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3. endearments

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Neither of them cared for endearments.

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/]3. endearments[/

Neither of them really cared much for endearments. Like any regular couple, they would use “sweetie”, “honey”, “babe” and “baby”, but that was the extent of it. They never, under any circumstances, even thought about using silly, cheesy ones like “muffin” or “pookie.” They just weren’t that kind of couple.

Or so they thought, anyway.

Until Josh decided to execute what he thought was a totally brilliant plan: he’d steal one of her jokes and make sure she was able to hear it.

And thus he was dubbed “Daisy Bear”. His friends gave him hell about it, but Josh didn’t care because it was her special nickname for him. He could be having the worst day ever, be feeling like absolute shit, but immediately perk up when he heard the love of his life ruffle his hair, kiss his cheek, and greet him with a “Hey there, Daisy bear.”

He grew accustomed to the nicknames she bestowed upon him, and after several painstakingly long weeks, he got up the courage to think of one for her. He silently prayed to himself that it wasn’t lame, cheesy, or stupid.

Cherry Bomb.

It was pretty simple, actually. Robin liked cherries and the color red, so it suited her. Plus, anything red reminded Josh of his girlfriend. He now owned about a million red items because of that. His friends dubbed it his “red fetish”, and the term was accurate. He had a red blankie, a red shirt, and a red beanie. All of these things reminded him of the redhead and served as sources of comfort when they were apart, which, luckily, wasn’t too often.

Both of them often wondered how and when they’d become the kind of couple they had always made fun of. To Josh, it had been instant. He called her Cherry Bomb not only because she liked cherries and all things red, but because her entrance into his life was akin to that of a bomb dropping. It had been an instant change, a life-altering one that left his head spinning and his knees weak. Everyone around him could tell, and Josh himself noticed the change in his daily routine. He was happier, more vibrant. He wasn’t as guarded—in fact, he was more forthcoming and open than he ever had been before.

She blew his mind, and in turn, Josh had been able to bring out a side of Robin that she’d never seen before. He was patient; nurturing, loving, and most importantly, he gave her space. He allowed her to breathe; he didn’t smother her. Robin didn’t always say it, but the little things Josh did for her, like giving her affectionate nicknames and cuddles just because he thought she needed it, warmed her heart.

They both considered themselves to be very lucky.

After all, finding your soulmate is a once in a lifetime chance.
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