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Chapter 10

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Short chapter but Gerard finds out why Frank is crying.

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"Frankie?" I sat next to him and put my arm round him "Frankie, what's wrong?"
I expected him to sit up, take my arm from round him and tell me not to call him Frankie. But to my surprise he turned to me and said "My Grandpa died."
"Oh Frankie." I pulled him closer so that I was now hugging him "It's going to be okay!"
"Why are you being so nice to me?" He asked into my shoulder.
"I've been treating you like dirt, the others aswell. And I just want to say... I'm sorry."
He looked up and into my eyes. He was still crying but through the tears he could see just how sorry I was. He smiled at me and hugged me again "I forgive you."
Then the hardest sorry of all came. Mikey.
He was still blanking me. I didn't have the guts to say sorry to him on the way home. I wanted it to come out at exactly the right time.
But it didn't. It happened when Mikey was in the kitchen doing the dishes and I had just come in to get a drink. I needed to get past him to the water. We managed to do that without a word. But then Mikey nearly dropped a plate on the floor... I grabbed it just in time. He snatched it off me to dry.
"Haven't you done enough?" He snapped, grabbing the tea towel.
"Mikey, I..."
"I know, I know. You're gonna say that you're sorry like you have with Frank, Ray and Bob."
"Well, they all forgave me."
"Well, I'm obviously more angry than they are."
"MIKEY!" I cried "Please, forgive me!"
"You're only sorry because you're alone now!" He put the dishes down and turned to face me "Why were you so stupid!? How couldn't you see they were all making a joke of you? Did you think you were cool Gerard?" He started hitting me "Did you think it made you clever? Did you have fun with your pathetic group?"
"NO!" I yelled back, grabbing his wrists so that he had to stop hitting me "They were jerks Mikey! But just for a little while, I wanted to belong..."
"You did belong." He hissed "But not anymore." Then he turned his back on me and ran away.
Tears welled in my eyes. The person who I most wanted to make up with, was blanking me.
I phoned Frank up and asked him for advice. "I've tried everything I can think of Frank. EVERYTHING!"
"Just try harder." He said. But how could I!?
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