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'"Well huck damn Gee, you sure have changed!”'

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A/N: Hello readers, sorry for the no update, if you read the post I made you would know my granddad had a massive stroke. He died on Wednesday morning, it wasn’t a shock, and in a way it was a relief that he will feel no more pain and suffering. Anyway, I’m starting to write again, I think now would be a good time to start again. But, if I stop writing or leave long periods of time it’s because I’m still getting over the fact my grandpa died, who I was very close to.

But anyway, screw the morbidity, I’m here to write! Enjoy!

“Mikey! I love her. I really love her! I’ve never felt anything for any other women I’ve fucked, and man, I’ve fucked a lot! But they meant nothing! Nothing! I even tried men! I tried fucking men for god sakes! Just to see if it was me, me that was wrong, that didn’t find women attractive! But now I know, it’s just her; she’s the only one for me. I know that now, we may be 10 years older, but she’s still as gorgeous as that night I saved her life.” Gerard cried, with a stomp of a foot and a teary eyed glare at his brother.

“So the first thing you did was help the crazy chick escape and fuck her? Well huck damn Gee, you sure have changed!” Mikey’s sarcastic smirk played on his face. “You haven’t changed a bit, you’re corrupted, you’ve turned into something you never wanted to be; a misogynistic, megalomaniac, dickhead rock star!”

“Shut up, shut the fuck up!” Gerard screamed, spitting in his brothers face.

“I only tell the truth!” Mikey smirked, wiping the saliva off his face with his hand.

“You fucking little bastard!” Gerard launched at Mikey, slamming him onto the bed.

“Gerard! Gerard! Listen!”

“No, shut the fuck up you dick, I’ve had enough of you!”

As the blow hit his chest and winded him, Mikey managed to gasp;
“Where’s Lucy?!”
Before passing out.

R&R babes :)
Lu x
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