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Boruritena-Dobutsu and Kachi-Surebu

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Boruritena-dobutsu and Kachi-surebu

I dont own Kingdom Hearts. Just OCs and plot


Quickly, Shadow lunged Man-Eater down at Sora but suddenly a hand grabbed his in the middle of the action, another hand grabbed shadow's other which was still holding Striker. Hercules had stepped in. Soon, a power struggle broke out; both warriors were pushing at the other. Herc was trying to get Shadow away from Sora. Shadow was trying to push Hercules down so he could kill the both of them.

Neither noticed Zell sneak up from behind. He cautiously picked up Sora and held him in his muscular arms. Sora's eyes looked dazed, his voice still slightly gagging. Zell had to hurry otherwise Sora would most likely die. Zell quickly rushed back to the crowd and slowly and gently put Sora down.

'Sora!' Kairi rushed forward and knelt in front of Sora and pulled him into an embrace as all the others gathered around them.

'Come on. We have to get his shirt off' Leon stated as he grabbed Sora's shirt which had mended itself and pulled it off of his body. There, many could only steer in horror at the enormous wound that stretched from the bottom of his stomach to the top of his chest. Blood was still spewing from the wound.

'Shit.' Cid said under his breath.

'Not even a Curaga spell would heal that properly.' Rinoa dejectedly said. Donald and Goofy looked like they were both on the brink of tears.

'No.' Kairi tried to say but only a small cry came out of her mouth. The tears that were rolling down her cheeks began to fall onto Sora's face.

'Kai-ri' Sora slowly said quietly. It seemed as if he would be lost at any minuet until...

'Curaja' Strago's voice sounded. Soon after, Sora's entire upper body was engulfed by an enormous green light. Then, slowly but surely Sora's massive wound began to close itself. It felt as if time had slowed down immensely but eventually the wound had closed fully and was now replaced by an enormous scar, 'I doubt the scar well ever heal, you'll have it for the rest of your life' Strago said without emotion.

'That's fine. As long as he's okay' Kairi quickly stated as she tightened her hold on him. Sora slowly sat up.

'Try not to push yourself. You've lost a lot of blood.' Cloud warned. Sora merely looked up into the sky.

'I'm alive?'


Shadow jumped back as soon as Hercules' grip softened upon his arms. It appears that the hero's strength was superior to that of the assassin. Shadow turned his head to the crowd and was rather surprised to see his target up and about. 'They must have healed him' Shadow thought, 'It looks like I'll have to resort to plan B' With that, Shadow raised Striker at ten' o'clock and Man-Eater at twelve.

Hercules' eyes widened at what he saw. Shortly after the ninja raised his blades, Heartless started materializing behind him. First there were only a few, then they were in the tens and now there must have been a few hundred. There were Shadows, Soldiers, Large Bodies, Reds, Yellows, blues but the one that caught Herc's eyes was the enormous purple one that was hovering. It had no legs. In one hand it held a metal cage and in the other it held a single small axe. The Heartless emblem was engraved on its chest and it also had a pair of yellow eyes. This was a Sonic-Axe.

As soon as the Sonic axe appeared it hovered high into the air and flew at the crowd. All except for those gathered around Sora (And Sora himself obviously) began screaming and running as the Heartless approached them. The Sonic-Axe let out a scream however it couldn't be heard be anyone excluding Goofy and Interceptor who seemed to cringe at the sound. Suddenly, the ground where Relm was standing exploded and sent her into the air. The Sonic-Axe lunged forward towards the screaming girl before opening its cage. Immediately the Heartless caught Relm in its cage before it closed and locked it.

'Relm!' Strago called out as the Sonic-Axe flew off.

'Let me out you son of a bitch!' Relm yelled.

'Damn you' Strago shouted however his voice was drawn out with another explosion. Strago turned his head just in time to see a pillar fall right in front of them.

'Lucky that didn't hit us' Sora said.

'Idiots! Get down her!' Sam whispered as he crouched down behind the pillar. He was soon joined by all the others.

'What is it' Sora asked. Sam merely sat there wide eyed.

'This felling. Shit he's found us.' Sam thought, 'Hey Kachi-Surebu! Is that you?!'

'So that's where you're hiding Boruritena-Dobutsu' answered a voice from beyond the pillar.

'That voice?' Sora began, 'Is that the guy from Twilight town?'

'Yeah. The Paladin' Sam replied with abhorrence. 'But where is he?' Sam asked himself in his head, 'Hey dumass! What are you doin here?!"

'Do you really have to ask Boruritena-Dobutsu? I'm hunting monsters and I know there's at least one of those here, hell I can hear him now. And I bet you have those heretics of yours with you too.' The voice replied.

'There you are.' Sam thought before turning to Sora, 'We have a bastard at eleven' o'clock. I'll deal with him.'

'Alright, we'll save Relm.' Sora replied.

'She well probably be in Hades' throne room.' Sam whispered back

'Yeah, but what do we do about all these Heartless?' Sora asked

'Just split up in three.' Sam answered.

'Why three?'

'One to fight the Heartless, one to rescue Relm and the other to help Mister 'I obviously spend way too much time in the gym' fight Shadow. It looks like the two went through the lobby'. Sam replied

'Alright' Sora said before turning to the rest of the group, 'Alright, we'll bait the Heartless away from the arena. When we do, me, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Kairi and you two well keep going while the rest of you get rid of the Heartless.' Sora said pointing at Strago and Zell. 'Is that alright with everyone?' Everyone nodded to show there agreement.

'Alright. The moment I jump out everyone run as fast as you can and don't look back. Understand?' Sam asked

'Yeah.' Sora answered, 'Good luck.'

'Yeah, yeah. Whatever' was Sam's response before he summoned Outcast and jumped over the pillar. The plan was underway.


All went as expected. The Heartless chased after the group through the lobby. As they exited the room, everyone except for Sora, Donald, Goofy, Kairi, Riku, Zell and Strago stopped and turned to face the perusing Heartless, their weapons drawn.

'Are you guys ready for this?' Cloud asked.

'You bet' Setzer answered.

'How do you fight anyway?' Leon asked.

'You'll see' Setzer answered with a smirk on his face.

Leon gripped Lionheart tightly before jumping into the air and striking a Red. The blade sliced through the Heartless and slew it easily. As Leon came down he brought the blade down on a Soldier and destroyed that too. A Large Body lunged at him; however Leon jumped out of the way making the Heartless fall onto its front. Its weak point now exposed, Leon struck again. Leon impaled the Large Body through the back, shortly after, it dematerialized. Suddenly a lightning bolt came down and struck Leon making him stumble forward. He soon recovered from the strike and turned to the culprit, a yellow Opera. Leon jumped up and slashed the small Heartless, slaying it.

Yuffie pulled out several shuriken before lunging them at several Shadows, vanquishing them all. A Red launched a fireball at Yuffie; however she disappeared in a blast of smoke and appeared in the air behind the Heartless which attacked her. Immediately Yuffie pulled out a kunai and slashed the Red with it. As she began to come down Yuffie threw the Kunai at a Soldier, as it strike the Heartless, it dematerialized. A Large Body lunged forward towards Yuffie; however she jumped into the air and pulled a large shuriken off her back before lunging it at the Heartless. The weapon struck the Heartless in the back and vanquished it.

Cid charged forward and impaled a Soldier on his spear, vanquishing it. Next Cid jumped into the air and skewered a Blue, destroying it. As Cid came down he forced his spear into a Large Body. The Heartless squirmed around in an attempt to throw him off, while this was happening Cid forced his weapon further into his enemy until it dematerialized and Cid fell to the ground, all the time his cigarette never fell from his mouth. A group of Shadows jumped at Cid from all directions; however Cid spun his spear around in a circular motion and slew all of them.

Cloud charged forward and sliced a Shadow in half with ease. A Soldier jumped at Cloud but he merely slashed it in mid air and destroyed it. A Large Body charged at Cloud but he just jumped into the air, as it lunged past where Cloud once was he fell down onto his feet. Now that the Heartless' weak point was vulnerable to an attack Cloud lunged forward and impaled the Large Body in its back, vanquishing it.

Laguna pulled out an assault rifle and began firing at the many Heartless. After firing an entire clip at a Large Body's front he finally came to a realization, you couldn't hurt them from the front. The enormous Heartless charged forward and slammed into Laguna and sent him flying. By the time he had gotten up the Heartless had already given up and was searching far a new target. Quickly Laguna reloaded his weapon and began firing at the Heartless' back. By the time his clip was empty the Heartless was vanquished.

Rinoa made a ball of light in her hands before firing it at a Large Body. As it hit, the Heartless was engulfed in a ray of light. Slowly but surely the Heartless was vanquished and when it was there was an explosion of light which engulfed several other Heartless and destroyed them as well.

Selphie created a ball of fire in one of her hands and a blizzard spell in the other. As soon as she did she lunged the fire at a blue and the Blizzard at a red. As the spells hit there targets they were engulfed and destroyed. Also there were explosions of the elements used which engulfed everything that was near the targets.

Quistis pulled out a whip and began striking her enemies with it. Each Shadow that she struck dematerialized in a single strike. A Soldier jumped at Quistis however she merely struck it with her whip and sent it flying away. As it got up she struck it again and destroyed it.

'I've been working on a new game. Would you like to play?' Setzer asked as he pulled out a deck of cards from his jacket pocket. Setzer took the card at the top of his deck and threw it into the air. Soon Setzer's body began to turn into playing cards starting with his feet and moving upwards to his head. The cards floated about the area and surrounded the remaining Heartless. A few of the cards flew into Heartless and sliced them in half, even the Large Bodies weren't safe. After thirty seconds or so the cards came together and merged into three larger ones with their backs to the remaining Heartless. A Blue fired an icicle at one of the cards, when it hit it it spun around. The card displayed a lantern. Immediately a bright illumination arose from the card and engulfed the remaining Heartless, vanquishing them all. After that the cards broke up into smaller ones and came together once more, this time they turned back into Setzer.

'So that's how you fight.' Leon observed slightly impressed.

'Yeah.' Setzer replied with a smile, 'Come on. Let's join up with the others.'

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