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Haven't you ever heard of knocking?

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Being a half demon half feline had become, with only some reluctance, second nature for Nero. But damn, why did it keep getting weirder along the way? Was there no end to the seemingly random effec...

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A/N Mwuahaha! Third chapter up! Anywho, thank you to those who reviewed! I love reviews, and so sorry if I gave anyone a scare with that whole Mpreg thing, that was Nero being an ass and screwing with Dante. But anyway, on with it!

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"Keh, do your worst geezer." Dante smirked and dropped Nero onto his feet, then pushed him back until his rear hit his desk. He grabbed both of the teens wrists and thrust them back, forcing him to fall back on the desk roughly, the force causing his head to smack against the wood none to gently. Dante leaned over him and snickered in his ear.

"I'm sensing a little Deja vu here kid, and if I remember correctly...I won that time as well." All Nero could do was shudder. Dante smirked, oh was he going to have his revenge. And since Nero wasn't going to say he was sorry...He'd be sure to make this experience a living hell...

Nero always was impatient with the four play...

Warnings: Swearing, Dante bashing, flying furniture, horrified huntress' and yaoi smut!

Chapter 3: Haven't you ever heard of Knocking?

Dante chuckled down at Nero, whose face matched his coat right down to the shade red as he easily slid the younger hunters coat from his shoulders, tossing it over the desk and onto the floor as he did the same to the hoody. Nero didn't seem pleased with the rough treatment of his clothing but hey, pay back for ruining his jeans back when they first started their relationship, but then again it wasn't only the jeans that had suffered then, he still had to get the kid back for poisoning him! He smirked as he shed his own jacket and shirt, tossing them over his shoulder, ignoring the startled yelps of Agni and Rudra –the clothing had landed on both their heads in the weapons rack- as he lifted Nero onto the desk, the teens legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he gripped his hips. He tossed his head to the side to flick his hair out of his face then dove to capture the younger devil hunters lips with his own. He accepted the almost instant invitation inside the teens mouth as he ground his hips against Nero's, stirring a moan from the boy.

He moved his hand from a narrow hip and was about to slip it into the teens pants when a sudden bang and yelp echoed through the shop. He jumped off Nero with a curse and span to the doorway to find a flustered Lady with a hand over her eyes as she span around to face the doorway.

"God damn it you two! Haven't you heard of a bedroom!" Dante scoffed and folded his arms.

"Haven't you heard of knocking?" Nero, who had slid off the desk and was in the process of zipping up his hoody slipped into the chair behind Dante's desk, trying to fight down the dark blush as Lady continued to sputter curses at Dante for scarring her for life, and that he should go to jail anyway for violating a minor. Nero huffed at being called a minor and folded his own arms, his ears twitching backwards in his irritation.

"I'm not a minor Lady, but anyway what's up?" The huntress turned around and glanced at Dante, but it was another voice that spoke from the doorway as Trish entered the shop with an amused smirk on her lips.

"Oh I know what's up eh Dante?" The said hunter blinked and looked down, then cleared his throat and chuckled.

"What? We were busy." Lady snorted.

"Or getting busy." Nero slapped his foerhead while Dante just shrugged.

"And we would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling women." Lady snorted while Trish rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, onto more pressing matters, meaning why we're here, we've stumbled across a problem." Dante blinked and Nero sat up in Dante's chair, his furry white ears flipping to the front to better hear what they had to say.

"What problem?" asked Dante as Trish sighed and turned to Lady, who nodded and leaned on her hip.

"We were taking out the trash in an old town a few miles out from Fortuna, but what we didn't know was that the supposed 'small country town' was in fact...A town full to the brim with devil worshipers, and no I don't mean the gothic 'Long live Satan' kind, I mean the 'Let's sacrifice a visitor' and free Mundus' kind." The shop was quite for a moment, before Dante broke out into a slightly obnoxious laugh, causing Trish and Lady to raise a brow and Nero to look at him funny.

"Oh jeez that's priceless, yup, sure, hey lets grab that there tourist and throw him into that there volcano to break the Arcana seal inscribed on Mundus's prison in angel's blood that has held true for the last few millenia, and if that doesn't work lets throw a baby in too! HA!" The room was still as Dante leaned on the wall for support as his insane laughter rang throughout the shop. Trish and Lady rolled their eyes at his lack of professional seriousness while Nero just flicked his tail in annoyance while his ears flatted slightly.

Finally thinking enough was enough Nero grabbed Ivory from it's cleaning cloth and took aim, with a smug grin he pulled the trigger, effectively silencing Dante whose head smacked into the wall from the impact of the bullet, his face sliding down the wall leaving a rather large splatter of blood as he dropped. Trish smirked while Lady doubled over with her own laughter, all at poor Dante's expense as he staggered to his feet, a hand holding the side of his head as he wobbled slightly, before falling on his rear right next to his desk. After a moment he shook his head to free himself of the fuzzyness before he turned his head to glare at a snickering neko, whose grin could only be matched by the Cheshire car himself.

"I'll get you for that later my little kitty." Nero's grin turned into a scowl.

"Little kitty? Up yours old man." Dante smirked.

"If it's up anyone's kid it's up yours." Nero's face heated red as he spluttered.

"Your a damn pedophile ya know that?"Dante grinned and nodded almost sagely.

"I do believe we've been over this kiddo." Meanwhile poor Trish and Lady were left to their own devices as the two continued to bicker, Dante throwing vulgar suggestions at Nero, who in turn produced several cracks at his 'old age' and his inability to 'get it up', which in turn led to Dante to say he didn't seem to think that last night, which in turn led to Lady getting her first nose bleed from such things and Trish to giggle perversely, Nero...the poor neko was spluttering while his face turned red as Dante cackled. Trish recovered rather quickly and cleared her throat.

"Ah-hem, anyway this really needs to be looked into, joke or not. We'd do it, but we just got back from that damn town and we aren't going back.." At this Lady grinned as she dragged Trish towards the doors.

"So, go kick some worshiper ass, have fun and Dante, try not to put Nero in a wheelchair." With that they left, leaving a fuming kitty and smirking Devil Hunter. Said hunter turned and grinned at Nero, who took one look at him and hissed.

"Don't even think about it, you've still got two weeks." Dante blinked and tilted his head slightly.

"Two weeks? For what?" Nero grinned wickedly, his pointed canines glinting in the evil shine from his eyes.

"Two weeks of no sex." Dante's eyes widened comically as he gaped.

"B-b-but but we-before they-we were about to-GAH! Two weeks! Come on kid seriously!" Nero's grinned widened if possible.

"Kid? Just for that you can go for three." Dante laughed nervously.

"Did I say kid? What I meant to say was Nero! Yes, seriously Nero three weeks!" Said teen just leaned back and placed his feet on the desk, his hands folding behind his head.

"Oh how the mighty have fallen." Dante just dropped his hands from their frantic waving motions and grumbled.

"What ever, I'll just have to keep myself company while you skip off and cheat on me with that old ladies cat." Anything else Dante wanted to say was cut off by the sudden appearance of Pandora dropping to his eye level, it's current form being something that made Rocket Launcher look like a BB-Gun.

A heartbeat later the street was filled with the tell tail flashes and explosions of a devil getting his ass handed to him by a very angry feline/devil hybrid...


Somewhere in hell Dante's mirror image broke into hysterical laughter...

A/N lol, yes everyone laugh at Dante getting beaten by his younger lover. MWUAHAHAHA! So sorry for the late Update, butI've been busy with school and the likes... That and I did say this was on temporary hold. Now, REVIEW!

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