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2. memory

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I'm full of rookie maneuvers...

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2. Memoryhttp:

/]I’m full of rookie maneuvers and gestures meant to be grand…[/

Josh chuckled softly as the opening line of “Daisy Cutter” blared from the speakers of his car stereo. He leaned over and adjusted the volume, inhaling deeply when a whiff of a very familiar and delectable scent came into contact with his nostrils.

Pomegranate. Josh had never really cared much for the smell before, or even paid that much attention to it, but once he’d found out that it was Robin’s favorite scent—she used pomegranate body wash—he had found himself more and more intrigued. So much so, in fact, that he had stocked up on about five or six bottles of various brands of body wash—all pomegranate, of course. He’d received much teasing from the other guys, his best friend included, as a result of his sudden interest.

However, buying body wash that the object of his affection used hadn’t been the only way he’d attempted to get her attention. The beginning line of the song stated “I’m full of rookie maneuvers and gestures meant to be grand”, and as Robin had pointed out, it described him perfectly. Josh had been so persistent when it came to being noticed that he had even snagged a couple of Robin’s jokes, in hopes that she would hear and notice him.

The scent, coupled with the soothing lyrics of the song, enveloped Josh as he slowly made his way down the highway. The familiar sight of the warm, inviting sand and the clear azure blue water evoked a plethora of memories, all of which rushed through his head at the same time, and he shook his head to clear it, with a small sigh.

A weekend in Maui was exactly what he needed, but instead of being excited, as he normally would be, Josh found himself wishing that Robin could be there with him. It was out of the question, as she had a major case to cover, but he couldn’t ignore the fact that his nightly beach walks would be solo. Maui was special to him, as it was where they had gone on their first official “date”. Josh smiled fondly as he remembered nightly walks, sharing ice cream cones and giggling when Robin smeared hers on his face, which in turn had caused him to smirk and insist that she clean up the mess she made, because he couldn’t very well clean it himself, and he’d much rather use his energy for other activities.

He remembered starry nights and cuddling with the redhead on the blanket, his eyes twinkling and his arm holding her close as he pointed out and explained the various constellations to her, while she took it all in in awe. If he closed his eyes, he could almost see the blush creeping up on Robin’s cheeks as he leaned in and shyly, without meeting her eyes, tilted the woman’s chin up and softly captured her lips with his.

“Everything is perfect,” he had said later. “You are perfect. Can we do this again sometime?”

“Of course,” Robin had replied, with that infectious smile on her face. Before stepping out of Josh’s pickup truck, she had leaned in, kissed him softly, and then tapped him on the nose.

“Aww, you’re such a cute tomato.”

Josh blushed a bit at the memory, remembering how he’d touched his lips with his fingers once she was out of sight, and he exhaled as he rounded a corner and pulled into the driveway of the beach house he was renting. It was going to be a long weekend, but at least he had his memories to keep him company.
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