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Damn Fucking Bueatiful

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-08-29 - Updated: 2010-08-29 - 428 words - Complete

“OOW. FUCK!” I scream grabbing my stomach. “Hun, I think you’re in labor.” “Well I think maybe my water broke a while ago.” I said back. “Why didn’t you tell me!?” Gerard said. He was freaking out more than me it was slightly hilarious, it would be more hilarious if I wasn’t in extreme pain. “GET IN THE DAMN CAR!” I did and he came out seconds later carrying my bag of clothes and shit and started the car. “Oh my god, oh my god.” He kept repeating, I started giggling and he just glared.

Once we got to the hospital they put my in my own room and Gee stayed right beside me the whole time. The doctor came in once I was ready to actually deliver and said “Ok, Frank, I’m going to need you to push.” “Ow! Mother fucker! OUCH! FUCK FUCK FUCK! OWWW! I hate you!!” I scream at Gerard, his turn to laugh, my turn to glare.
That went on for about an hour.

“Mr. Iero, Mr. Way, looks like you have a beautiful little baby boy and girl. We’ll get them cleaned up and bring them in so you can hold them.” A tear rolled down my cheek and now it wasn’t from the pain, it was pure happiness. Gee kissed my cheek and pushed my hair out my face. “I love you so much, and the babies. I can’t believe we have a family.” “Me neither.” I scooted over on the bed and he sat down next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “They need names.” He said kissing my temple. “I think our girl should be Helena after your grandma.” He smiled, “I like that.” “How about Helena Samantha Iero-Way.” I said smiling at him. “It’s perfect, just like you. Now we just need a name for our little boy. How about Colby Frank Iero-Way?” I nodded just as the nurse brought them in. “Do you two have names for them yet?” I nodded and she handed me the baby wrapped in the blue blanket. “This is Colby Frank Iero-Way” I said and turned to Gerard and watched the nurse hand him the baby in the pink blanket. “And this is my little girl, named Helena Samantha Iero-Way.” “Beautiful.” The nurse said and walked out. “They are.” I said. “So damn beautiful.” “Not in front of my babies!” Gee said, jokingly. “Fuck!” I said sticking out my tongue. “They are so DAMN FUCKING beautiful.” I said, just cause I can.
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