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5. cry

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Someone was about to pay. He would make sure of it.

With his fists balled and a steely gaze fixed on his face, Josh stormed down the stairs of his house and into the basement. It was kind of like his secret getaway, where he always retreated if he needed to think. Quiet, solitary, and peaceful, it gave him the perfect opportunity to clear his mind.

But this time, he couldn’t. His mind kept flashing back to the vision of his girlfriend, Robin Leigh, crying, her body shaking violently as she sobbed.

His blood was boiling at this point, and the more he thought about it, the more his heart raced.

No one was allowed to make her cry, and once he found out who caused this, they would pay. Bank on it. Robin was his everything and infinitely precious to him. She was the sole reason he put up with the massive amounts of bullshit that he did, because, truthfully, if she never kept him in check, he wouldn’t bother. Josh put up with enough bullshit at work, and he didn’t want or need it spilling over into his personal life.

His mind drifted again to the image of Robin crying, her lip quivering and her shoulders shaking as she insisted that she was okay. Before, he had been livid, but now, he was heartbroken. Josh remembered seeing that same reaction only one other time, and his heart shattered as he remembered being the cause of it. They very rarely fought, but on this particular occasion, he had been incredibly stupid and let his mouth override his brain. Seeing the woman he loved in such a fragile state made him feel almost as though he was being torn apart. They were so close and shared such a deep connection that he could sense when something was off, even if she didn’t want to admit it at first.

She didn’t deserve what had happened. And now, because of a lame, juvenile comment, she was questioning his love for her and their relationship. He was angry enough to kill, and once he got to that point, all bets were off.

Josh would go to the ends of the earth to put a smile back on her face. In fact, he had the perfect plan to do just that.
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