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Chapter 6

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Gerard's fight with Corey.

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I was not ready for my 'date'. I dressed casual, trying to make it look like it was no big deal. I walked around with my head held high all day, preparing myself.
Mikey had begged me not to go through with it that morning... But if I didn't show up then Pete, Alicia and Bert would grow bored of me. Lyn-z wouldn't, I was sure... But she couldn't seem to help but follow what the rest of the crowd was thinking, doing or saying.
The whole day went so fast. It felt like no time before the bell was ringing and the whole school was following me towards the front gates.
Maybe he wouldn't be there, I had hoped, I could quickly tell everyone he had chickened out and run away as fast I could...
But Corey was already out there, leaning against a fence. I gulped, realising my plan wouldn't work. I was going to die out there and nobody would be able to save me...
Pete and Bert began pushing me towards Corey "He ain't afraid of you!" Pete yelled, getting Corey's attention. I felt like punching Pete in the mouth, instead of Corey Taylor but I had no choice.
My hands clenched into fists and I began walking over, pretending I wasn't scared. He took off his jacket and began walking towards me aswell.
Finally we reached each other and just stood there for a second "You know..." He began "You could just give it up now. Let me win and just walk away, totally unharmed."
"I'm not just doing this for me." I replied bravely "I want you to stop picking on everyone!"
He snorted with laughter "God, you're such a girl. Fine, have it your way. PANSY!"
"I'm not a pansy." I tried to say it loudly, but it came out in a tiny mouse squek. He laughed again.
"You ready for this?" He pulled his arm back, ready to punch me right in the face. It came forward and then everything happened so fast...
Someone grabbed his arm, flipped him over and kicked him hard in the side. Then suddenly two others came from nowhere, punching and kicking him. I quickly joined in, punching Corey right in the face.
"SO PISS OFF!" I yelled and it seemed to work. Everyone gave ME credit.
As everyone surrounded me, I turned to see who had helped me out... As we began walking away, I kept my head craned round and couldn't get the image of Frank, Bob and Ray looking at me like I was a total asshole and I can't blame them. They were true friends, sticking up for me when no-one else would've dared... But here I was ditching them again.

"An asshole? You? I don't believe that."
"I didn't really realise at the time what a jerk I was being, but ditching my friends for popular crowds after they stood up for me in a fight? That's never cool. And things just went from bad to worse..."

Mikey didn't talk to me after the fight. We walked home in silence, watched TV togethor in silence, had dinner in silence and cleaned the dishes in silence. After that I couldn't take the cold glares he was shooting me and his frosty silence, so I went to my room to draw. I began sketching how my world seemed to look now-a-days. I drew Mikey frozen behind a wall of ice, Frank, Bob and Ray trapped inside a cage... Bert, Pete and Alicia with devil horns and a tail.
Then Lyn-z.
Lyn-z, wearing a brides maid outfit, staring up at me with a soft expression on her face. I smiled back at her and then closed my sketchbook. I kept thinking about Lyn-z until evantually I had to write down my feelings... Somewhere, anywhere...
So I wrote them on my bedroom wall.
I'm trying, I'm trying, to let you know how much you mean to me...
Was that about Lyn-z though? Or someone else...

The next day wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. It should've been the best day of my life. Everyone was now my friend, everyone knew my name, they all thought I was a hero. But I couldn't help looking over at Frank, Bob, Ray and Mikey.
"Forget them." Someone suddenly whispered to me. Alicia "They're just a bunch of social rejects who will never survive it through high school."
"My brother..."
"Is a dork Gerard. And you've gotta get over that." Alicia didn't say that, I'm sure even she would never stoop so low. Pete said it.
I turned to him "What did you just call my brother?" I yelled at him. I wanted my old friends to hear every word of this.
"A dork." Pete replied, smoothly.
"Shut the fuck up!" I yelled "You know fuck all about my family!"
"Do you know what, Mikey's not the only loser in your family! YOU ARE ASWELL!"
I lost it and the next thing I knew, Pete was lying on the floor. I had well and truely beaten the crap out of him.
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