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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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When I opened my eyes and lifted my head, I was in the middle of the hall with a group of girls gathered around me like fangirls.

"He's awake!" one girl squealed.

I blinked sleepily. "What the hell?" I yawned.

"You looked so miserable last night," a young blond girl with startling blood red eyes and amazing red fox ears.

"You would too if you lost your first love," I muttered as I got to my feet drowsily.

"I'm Ashlyn LeReax," the blond girl smiled, offering her hand. "You can call me Ash."

"Grant Hillsend," I replied and all the girls swooned at my accent. "If you don't mind, I'd like to go change and finish decorating for the masquerade."

I pushed past them and walked to my room, my eyes stinging again because I knew I'd probably never see Cass again. Quickly, I changed into some jeans and a plain white tee, not even bothering with my beanie. I slipped on my skate shoes and strode out to the ballroom. If I hadn't left England for a more sophisticated study, I would never have met Cass and this would never have happened. She may still have had her life, even though she was a Vampire.

Suddenly, my phone began ringing, so I answered it, "'Ello?"

"Hi, baby boy," my mum chirped in that annoying voice of her. I didn't only leave home to get a better education...

"Hey, Mum," I sighed.

"How is the Necromancy coming along?" she asked.

"I have the necklace," I replied. "I have to go because I'm setting up the dance. Bye, Mum."

"Bye bye, sweetie," she giggled.

My mum was an overrated rich girl who always made sure I was talking and/or dressing properly. My dad thinks that's why I'm a skater boy, but the real reason is that, if I'm a skater boy, I get all the cute girls. Like my Cass.

I started working with the other committee members as soon as I stepped into the ballroom. One little sophomore girl came up to me as we were planning what foods and drinks to have.

"Where's Cass?" she asked and my heart broke again.

"I-I...I dunno," I replied, holding back the tears. "I'm going on break. I'll be back in a bit."

She nodded as I ran out and went straight to the nurse's office. There was no one but the nurse herself there.

"Where's Cass?" I demanded.

"We had to send her home for a few days," the nurse said, startled.

"Will she be back in time for the dance?" I wondered hesitantly.

"Doubtful," the nurse sighed.

I nodded and walked out calmly, only to head to my room. I closed my dorm room door behind me and fell, head first, onto my bed. I planted my face in my pillow and let myself cry. No one was around, so I was free to do as I felt. Cass risked herself for me and now she was gone. Not the gone I used to think, but she was gone from me. Then, I was asleep and reliving that awful moment again. I don't think it would ever end. A Vampire that a Necromancer couldn't control. Was Robbie the one in the Necromancy Prophesy? The one that would try to take over the world? Our Necromancy Prophesy was:

There will be one that no Necromancer can control. He will be the strongest Vampire of all time. This one will try to take over the Supernatural world. There will be one Vampire, one Demon, one beautiful Fallen Angel, and a single Necromancer. These four will be a team of Unknowns. Together, they will be the ones to stop the Evil One.

It wasn't the clearest thing of all time because nowadays, all of us were together. Anyway, I opened my eyes to find I had slept through my classes again. I groaned and fell out of my bed. I pushed myself to my feet to be greeted by my roommate, who just happened to be a senior.

"Hey, Grant," Chace said with a slight confusion in his blood red eyes, just like his sister's. "Where were you during class today? We're supposed to have chemistry together."

"I slept through it again," I yawned. Demons generally didn't get along with Necromancers, but Chace seemed kind of...different.

"Dude," Chace growled. "I understand you're torn about the whole Cass thing, but you have to realize that she's going to be okay. I haven't known her all that long, but I do know that she's strong enough to make it through this."

My eyes met his and I nodded. Then I noticed that he had a laundry basket in his arms.

"Did you do the laundry?" I asked.

"Yeah," Chace smiled. "I figured I should give you some time off from chores. I realize that goes against what I just said, but I've had girlfriends who died trying to protect me and I know how it feels to lose your first love, so..."

"Thanks, Chace," I sighed with a slight grin.

He nodded and I crawled back in my bed. Then, my phone began blowing up with Cass's ringtone. I scrambled to answer it and put it on speaker as Chace ran to sit beside me on the bed. I held the phone up between us, so that we had to sit with our heads practically together.

"Cass?" I asked.

"Hey, Grant," a weak, yet almost happy voice said.

"Hey, Cass," Chace smiled.

"Chace?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "I have you on speaker. It's just me and Chace here."

"I'm just glad that Mom's letting me talk to anyone right now," she laughed slightly. "She kind of freaked when she heard what happened. Dad said he knew this would happen if they sent me here. He's been acting so weird lately.

"How are you feeling?" Chace asked seriously as if he had read my mind. It was weird how close we had become, considering he hated me when he first met me.

"Like crap, but it's definitely better now that the puncture wounds are healing up," Cass replied in a wispy voice.

"That's good," Chace said, looking down at his folded hands lying atop his lap.

"God, you don't realize how great it is to hear your voice," I breathed. Chace lied a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. He had become my best guy bud, especially when he started working with us on the dance.

"I feel the same, Grant," she sighed.

"I'm gonna talk to her alone for a while, okay?" I wondered of Chace.

He nodded, smiled, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"I miss you," Cass said just as I pressed the phone to my ear after taking it off of speaker.

"I miss you too, baby," she sniffled.

"Are you coming back for the dance?" I asked of her quietly as I laid back on the bed.

"I might be," she replied sadly. "Then again, I might not ever come back because my mom is such a spaz sometimes."

"I don't think I can live without you," I sighed hesitantly. "I love you, Cass. You're my world, my life, my song."

"I love you too, Grant," she cried. "You're my Necromancer. I never wanted to leave your side."

Suddenly, someone knocked on my door. "Hang on," I growled. "There's someone at the door."

I got up, holding my phone at my side, and opened the door. Then, I dropped it.

"That's why I never will," Cass smiled as she jumped into my arms.

I pressed my lips to hers, tears welling up in my eyes as well. "I love you," I said through our slightly parted lips. "I love you."

"I love you," Cass said just as I did.

My Cass. My love. My Vampire.
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