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Chapter 7

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Shorter chapter but Gerard makes a bad choice.

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I was fucked. I got a phone call home to my parents and I was excluded for a week. My parents were so disappointed, espiecally my Mum.
"I thought I brought you up better than this." She kept saying, crying and crying buckets.
I felt really bad but it didn't seem to matter the amount of times I said I was sorry. I was also grounded, for three weeks.
At the time I thought it was good news but Alicia, Bert and Lyn-z ditched Pete to hang out with me. Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey had heard what I'd said and saw what I'd done... But because I still ignored them and never hung round with them, they didn't make up with me.
I did try hard to make it up with Mikey "I stuck up for you bro."
"Yeah." He replied, sniffing "And completely ruined our family along the way. Well done Gee." Then went to his room and didn't come out for the rest of the night.
After that I gave up with Mikey. I barely spoke to my parents either. I sent text messages to my friends and emailed them and all that crap.
Once my exclusion was over, I could return to school. Pete's closest friends may have ditched him but no-one else had. They all looked down on me, Bert, Alicia and Lyn-z. I pretended I wasn't bothered by them at the time, I tried to convince myself that I had friends anyway.

"When you were in High School, how many friends did you have?"
"Friends? -laugh- I did have friends but I fucked it up. Lost them all. I didn't have friends, I had fans."

It's only now that I realise Bert, Alicia and Lyn-z were only fans. Not friends.
But I didn't realise at the time that hanging round with them was only getting me into more trouble.
"Hey!" Bert said to me one day "We're gonna have a party tonight, but we need some beer."
"We're not old enough to buy beer."
"DUH! We're gonna knick it idiot!"
I was shocked "B-But stealing is wrong!"
Bert laughed meanly "Oh, pull the other one! Come on, nobody will know!"
So in the end I gave up.
That night we went to a corner-shop and walked around the counters until we had it all planned. We grabbed some bars of chocolate to buy as cover and quickly slipped some cans of beer into our school-bags. We payed for the bars of chocolate and were about to leave, when someone grabbed my arm.
"What do you think you're doing pal?"
"Bert!" I cried out, hoping he would help me. But Bert was long gone.
"I'm gonna have to phone the police buddy."
"No please don't!" I begged, grabbing my bag "I'll give it back, I never even wanted to do this but my friend..."
She grabbed the beer and threw my bag at me "It's kids like you that are ruining society. I SHOULD phone the police!"
"No! Please! Don't!" I begged again.
She considered it for a minute or two "Okay, I can see how sorry you are. Just promise me that you won't do anything so fucking stupid ever again!"
"Yes miss!" I said, relieved.
"Alright, now get outta here!" She shoved me out the door "And don't bother coming back!"
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