn't sent flying across the room, which he had prepared himself for, no instead Nero shook his head with a snort and stood, turning in the direction of his room, and slammed the door behind him with a muttered 'what ever'. Dante frowned at the closed door, his head turned to the side slightly as he folded his arms over his chest. "What's wrong with him? The kid sure isn't acting like himself...Maybe I should cut him some slack." With a sigh Dante unfolded his arms and descended back to his desk, where he took up his usual position and waited silently for Trish to arrive.

Nero growled as he dropped himself onto the foot of his bed, his head in his hands as his tail flicked in anger behind him. "What the hell is his problem? Can't he see this whole thing is his fault? If he hadn't have been so lazy and done it himself that scaly bitch would be dead and I would be in Fortuna curse free! This is the last time I ever do that bastard any favors." With another growl Nero stood and started pacing in front of his bed, his ears flat against his head as he clenched and unclenched his clawed hands. "I have to find that demoness and make her remove this curse. I can't live like this for the rest of my life! What will everyone think if they see me like this? Lady will probably laugh herself to death, Trish'll want to keep me like some damn house cat and Kyrie...Feh, I don't even want to think of her seeing me like this..." Nero had been with Kyrie since the whole Savior thing, but for some reason he had just not felt right with her. He loved her, loved her to death...but it wasn't the kind of love he wanted it to be, he could never bring himself to actually love her. To him, Kyrie was like a sister...And he hated himself for it. Kyrie had finally seen that truth and had been hurt deeply, but she had accepted it...

And kicked him out of the house...

But Nero was fine with that, he had just stayed at a friends place for a while, he had thought about asking Dante if he could move ito the Devil May Cry, but now...he wasn't so sure. The man seemed to feed off of his misery! Here he was, even more of a freak, and Dante was finding it the funniest thing in the world. All Nero ever wanted was to be normal, but no, he had been cursed with the Devil Bringer and all his demonic heritage...and now this...He looked like some circus freak reject.

Nero loathed life, all it had ever done was laugh in his face and leave him to the wolves...

Now it had gone out of it's way to make him feel worse then he already did...

Dante was starting to feel guilty, the kid wasn't coming down to chew him out like he normally would have. "Is this whole thing really effecting him that much? It's not that bad, right?" Dante ust sighed and rubbed his forehead with his head. "Maybe I am an ass hole." He'd done nothing but tease and harass Nero since he found him on his door step. He'd found what kind of curse Nero had and what it did, and even how to get rid of it, but he hadn't done a thing to help the kid. He could see it was upsetting him, he knew how sensitive Nero was when it came to being normal, when he just wasn't. The kid just couldn't accept the fact that he wasn't normal even if he acted like it. He had demonic blood, he couldn't change that, and for some reason he couldn't just accept it either.

And here Dante was making the poor teen feel worse!

Dante had thought that getting Nero angry at him would be enough to keep his mind off of the whole thing, but it would seem it was having the opposite effect and the younger hunter was starting to show it...

Dante gripped a handful of his white hair, yanking it as he grit his teeth. "Damn it Dante you are a jackass!" he hissed to himself as he leaned forward in his chair to rest his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. He rubbed his face in his hands a few times but snapped his head up when the door burst open. He sighed when Trish walked in, her gaze instantly running over the room in search of Nero.

"So, where's the kid?" she asked as she moved to stand in front of the Hunters desk, her hand on her hip as she eyed the man. Dante just sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"He's in his room. I think I might have over done it with the teasing." Trish just snorted.

"That kid really needs to lighten up, no wonder that girl left him." Dante sighed in annoyance at the woman's attitude.

"That's not really our business Trish, now can you help him or not?" Trish just shrugged.

"I wont know until I see the mark." With a nod Dante stood and moved to the stairs.

"That's if I can convince him to come out of his room."

Nero jumped slightly when a bang on the door sounded, alerting him to Dante's presence. He growled low in his throat and turned to face the opposite wall on his bed. He wasn't in the mood for that bastards smart as comments, why the hell couldn't he just leave him be?

"Oi kid, Trish is here, she needs to see that mark on your shoulder." Nero's eyes narrowed as he sat up in his bed and sighed. With a growl Nero swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood, walking around his bed to the door where he flicked the lock and yanked it open to reveal Dante and the said blond woman. The second Trish's eyes landed on the ears she clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle the laughter that threatened to erupt from her throat. Nero just sighed and folded his arms.

"Lets just get this over with." He muttered as he shifted his hoody to reveal his marked shoulder. Both Dante and Trish stared at the demonic tattoo as it flattened it's ears against its head and flicked it's tail in annoyance. Dante remembered the passage in the book and folded his arms.

"So, he's either nervous or unsettled, I doubt he's scared, so he must be nervous." Trish leaned in to take a closer look at the twitching feline, raising a hand to poke it, only to quickly withdraw it when it swiped a clawed paw at her finger.

"Whoa, I've never seen anything like it..." She muttered as she eyed it critically, it in turn eying her with annoyance, it's crimson eyes flashing as Nero growled.

"Just get rid of it will ya!" he snapped as he folded his arms, his Devil Bringer flaring as he glared at the two. Trish stood back and shook her head.

"Sorry hun, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do, this is a little out of my league. I've never seen a mark like that before, and I've seen a heap of Anamagous Curses, your just going to have to put up with it until the demon who put it there decides to remove it." This made Nero throw his arms in the air with a snort.

"Then I'm stuck like this forever! That bitch did this out of boredom! She's never going to remove it unless I make her!" Trish shrugged.

"As I said I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. Your just going to have to find the demon." Nero growled and glared at Dante.

"Then your coming with me, this is your fault anyway! If you'd have just gone and done the mission yourself none of this would have happened!" The accused hunter just sighed.

"Alright I'll go with you, but tell me something kid, do you know where she is?" Nero remained silent, this signaling the negative for Dante. "I figured as much. Now, just calm down and listen. Trish here will keep an ear out for anything remotely related to the demon who did this, and when she hears something she'll tell us and we'll go kick it's ass. Ok?" Nero just folded his arms.

"And if she doesn't hear anything and that demon gets away for good?" Dante just shrugged.

"The look suits you anyway." Nero's ears flattened and he growled.

"I am not staying like this forever Dante! How the hell would you like it if you were in my shoes!" This made Dante smirk and shrug again.

"I wouldn't be in your shoes...I take a 14 and you take a what...9?" Dante inwardly gulped at the glare Nero shot at him and unconsciously took a step back. "Ehehehe, if looks could kill...Vergil would be kicking my ass in hell right now." "Awe come on kid I was joking! Don't you know how to lighten up?" Nero just drew his Devil Bringer back and punched Dante in the face, sending him flying back down the corridor and through his own bed room door.

Trish shook her head and turned to the fuming Nero. "Just ignore him hun, he may be an ass, but he does care about you you know." Nero just snorted.

"Well he's got a funny way of showing it, next time he says something, I'm poisoning him again." Trish just sighed and turned to descended the stairs.

"Just don't let it all get to you Nero, I'll keep an ear out for something to point you in the right direction ok?" with that she descended the steps and walked over to the double doors, before she exited she turned and winked at Nero. "And he's right, the look suits you kiddo, you could turn a straight guy gay!" with that she slammed the door closed behind her, not even stopping to see the reaction that got from Nero.

Who meanwhile stood rooted to the spot with a blush that could put a school girl to shame and his ears pointing outwards. When Dante emerged from his room rubbing his head he took one look at Nero and smirked.

"What's the matter kid, cat got your tongue?"

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