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Chapter 5

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Pretty Short Chapter but basically Gerard makes some new friends...

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The next day I was treated a lot more different. I walked into school in my comfartable clothes (Iron Maiden tee shirt, black skinny jeans and black converse) but nobody said anything mean. They were all looking at me like I was amazing and something they could never live up to.
In maths, four guys spoke to me. FOUR!
And it got better at lunch. Pete, Bert, Alicia and Lyn-z asked me to sit with them!
I sat opposite Pete and next to Bert. Both guys smiled at me. Not smirking like they usually did around me but proper smiles.
"Why do you suddenly like me?" I suddenly asked, making them both surprised.
"Because you stood up to Corey." Pete replied "That takes guts."
"Oh." I said "But that really was, just nothing."
"It wasn't nothing!" Bert smiled, giving me a gentle punch on the shoulder "You were amazing out there. Corey won't mess with you again!"
Frank, Ray and Bob were extremely pissed off with me but at the time, what did it matter? I had cool friends who all thought I was amazing.
Then came the truely amazing part. Lyn-z asked me out!
She was really nervous but evantually she managed to say "Uhh Gerard... I've always kinda liked you and wanted to be your girlfriend, but Bert and Pete and everyone thought you were a total draggy loser who was fat... But now you're cool so I gues I can ask... Well I-I was wondering if you'd be my boyfriend?"
I just smiled and nodded, utterly speechless. She smiled back, giggled shyly and said "Great. And another thing... Wanna hang out with me, Alicia, Bert and Pete on saturday?"
I just nodded again "We're going up town to get some coffee around two. Sound good to you?"
Another nod. She smiled "Uhh cool." We stood there awkwardly for a second "Well, bye."

"What was your high school bullies name?"
"His name was Corey and once I stood up to him. It got me a good reputation but Corey made it pretty clear the next day that it wasn't over..."

The next day was scary. I was sitting eating lunch with my new friends when suddenly I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and saw Corey Taylor towering over me. I gulped "Hi Corey."
"You think you're real tough, don't you?" He asked "But you're nothing but a fatass gay puff who thinks that he's hard because he managed to push me over a swing."
"That punch hurt you." I stuttered "Y-You were hurt."
He laughed "Oh yeah? Well how about, you and me, tommorow after school?"
"BRING IT!" Pete suddenly yelled "He'll take you on any time!"
"What?" I asked myself under my breath "What is he doing!?"
"It's a date then!" Corey laughed "LOSER!"
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