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Into the belly of the beast

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Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix and Disney. OCs and plot belong to me.


Sam and the Paladin stood still, there eyes locked with one another. Sam grasped Outcast tightly whilst is eternal enemy held two small and white Keyblades. The Paladin had a wide smirk on his face as Sam's face wore no emotion what so ever.

'Now, now Boruritena-Dobutsu. How many times do I have to teach you this lesson? I will never allow you to have an apprentice. Just how many of them have I killed and you still haven't learned?'

'Two. You have killed two.' Sam said without emotion.

'Talk about slow.' the paladin said with amusement, 'I guess I'm just going to have to make it three.'

Sam frowned but quickly returned to his emotionless state. Any emotion what so ever could be used as a weapon, 'Kihonteki-Youshiki.'

The Paladin sighed, 'Straight to point as always. I tell ya, socializing is dead these days. Oh well I guess I'll just have to find a human to talk to once I merge you with the ground.'

'Oh my what a frightening threat. I think I may lose control of my boils in fear' Sam said with sarcasm though it didn't show in his voice.

'I don't quite like your tone freak show' the Paladin said in a threatening voice.

'Do you mean monotone?'

'Exactly. When one speaks to someone of superior spices they must show there unworthiness by.'

'Shut up. Your voice is annoying' The Paladin contorted his face.'

'You speak pretty high and mighty for a monster, Boruritena-Dobutsu.'

'And you speak pretty high and mighty for Maleficent's bitch, Kachi-Surebu' The Paladin couldn't help but smirk at this. He still thought Maleficent was in charge.

'Speaking with you is tedious. It is time that the animal to be put down. Kihonteki-Youshiki.' now that both masters were at the same level, the two rivals charged forward at each other and the battle began.


Finally the seven reached their destination. Sora could see both Hercules and Shadow striking at each other. Also he could see the entrance to Hades just a stones throw away. 'Riku. Kairi. Do you think you could get into the underworld if we distract Shadow?'

'Yeah. It should be easy enough.' Riku replied.

'Be careful' Kairi said before she lend forward and planted a kiss on Sora's lips. They stayed like that for a few seconds before they parted.

'You too' Sora replied as him, Donald, Goofy, Strago and Zell rushed forward to join Hercules while Riku and Kairi rushed to the port way that lead to the kingdom of the dead, Hades.


Riku and Kairi descended the stone steps and rushed forward where they were met by four doorways (Including the one that they just came from.)

'Now where?' Kairi asked.

'I don't know.' Riku replied.

'You're comrades of Sora, right?' a voice asked which made Riku and Kairi. When they did they saw a man in red sitting before the river Styx. He stood and turned to face them.

'Who are you?' Kairi asked.

'Auron' The man stated, 'Why are you here?'

'We need to get to Hades' thrown room. He has our friend.' Kairi stated.

'What are you doing?' Riku protested in a whisper. 'He might work for Hades.'

'But he knows Sora.' Kairi replied.

'We don't know if he does though. He could easily be lying to us.'

'It's dangerous here' Auron stated, 'I'll guide you through.'

'Why would you do that?' Riku asked sceptically.

'I owe Sora and his friends a favour. And this seems the perfect time for them to cash it in.'

'I don't know' Riku said.

'Come on, we need a guide and so far he's the only one to offer.' Kairi complained.

'...Alright.' Riku gave in knowing that they didn't have time to argue.

'Follow me' Auron said as he began to walk towards the door to the north. Riku and Kairi followed him. As they approached the door it opened on its own. 'Watch your step.'


The trip was undertaken in silence. The only sound was the footsteps of the three intruders. Eventually they arrived to a pathway which loomed over a green lake. Quickly they continued on there way towards the doorway on the other side. They reached it soon and Kairi reached to open it.

'Hold on' Riku called stopping her.

'What?' Kairi asked in protest.

'Hades himself is probably in there, we have to think of a plan' Riku stated, 'I'll go in first and distract whoever is in there. If you can see Relm then get her out of there. I'll be right behind you.'

'Okay' Kairi replied before turning to Auron, 'Is that alright with you?'

'I am merely your guide, my opinion doesn't matter.' Auron said.

'But of course your opinion matters.' Kairi shot back.

'We're wasting time. I'm fine with it. Let's just go.' Auron answered.

'Alright I'm heading in now.' Riku stated as he jumped up and kicked at the door, bringing it down. Suddenly Riku was met by...nothing.

'Riku!' The familiar high-pitched voice shouted.

'Relm!' Riku replied as he saw the girl in her cage on a ledge.

'Hey! Are you alright?' Kairi asked as she and Auron stepped into the room.

'Is Sam with you guys?' Relm asked.

'No.' Kairi answered.

'Oh.' Relm said obviously disappointed.

'Don't worry.' Kairi said as she summoned her Keyblade, 'We'll have you out of there...'

'Wait it's...' Relm began.

'A trap' Auron finished as he realised what they had just walked into.

'What?' Kairi asked. Suddenly the sound of metal-on-metal sounded. Kairi suddenly turned around to see Auron's blade drawn and clashing with a long blade held by a swordsman with long and silver hair. Kairi knew who this was instantly from everything Sora had told her over the past year. 'Sephiroth'

'You're getting slow Seph.' A woman chuckled as a corridor of darkness opened up in the room. Kairi and Riku turned to face it; both had their weapons drawn as two figures stepped out.

'Who are they?' Kairi asked.

'The one with blue skin is Hades. I don't know who the woman is.' Auron informed them as he pushed Sephiroth back who jumped to his two comrades.

'Who are you?!' Riku asked the woman.

'I guess it is only fair that you learn the name of your killers. I am Ultimecia. I am Hyne's descendent. I am the Sorceress.' The woman announced.

'Hyne?' Kairi asked puzzled but suddenly her eyes shot wide open. 'Sorceress? But I thought Rinoa was the...'

'Kairi!' Riku shouted

Ultimecia smirked, 'So she is with you'

Kairi quickly covered her mouth with her hands as if to try and undo the damage already done.

'Perhaps I should pay her a visit sometime. Deal with them you two.' Ultimecia ordered as a corridor of darkness appeared behind her and she stepped through it before it closed.

'Hey you two.' Auron whispered catching the attention of Riku and Kairi, 'Get your friend and run, I'll hold them for as long as I can.'

'But we can't just leave you!' Kairi complained.

'Just go!' Auron shot back.

'Alright' Riku said, 'Be careful' Auron merely grunted in response.

Riku turned to the cage and shot a light from the tip of way to the dawn at it, unlocking it. Luckily he was out of Hades and Sephiroth's line of sight. Relm quietly opened the cage door and jumped out

'Let's get ready to rumble!' Hades exclaimed. Sephiroth could only roll his eyes at the tackiness of the sentence. Suddenly something or someone sped past them. Their collateral to ensure Shadow done his job had escaped.

'Go!' Auron shouted

'Come on!' Riku grabbed Relm and Kairi by the arms and pulled them towards the doorway.

'Stop them!' Sephiroth ordered. Hades clicked his fingers. After he did the walls began to close over the doorway, however the three jumped and made it out just in time. 'They got away!'

'Relax. They won't get very far; I've got a big surprise waiting for them.


'There's the exit!' Kairi exclaimed as they approached the doorway, Riku still dragging Kairi and Relm along by the arm.

'Slow down!' Relm complained as she nearly fell over.

'Hold on just a bit longer, we're almost there.' Riku said. The door was just a few steps away. They were going to make it but then...

'Raagh!!!' a creature roared as it jumped from behind them and landed in-between them and the door. It was the three headed dog Cerberus

'Crap! We were so close too!' Riku exclaimed

'Now what!?' Relm shouted

'I doubt it well just let us past. It looks like we'll have to knock it out before we can get past.' Riku stated, 'Relm, can you fight?'

'Not unless I can find something to paint on. I could throw a few magic at it but that's about it' Relm replied.

'Alright, you do that while I and Kairi keep it occupied.' Riku said as he readied way to the dawn and Kairi did the same with Destiny's place.

Cerberus roared once more before jumping forward towards its three targets. Relm quickly ran back a few meters as Riku and Kairi charged forward. The enormous three headed dog landed right behind the two Key bearers. Quickly it gave a whip with its tail and struck at Kairi and Riku's legs, tripping the two and causing them to fall down. Cerberus spun around and threw its middle head at Riku. Said silver haired boy rose way to the dawn just as Cerberus went to bit down, causing it to bit at the Keyblade. Riku quickly jumped up and pushed the head back making the creature growl menacingly. Kairi used this opportunity to jump up and slash one of Cerberus' legs. It growled in pain just before a fireball struck it in its head. Cerberus quickly spun around and turned to Relm who had launched the attack.

'Ahh!' Relm screamed as Cerberus ran at her. Instinctively Relm spun around and ran as fast as she could. Unfortunately she was nowhere as near fast as Cerberus. As the three headed dog pursued her, Relm's feet hit a rock, as a result the girl tripped over. The beast continued its rampage and all Relm could do was raise her hands to her head as if it were enough to stop her from being trampled to death. Neither expected what happened. Riku quickly jumped in between them and slashed with his Keyblade, cutting all three of Cerberus' heads. The three headed dog cried out in agony as it backed away, giving Relm the opportunity she needed to get up, 'Take that you bastard!' Relm shouted victoriously. Cerberus merely growled at her before shooting a ball of fire towards her.

Riku struck it with way to the dawn and it dematerialized instantly. After that, Kairi jumped up and slashed Cerberus' left head. The enormous dog moaned as it staggered backwards. This was the chance that Riku needed. He charged forward and jumped into the air as he approached Cerberus and slashed him once more over all three heads. The dog let out another giant roar before finally collapsing

'Yeah! Take that!' Relm shouted as she stuck her tongue out at Cerberus.

'Come on!' Riku called. When he did, the two girls with him followed Riku out of the nearby doorway.
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