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Chapter 3

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"What's Up With Mikey?"

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“Hey Mikey, where were you?”

Frank asked when the front door slammed shut. Mikey stared at him though his sunglasses he still wore even though he was indoors.


“Out where?” Frank’s eyes moved away from the T..V. and onto Mikey. Mikey sighed.

“Out with a girl.”

“Who?” Frank asked surprised. Annoyed with all the questions, Mikey started walking up the stairs.

“Someone you don’t know.”

Rolling his eyes, Frank called “Well, we’re leaving in an hour, so get ready!”

“Uh-huh.” Mikey said before he slammed his room door.

Mikey took his bags out of his coat pocket and placed the heroin on his bed. He locked the door; he didn’t want Frank barging in. He sat on the bed and then took the bottle whose label was clearly scratched off. He stuck the needle in the bottle and drew the liquid out until it reached the red line Britney drew on the needle.

His eyes fluttered when the heroin rushed through his veins. Mikey didn’t care what anyone said, this was better than sex. His heart racing and he lay on his bed, biting his lip, waiting for the euphoria to pass.

“Mikey! We’re leaving in half an hour! Are you ready?!”

Even Frank couldn’t ruin Mikey’s mood. Smiling, he got off of his bed and took the small bags of coke, the needle and the bottle and stuffed them into his book bag. He threw fresh clothes on top of them. After of couple of minutes of looking at his bag, Mikey reached into the bottom of it and took out the medical bottle.

He swished it around and wondered if Britney should have given him more. He heard a knock at his door. Surprised, he dropped the bottle into his book bag and zipped it closed as fast as he could.

“We have to meet the guys Mikey,” Frank’s voice traveled through the door. “So we need to leave now.” Frank leaned against the door frame, talking to Mikey’s door. He sighed.

“What is up with that boy?” He thought. “He seems so weird lately”

Frank pushed himself off of the frame and Mikey opened the door, a smile painted on his face and book bag in hand. Frank noticed that Mikey’s sleeve was rolled up above his elbow.

“Mikey, your sleeve.” Frank moved closer to him to pull his sleeve down but Mikey ducked out of his reach.

“We should get going.” Mikey suggested before walking down the stairs, leaving Frankie behind; confused.

“Hey Mikey,” Gerard called in the van.

“What?” Mikey replied sleepily. He didn’t want to open his eyes for Gerard, it was probably something stupid.

“Frank said that you said you were out with a girl today. Is it true?”

He nodded. He could imagine the smile on Gerard’s face. “What’s her name?” He asked, hitting Mikey’s leg.

“What does it matter, It’s not like you’re going to meet her.” Mikey said his eyes still closed.

“Why not?” Gerard whined.

“Because I don’t want you to.”

“You can’t even tell me her name?”

“Britney.” Mikey snapped. It was quiet for a second and Mikey risked opening his eyes a bit and saw Gerard jump on top of him.


Mikey tried to push him off when he felt Gerard’s hands on his hips. He threw Gerard off of him when Gerard took Mikey’s phone.

“Give me!”

Gerard’s body faced away from Mikey who was trying to grab his phone, Gerard’s arm pushing him away. Gerard looked in Mikey’s contact list and memorized Britney’s number. Saying the number over in his mind, he looked through Mikey’s pictures. His eyebrows raised in interest when he saw a blonde girl with only a black lace bra on.

“Whoa, Mikey, way to go!” Gerard congratulated him.

“Give me!” Mikey yelled.

“Let me see!” Bob said.

Gerard threw the phone Bob’s way and Bob’s eyes bulged forward and exhaled “Whoa.” Ray and Frank moved over to see her.

“Damn!” Ray said, dodging Mikey’s hand.

“Whoa, Mikey’s got game.” Frank said.

Mikey finally reached the phone and ripped it from Bob’s hands. “Don’t go looking through my phone.”

He said through clenched teeth. The guys exchanged worried looks after Gerard saved Britney’s number in his phone. It was safe to say that they all had the same thought running though their heads. “What’s up with Mikey?”
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