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Chapter 8

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Gerard learns the truth and gets into even more trouble.

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I was furious at Bert but I kept it quiet and acted like it was no big deal. Bert didnt seem to care but Lyn-z did.
"Bert, you shouldn't have just ditched Gee like that!" Lyn-z yelled at him.
"Lyn-z, it's no big deal..." I said, trying to calm her down.
"Yes it is Gee! You could've got done by the police!"
"It's over now Lyn-z, no need to hold a grudge on the past."
"But I care!"
I finally got a few words out of Mikey the same night, but I wish I hadn't.
"Why aren't you at that party with your dickhead friends?" He asked, getting off the sofa as I entered the room.
"I wanna hang out with you." I replied, smiling at him weakly.
"Well, Frank's coming over and he doesn't like you anymore."
"Mikey, we're falling apart!" I sat down next to him "I may have new friends but you're still my bro and I love you!"
"Well you have a funny fuckin' way of showing it!" He went to the door then turned back "You know, you've turned into a dickhead like your friends don't you?" I nodded "Then why don't you ditch them?"
I was shocked "I've been trying to be cool my entire life..."
"Is it worth it?" He asked, looking disgusted "Why do you think everyone's ignoring you?" Then he walked away.
It kept me awake for ages. Why didn't I ditch them? They were causing me nothing but trouble. Is it worth it? To lose my brother and my parents? Why is everyone ignoring me?
But the next day when Bert insisted that we bunked Maths togethor, I didn't decline. I still wanted to hang with him. We agreed to meet in the boys toilet at lesson change overs for math...
But I went there and waited the entire maths lesson although I was practically shitting myself from missing Maths (I'd never bunked a lesson before!) but Bert never showed up.
I forgot to hide my feelings at lunch "WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS!?"
"Doing what?" Bert asked, with a shrug.
"Ditching me!?"
"How do I keep ditching you?"
"At the corner-shop and today when we bunked Maths!"
"Don't you get it?" Pete suddenly asked from behind me. I turned to face him "They're using you."
Pete went and stood by Bert and Alicia "We've been planning this. When you punched Corey in the face that day, we knew it. You'd do anything to be cool even if it meant breaking the rules..."
"But how does me ditching Maths effect you guys?"
"You are in so much trouble." Bert said with a smirk, looking behind me. I turned and saw Miss.Smith, my maths teacher, walking towards me. She looked furious.

"As a teenager, what was the worse thing you did?"
"Hmmm well I robbed some beer from a corner-shop once and ditched Maths... But dude, that was just the beginning."

I was in SO much trouble. And I had lost my friends and my girlfriend.
Where was I now? Nowhere. Mikey was right, it wasn't worth anything.
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