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Devil may be a scratching post...

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When Nero goes out on a mission he runs into a demon, and it just so happens that that demon is bored out of it's skull...So it curses Nero with big fluffy cat ears and a tail to match, and doesn't...

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Attached to the ceiling of the bed room, was a very red Nero, with his dug into the roof like a frightened cat, but what made him laugh even more...where the big, fluffy white cat ears atop his head, both pressed flatly against his skull as the teen turned his head to hiss at him once, then again, then flick his white tail at him in annoyance.

If Dante had any doubts that the kid had been cursed, they were gone...because it looked like the demon that had done this, had been very, very bored...

Warnings for this chapter: Swearing, violence, OOC'ness, extreme humor, cuteness and Dante bashing...

Mission 2: Devil may be a scratching post...

Getting Nero off the ceiling had been an easier task then first thought, all Dante had needed to do was grab the twitching tail that dangled down and yank it again. The result being a surprised hiss and a thud, then a groan...soon followed by hysterical laughter from Dante, and a few choice curses from Nero, who sat rubbing his rear with ears flat against his head.

Currently Dante sat at his desk with a thick leather bound book in his lap titled 'Demonic Curses'. He was flipping through the pages looking for anything remotely similar to Nero's case, but so far it was proving to be a lost cause, because the closest thing he found to it was the curse of the 'WereCat' but that wasn't it...because so far Nero hadn't turned into a freaky ass giant humanoid Cat and gone on a rampage for tuna...

Somewhere along the way Dante had suddenly felt lightheaded and had almost fallen sideways out of his chair, but with a flare of his demonic energy it had subsided instantly, but for some reason he could still feel a throbbing migraine kicking in...

While the teen in question, Nero, was sat on the couch with his face in his hands, one leg jumping lightly in impatience. His fluffy tail was wrapped around his waist –he had gotten sick of Dante pulling on it for a laugh- while his ears were twitching this way and that, never seeming to keep still. At first Dante had just sat an inch away from the teen and watched them go, Nero had found it annoying, but decided to humor the Hunter and let him sait his curiosity in return for helping him. That had lasted the whole of thirty seconds before Dante decided he was done 'looking' and moved onto the 'touching'. He had grabbed both furry ears in his fingers and rubbed them, commenting on how soft they were, he got about four strokes in before he was punched in the gut and sent flying out the window and into the street.

So he had figured it better for his health to stay at his desk and look for a way to reverse the curse, or at least find out what it was for...

Nero sighed and lifted his face from his hands, turning to glare at Dante. "Hey old man, you found it yet or has your Alzheimer made you forget what you were doing?" Dante ignored the comment in favor of throwing the book at Nero's head, the teen easily ducking under the projectile and folding his arms with a huff. "I was just asking, jeez. Maybe you need to be put in a home." Dante's boots thudded against the wooden floor as he dropped his feet from the table to stand and walk over to the bookshelf in the corner, fingers rubbing his chin as his eyes skimmed over the books.

"I'd try and be little nicer kid, I am trying to help you remember? Or would you rather be stuck like this for the rest of your life?" Nero just groaned and dropped back to lay down on the couch.

"Just find a way to reverse it!" Dante just snickered.

"As you wish...fluffy." The crimson clad hunter chuckled when an empty beer bottle sailed over his head and out the window he had been previously punched out of.

"Call me that again and I'll kick your ass old man!" Dante just shook his head with another chuckle, raising his hand to pull out a dark blue leather bound book with the title 'Anamagus Curses'.

"What ever you say kid, just try and keep it in the litter box, ok?" All he had time to do when Nero threw himself over the back of the couch was laugh.

"Ok, so we know what kind of curse it is now, so it'll be easier to find out how to reverse it." Said Dante as he snapped his nose back into place while he sat in his usual position at his desk. Nero, who was flexing his Devil Bringer and still glaring at the older hunter, his tail flicking in irritation while his ears were pointed outwards away from his head only twitched an ear.

"Ok, so what kind of curse is it then?" Dante rubbed his healing nose and sniffed.

"It's an Anamagus curse. A curse that gives the victim the traits and instincts of the casters desired animal. In your case a cat...Why the hell did that demon think of a cat, of all things?" Nero's cheeks tinted pin for a moment as he folded his arms and leaned back into the couch, his ears flicking forward as he did something dangerously close to pouting.

"Apparently I look like a grumpy kitten when I'm mad." He muttered as he dusted non-existent dirt off his Devil Bringer. Dante remained silent at Nero's explanation, mainly because he didn't want a permanently disfigured nose. But on the inside he was laughing so hard he had trouble reading the words in the book. Nero seemed to sense his inner hysterical laughter because he sank further into the couch and grumbled something about stupid lizards and retarded old men.

Dante flicked through the pages again until something made him flick a few pages back. "Hello..." he whispered as a familiar mark was shown on the page. Only this one wouldn't try to tear his fingers apart if he touched it. The demonic feline was curled in on itself just like Nero's had been before he went and poked it. His brows knitted together lightly as he read over the contents of the page.

"The curse of the Neko-Youkai, or 'Cat demon'."

"This curse can only be cast on a being with a fiercely active soul. It alters the victims physical characteristics to that of a feline, normally ranging from a tail, ears, sharpened teeth and claws. The effects of this curse are not just physical, the victim will develop a sense of playfulness, will become prone to revealing emotions normally suppressed and on rare occasions where the victim feels cornered or threatened will become unnaturally vicious. In this state it is in the best interest of those nearby to immediately vacate the area and leave them to calm down at their own pace."

"The mark of the Demonic Feline is a representation of just that, a demonic feline. The mark will reflect the status of the victims state of being.


If the mark is curled in on itself and still, the victim is calm, content and/or unconscious, which would be obvious.

If the mark is active and moves of its own accord the victim is unsettled, unsure, nervous and/or fearful.

If the mark changes from its original color to that of black and grows in size the victim is in a state of vicious rage. (it is highly recommended to vacate the area if such occurs)

If the mark's color fades to a dull gray and seems to struggle with itself the victim is either in immense pain or dying.

And finally if the mark solidifies in color and bleeds momentarily, the curse is made permanent and not even the caster can remove it...

"Characteristics: A warning to those seeking information on such a curse: Be aware of the victims claws, they contain a poison consistent to Basilisk venom and can cause lightheadedness and disorientation to demons, while a painful death for humans. Emotions may be intensified by the effects of the curse and can cause rapid mood changes and altered behavior, such as violent outbursts, lucidness, hyper activeness and/or arousal."

"Warnings: This curse can be permanent unless removed willingly by the caster or the 'marked' dies. If the mark solidifies as described before, there is no way to remove it period."

"There is no known counter curse/spell for this curse other then death..."

Dante stared at the book, then rubbed his now healed cheek. "Well now, that explains me almost falling out of my chair..." With an inward sigh he raised his gaze to Nero, who had moved to curl up on the couch, his head resting on the flat surface of the couch instead of the arm rest like he normally did. His ears were still for a change and his tail was draped lazily over the front of the couch, his knees bent to keep his feet from sticking out over the other side and one arm hanging over the side like his tail and the other resting in front of his face.

He was fast asleep...

If Dante had been a woman he would have 'awed' and said 'he's so cute!'. But since he was a man he simply raised a brow and snickered at the very kitty looking Nero, even the position was cat like! Then Dante's thoughts took a new direction as he watched the teen sleep, his face relaxed and innocent as he breathed evenly, his left ear twitching at random intervals while the other was smushed between his head and the couch. To Dante the cat ears and tail were incredibly sexy, so sexy in fact he was tempted to leave him like that. The look suited Nero like his own damn skin! Then Dante faintly wondered if there was any fur on the teens body, the book had said he'd have feline characteristics...cats had fur didn't they?

Damn, now he was tempted to check!

With an exasperated sigh Dante closed the book and set it on the desk quietly as not to wake Nero, who had twitched in his sleep at his sigh. It would seem those ears of his were more sensitive then his normal ones...

What would happen if he bit one?

Dante shook his head and smacked himself lightly, he was supposed to be helping the kid not molesting him! Besides, Dante was like...32 while Nero had just turned 19, he'd been called a lot of things but he'd prefer not to be called a pedophile...

Not only that but he'd get his face rearranged and wind up the angry kitties scratching post...

He'd rather not get poisoned again thank you very much...enough of that stuff might actually prove fatal...

With another sigh, this one quieter then the first, Dante stood and moved over to kneel beside the sleeping ex Order member, raising a hand to gently scratch behind his exposed ear. He was caught between smiling and laughing his ass of when the kid started vibrating with a deep purr, the sound louder then one would have thought as he continued the treatment. Then a thought occurred to him as he raised his other hand to slowly brush the teens shirt to the side slightly to reveal the demonic mark. Just as the book had said, it was curled in on itself as Nero slept, not even moving when he poked it a few times, but when Nero moved lightly in his sleep at the prodding, so did the mark. This made Dante raise a brow as he got an idea. He stopped scratching behind Nero's ear and instead moved to lightly brush over the tip, causing it to flick to the side, Dante snickered when the mark mirrored the motion, its ear flicking when Nero's did.

Oh he was going to have so much fun with this...

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