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Into The River Below

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"Gerard, I'm so sorry, she's gone."

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2010-07-10 - Updated: 2010-07-10 - 333 words

Gerard shakily picked up his glass of whisky and downed it in one before turning to face his brother who was still unconscious. 
"fuck!" Gerard slammed his fist onto the counter and poured himself another another whisky before downing it and picking up the bottle and beginning to drink that. 

A vibration came from the coffee table made Gerard jump, before sprinting over the couch and drunkly smashing his finger around where the call button was meant to be. 
"LUCY?!?" he slurred his words in desperation. 
"No, it's Ray. Who the fuck is Lucy?"
"She's disappeared. "
"Oh well that sucks! Anyway, are you watching CNN? Some stupid idiots jumped off Brooklyn Bridge!"
"I know! It was obviously suicide, I thought you might like to know as you write about morbid stuff like that."
"Uh, thanks Ray, bye!" Gerard quickly hung up and turned on the tv, stumbling through the channels until he found the right one. 
"On lookers have told of their horror as a women described to be in her late 20s with short, black hair took off her shoes and jumped into the river below. A home video shows the incident, some people may find this video distressing so turn away now." 
Sure enough there was Lucy on the screen, balancing on one of the railings, she seemed to compose herself, before looking directly at the camera and the people trying to talk her down, tears rolling down her face. She took one last look at the camera, smiled and stepped off the railing. Gerard gasped as the screams from the bystanders could be heard erupting though the television speakers. 
"No!" gasped Mikey, who had obviously been conscious through the news report.
"She jumped." Gerard's voice was now weak and breathless. "She fucking jumped!"
"No one could survive that free fall, even if they did, the current would pull them under and drown them." Mikey trembled, still frozen wide eyed at the tv screen. "Gerard, I'm so sorry, she's gone."
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