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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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“Lucy, I-I’m sorry, I thought we’d get here in time, I- I-”

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“GERARD!” Her green eyes tearing up as she ran over to the still warm body that was Gerard. “GERARD!” She collapsed on the floor, her arms wrapped around him, nuzzling her lips into his neck, hot tears streaking down her face. Suddenly, her head snapped up with a look of hatred on her face, her next words were spoken as a low growl “LYRA! LYRA! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! LYRA!” A small, lanky girl shuffled into the bedroom, her pale and immorally beautiful face filled with fear and remorse.

“Lucy, I-I’m sorry, I thought we’d get here in time, I- I-”

“YOU THOUGHT FUCKING WRONG!” Lucy screamed, glancing at Gerard’s body briefly, removing a stray hair out of his closed eyes. She sobbed and stood up, her knees leaving the peach carpet in a flash. In a blink of an eye she had pinned Lyra to the mundane-patterned walls with a crack, Lyra shrieked, Mikey moved forward to try and stop Lucy, who was whispering under her breath in an inaudible whisper that only Lyra could hear, Lyra saw what Mikey’s intentions were and put up her hand.

“STOP! Mikey, you know what she can do when she’s angry, Mikey please stop, she can’t hurt me, I promise.” Lyra’s eyes pleaded with her eyes at Mikey, who had stop at the mention of his name, once she was sure he would stay where he was, she turned back to Lucy, who had loosened her grip and finished what she was telling her. “We’ll leave you alone for a moment, Mikey, come with me, I have a lot to explain.” She took a bewildered Mikey’s hand and exited the room, closing the door on the way.

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