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I see you lying next to me

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It was nine thirty, I was too tiered to stay up so I stripped down till I was just in my boxers. I lay there facing the wall. I heard the T.V. blaring out from downstairs, hearing my mom and dad laughing the odd times. I sighed and snuggled down into my bed more. I heard a knock on the door, I heard it open then murmuring then the sound of someone coming up the stairs. I closed my eyes, maybe it was just mom, or dad, or Mikey, my door creaked open, I didn’t look over, the door shut and then someone gently crept over to my bed and sat on the edge. I looked over, all I could see was a figure. I turned on the lamp. It was Frank. I jumped up and hugged him.
“Frankie!” I yelled.
“Okay Gee-Gee calm down,” he said. I let go.
“Why haven’t you called or text, or something?” I asked.
“Bad signal, I couldn’t get one anywhere at my uncles,” he said.
“Oh I thought you were getting fed up with me,” I said looking down at my hands.
“Gee you dick, of course I wasn’t getting fed up with you, all I thought about was you when I was away, I love you too bits, I was suppose to be stopping there for another week but I couldn’t wait,” he said.
He held my hand.
“I love you too, but I have a dick, I’m not a dick,” I said. He laughed.
“Now come on get back into bed and back to sleep,” he said.
“You’re staying right?” I asked.
“If you want me too,” he answered.
“I do,” I said. He smirked and kissed me on the cheek then took his t-shirt off.
“Frank my parents are downstairs,” I said.
“Shut up,” he said. I laughed. He jumped around trying to take his shoes and jeans off. He got them all off then jumped on the bed, he smiled down to me.
“You on this side, you sleep there,” I said. He pouted and flopped down next to me. He was facing me. I turned the light off and cuddled down next him. I looked at him and his eyes were closed so I closed mine and fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and rubbed my eyes. Frank was sleeping like a baby, he looked so peaceful, he oddly snored but it was still cute. Cute… I thought I would only say babies and Mikey was cute, I didn’t expect to call boyfriend it, boyfriend? Was he my boyfriend? Frank opened his eyes then groaned as he stretched out.
“Hey sexy, have you been watching me for long? Because if you have been watching me for long you’re freaking me out,” Frank said.
“You freaking me out a lot,” I said. He smiled.
“Frank?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he answered.
“Are we just going out or boyfriends?” I asked.
“Ummm…. Boyfriends I guess,” he said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes really,” he said. His finger laced with mine.
“I love you Frank,” I said.
“I love you too Gee,” he said.
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