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Chapter 6

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Britney meets the rest of My Chemical Romance. How fun. (Thanks for all the rates and reviews! ♥)

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“Thank you.” Gerard thanked the waitress when she out down his coffee on his table.

“No problem.”

The waitress smiled at him before she left. He took a sip of his coffee, watching cars come and go in the parking lot. A red convertible with its top down pulled in, a blonde girl wearing sunglasses behind the wheel.

“There she is.” He noticed.

The top of the car had started to close and Britney got out, walking to the diner. Gerard noticed how tight her blue shirt and dark jeans are and wondered if that’s why Mikey liked her. She walked in and Gerard stood up to meet her, taking his coffee with him.

“Hi, I’m Gerard.” He introduced himself.

“Britney,” she replied, taking off her sunglasses. Her blue eyes scanned the store. “Where’s Mikey?”

He checked his watch.

“He’s checking out the mall with the rest of the guys. They’re coming to eat in a few minutes.” Gerard led her to a corner booth in the back. They sat down in silence.

“So, how’s the tour going?” Britney asked. Gee took a drink of coffee before answering her.

“It’s going well, thanks for asking.”

Another silence filled the booth. When Britney couldn’t stand it anymore she asked “Why did you bring me here?”

“I know what you do for a living.” Gerard immediately answered.

“What are you talking about?” He ignored her while he stared at his coffee. His hazel eyes then moved to look at her.

“You sell drugs to my little brother.” He said hushed.

“What are you, a cop?” He glared at her. “Look Gerard,” She put emphasis on his name. “What I do is none of your business,” She started gathering her things and sliding out of the booth. “And Mikey doesn’t need a babysitter anymore. He’s old enough to make his own decisions.” She turned around and walked only one foot straight into Mikey’s chest.
“Britney?” Mikey asked in disbelief, surprised that she was here and not in New Jersey.

“Mikey! Hey!” She exclaimed hugging him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as he pulled away. He studied her face then Gerard’s face which was stuck in a glare.

“Well, Gerard asked me to come up here. Hi, I’m Britney.”

After she explained, she introduced herself to Frank, Bob and Ray, who were behind Mikey. They waved in confusion.

“Are you staying for breakfast?” Bob asked moving past both Mikey and Britney and sliding into the booth.

“I don’t know. “ She answered.

She started to move towards the door but Mikey caught her wrist. “Come on, you just got here.”

Britney looked at Mikey then at Gerard, whose eyebrows were perched up as if asking ‘Do you have the guts?’ She rolled her eyes then sighed.

“Sure, I’ll stay.”

Frank and Ray had moved in the booth, Gerard had stood up to let them in so he was now at the end. Mikey and Britney sat on the other side, Gerard right in front of her. “What can I get you for you today?” A waitress asked.

“How did you meet?” Frank asked when the waitress picked up the empty plates.

“Didn’t you ask enough questions while we were eating?” Mikey asked.

“Not this one. So how did you guys meet?” Frank pried. Britney and Mikey shared a glance. She set down her orange juice and smiled.

“Well, we met at a nightclub back in jersey. He was sitting and I was dancing. I called him over and he was so nervously cute, he forgot how to dance.” Mikey blushed.

“That’s it?” Gerard replied coldly.

“What did you expect?” Mikey asked.

“Nothing.” He sulked back into his seat. A waitress came and put the bill on the table. While the guys were taking out the wallets to pay, Britney pulled out a fifty dollar bill.

“We can’t let you pay.” Ray said when she placed it down.

“It’s okay. I’m just saying thanks for inviting me.”

“Are you sure?” Mikey asked. She nodded.

“Trust me, this is nothing.”

Gerard slightly twitched in his seat. Everyone thanked her and Ray announced that they need to be on the road again.

“Are you coming with us?” Frank asked hopefully. Mikey rolled his eyes.

“I’m not sure.”

“It’ll be fun to know more about Mikey’s girlfriend.” Bob added.

Both Mikey and Britney stayed silent for a while. She nervously looked up from her hand and saw Gerard glare intently at her. She glared back, staring into his eyes.

“A couple of days wouldn’t hurt.” She answered Frank’s question. She never took her concentration off of Gerard. “I’ll go.” She smiled sweetly at Gerard even though he knew her eyes said something totally different. “This is going to be fun!”
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