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Chapter 5

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Gerard finds out and takes matters into his own hands. One of my favorite chapters. :)

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“Mikey, we’re here.”

Mikey woke up to Gerard gently rocking him awake. His eyes opened and he saw a line of people outside of the venue they were going to play. He let out big yawn and followed Gerard out of the van. Mikey caught up with the rest of the guys while Gerard patted himself down looking for something.

“I forgot my smokes, wait for me.” He told the others.

He ran back to the van and roamed through his backpack for cigarettes. He cheered in his mind when he saw the cigarette box at the bottom of his bag but he cursed when he saw it was empty.

“Fuck! Maybe Mikey has some smokes.”

Gerard threw his book bag aside and climbed over the seats to where Mikey’s book bag was sitting. He pulled the zipper and anger washed through him when a small bag of white powder that he knew too well.

He angrily clutched the bag and stormed out of the van. The guys started walking into the venue so Gerard had to run to catch up to them. They all walked into the small arena and Gerard took Mikey’s arm and shoved him into a corner.

“OW! Get off me!” Gerard ignored Mikey and tightened his grip on his brother’s arm.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” He yelled. Mikey slipped his fingers in between Gerard’s to try to get his arm free.

“What are you talking about?”

“This.” Gerard held up the tiny bag in front of Mikey’s face and kept it out of his reach when he grabbed for it.

“You went through my stuff!” Mikey yelled.

“Mikey, you’re missing the point. This stuff’s dangerous!” Gerard said looking straight into his brother’s eyes. Mikey ripped his arm out of Gerard grip and dove for the drug.

“You know how I feel about people going through my stuff.” Mikey snarled.

“Who gave this to you?” Gerard questioned. Mikey looked away not answering. “Mikey!” he shouted grabbing Mikey’s face in his right hand so that Mikey was looking at him. “Who gave them to you?!” He repeated.

“No one.” Mikey said quietly, his eyes wet. Gerard’s thoughts drifted back to the car ride over her.

“Don’t tell me Britney is giving them to you.” He asked, his hand falling. Mikey dropped his gaze to the floor, tears silently running down his cheeks.

“Fuck Mikey! Don’t you have any brains?!” Gerard yelled as his anger consumed him.

“No,” Mikey said to the floor. “I take after my big brother.”

Gerard’s long angry breaths turned into short shocked ones. “What are you talking about?”

“Panic attacks don’t need 5 pills a day, Gee. You might fool mom and dad and the rest of the guys but you don’t fool me.”

Gerard stared at his baby brother in shock. Mikey snatched the bag from Gerard’s fingers and moved around him to walk to the rest of the band. Gerard stood there staring after his brother.


The guys stood backstage waiting for their turn to play. Gerard sat on a speaker glaring at his brother who was playing his bass. Frank walked toward the speakers and asked him a question.

“Hey. What’s with Mikey?”

“My Chemical Romance, are you ready? You’re on in two minutes.” A stage hand announced. Gerard jumped off the speaker.

“I don’t know a Mikey anymore.” He coldly answered. Frank whistled.

“Wow, that bad?” Gerard nodded and walked out of the room and onstage.


Gerard blew out a line of smoke into the night air. Loud tapping made him look back at the car window. Ray was there now tapping on his watch. Gee held up his hand telling him to wait. He leaned against the car, his phone pressed against his ear after he dialed Britney’s number.

“Hello?” a girl’s voice filled his ears.

“Hi. This is Gerard Way, Mikey Way’s brother. Do you know him?” He thought he heard her smile.

“Yes, why?” He started pacing back and forth.

“Mikey’s always talking about you so I decided to surprise him. I just wanted to know if you could drive up to Connecticut.”

“I don’t know.” She sounded unsure.

“Mikey would love it if you came and he’s always saying something about how he’ll pay for more.” He lied.

“Sure, I’ll go.” Britney finally agreed.

Gerard gave her the address of where to go and a description of himself so she knows who to look for.

“Mikey’s going to be really surprised when he sees you tomorrow,” He said smiling. “See you tomorrow.”

He hung up before she could reply. He finally climbed into the van, where his band mates were waiting for him.

“What the hell were you doing out there?” Bob asked.

“Just making an appointment.”
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