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Will You?

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Eight months, one month to go. Being pregnant fucking sucks, but the guy who got me pregnant fucking rocks, literally. “Hey babe.” He said when he walked over. He leaned over the back of the couch and kissed me on the cheek. “Hi, Sexy.” I replied grabbing his chin and pulling him into a kiss. “I thought we could go for a walk today.” He said smiling. “Sounds good.” I said getting up. We were walking through the park by my house when I felt something touch my hand, I looked down and realized it was Gerard’s hand. We linked our hands then looked at eachother and smiled. “I love you, Frankie.” “I love you too, Gee.” I said smiling. He kissed me and then took a deep breath. “Will you be my boyfriend?” “Yes.” I said smiling even bigger and kissing him again. He pulled me into a hug and he rocked me back and forth a couple times before we started walking again.

We started walking again until we came to the playground, “Swings!” I said giddily and ran over to them. I use the term run very loosely because when you’re eight months pregnant with twins, it just ain’t gona happen. I sat down on the swings and felt hands on my back, Gee was pushing me. I smiled to myself. “You know what I just realized?” He asked. “No, but I have a feeling your going to tell me.” I said smirking. “We haven’t told the guys yet.” “Babe, we just made it official between us not even five minutes ago.” “No about us! About the kids!” He said, laughing. “Oh.” “We better tell them before we show up to practice with kids.” “Ya, how about we just tell them now?” “Ok.” I said and he pulled out his cell phone. We made plans to meet at the café down the street from the park in fifteen minutes.

We were walking hand in hand to the café and I don’t think I could have smiled any wider. “I’m glad you got me pregnant.” Gee laughed and said “Me too.” We walked into the café and all the guys smiled and waved. It was Bob, Mikey, Ray, and Brian. We sat down and said “we’ve got two things to tell you.” I said. “First, I am pregnant with twins, Gee’s twins. Also, Gee’s my boyfriend and I’m damn proud of it.” I was done being nervous about every little thing if they didn’t want to accept me and Gee they could suck it. “Congrats, guys!” Ray said smiling, “Ya! Congrats!” Brian added and the rest of the gang joined in with their congratulations. “When are you due?” Bob asked. “One month.” I said biting my lip. “Nervous?” Mikey asked. I nodded, “A little, but less now that Gee knows everything, and all you guys.” “We’re here for you always, Frankie.” Ray said. “Thanks.” We all had lunch and said or goodbyes and Gee and I headed back to my house.

When we got in the house Gee took both my hands and started walking backwards down the hall to my bedroom. “Ya know, I was thinking about that night..” He said smiling. “Oh, ya?” “Ya, it was pretty hot.” “Indeed.” I said smirking. “Who said it had to be one night?” He said as he pulled me onto the bed.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t one time, or two, maybe three, maybe.
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