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4. home

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It wasn't home unless she was there.

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4. home

Something didn’t feel quite right.

Josh pursed his lips as he glanced over the spacious room critically, as he tried to pinpoint exactly what was off.

Robin’s worn out Slipknot hoodie was in its usual spot; slung casually over the arm of the computer chair. To the left of that was one of the notebooks she used for work, stuffed full of sheets of looseleaf paper, which were threatening to spill out of the simple, thin, worn out spiral bound notebook.

So far, so good.

Confused, Josh continued to sort through the pile, still not quite sure what was going on.

And then it hit him.

He knew instantly what was missing, and he chided himself for not noticing it sooner.
Every possession that the two of them owned was there, strewn in what could only be described as total chaos, throughout the whole house.
But for Josh, none of those things really mattered. Sure, he cherished his video games and his laptop and his various other possessions, but there was something else that took precedence above all of those.

His girlfriend.

Now he got it. He understood why the house felt so empty and barren. Robin wasn’t there. He couldn’t smell the intoxicating scent of her hair—which just so happened to be pomegranate, his favorite. He couldn’t hold her in his arms and stroke her skin, which was always a beautiful shade of white. He couldn’t playfully joke around with her or even just cuddle with her.

It just wasn’t home unless Robin was there.
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