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Chapter 2

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We find out about Mikey's special payment.

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Mikey pounded on the door only three times. He squinted up at the sun and thought it was too bright even though he was wearing sunglasses. Inside the house, he heard things tumbling to the floor.

“Who the hell do you think you—Oh hi Mikey!”

A woman with blonde shoulder length hair opened the door with such force that it shook the wall it hit against. Mikey smiled at her. His eyes wandered down and saw that she was only wearing a black lacy bra and a white mini skirt that barely reached her thighs. Mikey then beamed.

“Come in.” Britney said moving out of the doorway. He walked in, taking off his sunglasses and sitting on a couch. “So Mikey, What can I do for you?” Britney asked, crossing my arms under her bra so that her breasts looked bigger. She knew it worked when Mikey only stared at her chest.

“Umm, I need the usual. Three dime bags.” Mikey took his eyes off of Britney’s chest and looked at her smirking face. “What?”

“You’ve only done coke, right?” Mikey’s nose twitched at her question and nodded. “That’s what I thought.”

She left the room. Mikey looked around the living room. Everything seemed nice and clean and the only thing that seemed out of place was the dust stained mirror and the big bulky green book on the carpeted rug.

“I have a deal for you,”

Britney came back with three bags of white dust in one hand and a broken piece of rubber band, a thin package, and a small bottle filled with clear liquid. She sat down next to Mikey and placed the objects on the coffee table in front of them.

“I’m going to give you two bags instead of three,” Mikey was about to protest but Britney put a finger to his lips to shut him up. “And because you’re a newbie, I’m giving you two lines now and a shot of Heroin or as I like to call it, My Hero In.”

Britney smiled at him while she picked up the mirror that was on the floor. Mikey saw that a small razor was underneath it. She picked it up.

“Isn’t Heroin dangerous?” Mikey asked, scratching his neck.

Britney laughed. She poured out a small pile of cocaine on the mirror, flattened it with the side of the razor and separated it into four long fine white lines..

“Come on, future rock star, you have to broaden your horizons. Here.”

She handed him a short straw while she took one. They both leveled their heads to the mirror and snorted their share of lines. Eyes closed, Mikey came up for air, his nose burning.

“Oh god.” He whispered. Britney smiled, wiping her nose.

“If you thought that was exciting then you haven’t seen anything yet.” Breathing hard, Mikey stared at Britney opening up the package revealing a syringe.

“How did you get that?” Mikey asked, wiping his nose.

“My sister’s a doctor so I get stuff from her. Give me your arm.” Britney ordered.

Mikey took off his denim jacket and stuck his arm out in front of her. She tied the rubber band on his upper arm. She took the syringe, pushed the needle into the top of the bottle and pulled out the handle a few inches like the doctors when you get your check-up. She pulled out the needle and grasped Mikey’s arm. Britney stretched out Mikey’s skin and poked through when she saw a vein. He winced when she did it. She pressed down on the handle, took the needle out of his skin, and untied the rubber band from his arm.

Right after the stretchy material left his skin, he felt the drug rush through his veins. His heart beat was racing, his breathing was too. He felt so many emotions run through but he could only recognize one. He looked at Britney with hungry eyes.

“You want to give my payment now?” She asked, smirking.

Mikey nodded and took Britney’s face in his hands, fiercely pressed his lips against hers. Mikey didn’t know how long his horniness will last but he was sure going to use it. Britney’s fingers got a hold of Mikey’s hair and gripped tightly while she pressed her body against his. She smiled when she felt Mikey poking her through her skirt. Britney pushed him on his back and she climbed on top of him.

Without wasting any time, she lifted his white t-shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. Mikey starting kissing her neck; biting it whenever he felt her tug at his belt. After a couple of seconds of tugging and biting and breathing hard, Mikey pushed her on her back took off his belt for her.

Her arms snaked around Mikey’s neck and hungrily shoved her tongue in his mouth. His hands busied themselves by slowly moving up her back. Her chest gradually pressed into his when he found her bra hooks.

“Uh-un,” she said, pulling away. Panting, Mikey looked at her in disbelief. “In the bedroom.” Britney finished, smiling.

Mikey playfully growled and Britney squealed when he lifted her up off the couch. Mikey’s pretty strong for a skinny guy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Without breaking their sloppy kisses, Mikey walked them both into the long hallway and into an open bedroom. With his right foot, he slammed the door shut.
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