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You're Crashing, But You're Not A Wave

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The truth: Gerard was going to end his life. He knew the time, the place, the date.

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~4th August 2004~ (23 days since the death of Lucy Walters)
“Gerard, time get up.”
“GERARD! Time to get up!”
“OH-FUCKING-KAY!” Gerard screamed at Frank, throwing off the covers and storming into the bathroom before slamming the door. He opened the medicine cabinet and wrenching open his bottle of Xanax and downing a few. He sat on the closed toilet seat with his head in his hands, waiting for the drugs to take hold, breathing deeply and blocking the thoughts out his head.

The thoughts of self mutilation and the end weren’t blocked out yet, the barriers of last night’s Xanax were thin and crumbling, the dose just taken would replenish them, restock his will to live.

“Dude, are you in there?” Ray’s voice seeped through the doorway; bring the outside hell into his personal one.
“Uh- yeah, I’ll be out in a minute!” a shaky, weak voice came from within to reply.
“Well, hurry up! We’ll miss our flight to Tokyo if you don’t hurry!” There was a pause and a cuss. “Gerard, have you even fucking packed yet?” Rays voice was now angry, the drugs were now kicking in, he felt alive, or as alive as one could feel when your life jumped off of a bridge.

Gerard sighed and opened the door, smiling at Ray as he did so.

Ray could tell Gerard’s smile was fake, he could smell the taste of alcohol and vomit on his breath, he’d been drinking again.

“Don’t need to pack.” Gerard said bluntly as he crossed the room, picking up a small bag of hand luggage, full of prescription drugs, painkillers, his phone, his passport and his wallet.

“But Gee we’re going for a week, you need so-”

“I DON’T NEED TO FUCKIN’ PACK!” Gerard screamed, spitting in Ray’s face as his turned bright red. “I can get what I want out there.”

“Sure man, calm down!” Ray wiped his face with his hand and stormed out the room, slamming the door and shouted “FOR FUCKS SAKE!” in the next room. Gerard knew very well that he was ripping the band apart, Mat had left because of him, but he didn’t care, his life had ended, why shouldn’t theirs? He ponder this as he got on the plane to Japan.

The truth: Gerard was going to end his life. He knew the time, the place, the date;

02:39 am
Tokyo, Japan
9th August 2004

The only thing left to do?

Do it.
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