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Angels on The Moon

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'Gerard Arthur Way, Time of death 02.39 am 09-08-04' I'm BAAAAACCCCCKKKK!

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I want to feel.
All the chemicals inside.
Yeah, I want to feel.
So don’t tell me if I’m dying, ‘cause I don’t wanna know.
If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go.
And don’t wake me ‘cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon.
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon.
Angels on The Moon – Thriving Ivory.


9th August 2004 – 2 am,

Cocaine snorted? 8 times recommended ‘safe’ dose.
Alcohol Consumed? 14 times legal driving limit.

Side effects? Profusely bleeding nostrils, state of unconsciousness, hallucinations, sweating, fits, vomiting, shutting down of organs, heart attacks, death.

Time Left? 39 minutes without medical attention.

The wind rushed past her face as she sped through the trees, her beauty immortal; her features pained. Her blood red lips pulled back over her glistening teeth and her emerald eyes acting as windows in the moon light to her distraught and broken soul.

“Gerard? Gerard?”

25 minutes

Her hair was longer now, gone was the short pixie bob, in was the collar bone length hair. Her eyes darted behind her as a light swept across the dense forest behind her. Her face struck with panic as she saw they were catching up, the sounds of the dogs barking and their paws hitting the ground hard saw her speed up to a nearly unnatural speed.

“Gee? Gerard?”

15 minutes

The hybrid wolf dog streaked passed her and came to a halt in front of her, a low growl escaping its barred teeth, blocking the only way of escape. Suddenly she crouched, eye level with the mutt she growled loudly, barring her teeth too, and started to run before the dog’s glare, still crouching, towards it. The dog barked and whimpered, scampering out of the way just in time as the blurred figure stormed through where the dog had just been.

“Gerard? Gee?!”

[ 10 Minutes ]

The scene changed, Tokyo airport, her hair moved in the breeze she created as she ran through the arrivals terminal, trying to find the exit. Soon enough she found it, rushing to a taxi and getting in, directing the driver in fluent Japanese and throwing some of the currency on the passenger seat.

“Gerard! What the fuck is wrong with you man?!? Wake up!”

2 minutes.

Rain pounded down onto the roads of Tokyo, the traffic was bad, she jumped out the cab and ran the rest of the way, not wary to blow her cover.


1 minute

She reached the lobby, soaking wet, sprinting past securtity, they could catch her later. Up to the ninth floor; waiting for the lift to move. Floor by floor.

“Gee! What’s wrong with you?! GEE! Please wake up! For Ma and Pa, for me! Gee! Please!”

30 Seconds

she found the door, floor 09, room 0804. And punched it in quickly, storming into the bedroom.


0 seconds left. Gerard Arthur Way, Time of death 02.39 am 09-08-04

“Fuck, I’m too late!”

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