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The Meeting

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Takes place 2 years after Apocalypse, 1 year after the Phoenix. The mutant problem has grown and a obscure general named William Stryker thinks he has a solution. Has Scott/Jean, Wanda/Kurt, Kitty/...

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Chapter 1: The Meeting


It was in the late hours of the night in Washington DC, the capital of the richest and most powerful nation on the planet. It was mid June now and the balmy summer weather had begun to set in over the vast urban areas of the capital. The sky was thick with clouds and not a single star could be seen. It neared midnight as the sprawling lights from the downtown area lit up the sky like a halo over the grand city. This was a place of great contrast. In one area, the bustling activity of Capitol Hill wielded the power granted of the people, by the people, and for the people. In other areas of the district, dire urban poverty and inner city obscurity was rampant just like it was in many other cities throughout the nation. And it was here in one of these hazier parts of town that an all black, unmarked Mitsubishi sports car pulled in to a nearly deserted parking lot in the shadow of two condemned apartment buildings. The car pulled in near another unmarked car, a simple blue Ford with a foreign license plate. The parking lot soon fell silent as each engine in the cars went silent and only the noises of the street echoed through the night.

Then, out of the black Mitsubishi, a lone man stepped out of the car. He was wearing a very expensive looking, very sophisticated suite and tie. He wore rimmed glasses and in his right hand he closely held a thick, unmarked folder. His demeanor looked somewhat nervous, yet still had subtle hint of ambitiousness as he slowly approached the other car. He was looking over his shoulder every other second as the doors to the Ford opened up and two ominous figures stepped out.

"You're late...Senator Kelly."

The voice that Senator Edward Kelly heard was that of a man who had been sitting in the driver seat of the blue Ford. As he stepped out, his appearance came in to view under the dim city lights. He was fully dressed in a mysterious looking military officer uniform. And judging by the emblems present all over the embroidered vest, he was fairly high ranking. His stature was tall and demanding and he looked young and strong even though he had a hint of white hair that seemed to send the message of keen intellect and knowledge. He was also not alone. Out of the passenger side of the Ford where the man had stepped out, a tall, intimidating woman soon joined the man in the military uniform. The woman was wearing all black all over her body. She had tight fitting black pants, a black military shirt, and a long black leather trench coat. She had medium length blond hair, powerful looking muscles that definitely exceeded that of most other women, and a staunch physique that had only one purpose...Intimidation. The strong, stoic look in her eyes were hidden by dark sunglasses and along her torso, numerous gun slings were present, but hidden mainly by the dark trench coat. From his view, the weary senator could see a shining 44 caliber magnum in a holster on her side...Adding to this woman's tough, rugged appearance. As they stood before him, Senator Edward Kelly seemed somewhat irked by this man's greeting, but not surprised...As if this hadn't been the first time.

"No Stryker...You're just early. I am precisely on schedule," said the senator as he now stood before the two powerful figures.

"Better to be early than to be late I always say," quipped the man whom Kelly had called Stryker, "That's how we get things done back where I come from."

"Well welcome to America, William Stryker," said Senator Kelly as his grip on the folder that he was holding became tighter.

The general seemed to pick up on the man's nervous demeanor and couldn't help but smirk at his nervousness.

"My dear senator, you look a bit stressed. You had best relax, for you will need your composure for the coming days," said Stryker in a calm and very collected tone that hinted towards a great deal of sophistication.

"I don't know how you can be so calm at a time like this William...I'm really going above and beyond for you and the organization. Do you have any idea how many laws we had to break to get the contents of this folder?" retorted the Senator in nervous sweat that seemed to be augmented by the humid summer night.

"Don't insult me Kelly," laughed Stryker in an amused tone, "I paid for them in case you have forgotten...Now, let's get down to business."

Senator Edward Kelly then loosened his grip on the folder and nervously handed it over to the waiting arms of General William Stryker.

"If you saw today's Washington Post you should have seen that the front page says that the President was set to sign a landmark health care bill with a great deal of Congressional and Judicial support today," explained Senator Kelly as he watched the general open the contents of the folder.

"Was our little 'package' a part of deal?" asked Stryker as he looked over some of the papers that bore the symbols of the United States Government.

"Yes...And so far nobody suspects a thing. But remember William...What happens after this is all on my shoulders. It's not your name on the bill...It's mine. If anybody finds out the means in which we 'drafted' this shady legislation, it will be the end for both of us."

The Senator's nervous disposition seemed justified as the contents of the folder were quickly absorbed by William Stryker. As he read document after document, the ominous grin on his face grew wider and wider, for everything seemed to be falling in to place.

"And what of the final step?" asked Stryker as he read on.

"It should be the last document in the folder. It's fresh...Clean...Completely legalized now with full authority from the Commander in Chief himself and full backing from the federal government," answered Kelly as he wiped the nervous sweat off of his brow.

Stryker then flipped to the last page and read over the small, yet very important document with a great sense accomplishment.

"I didn't realize that the President had such messy handwriting," commented Stryker with a grin as he closed the folder.

"It's a signature Stryker, don't be picky," said Senator Kelly in response, "Now, by direct order of the President of the United States...You have the authority and power that you wanted. Now...You and the Friends of Humanity had better deliver."

"Please...Don't concern yourself with such trivial notions," said Stryker sounding somewhat humored, "You and this measly government have done your part...It is only fair that I do mine. Go home Senator...Rest. You look like shit. When you wake up tomorrow morning and turn on the 7 o clock news...I'm sure both you and every other member of our humble organization will be satisfied with my plans. All you have to do...Is sit back and reap the political and sociological rewards that will surely come once all is said in done. You'll get what you want...I'll get what I want. And who knows...This may lead to a greater, more 'executive' political position for you in the near future."

"After all the trouble I had to go through I would expect as much...But you do realize that this is the last time we can meet one on one for a while. When I leave this lot...I officially do not know you or your Friends of Humanity entourage any more William."

The Senator's attitude then calmed as Stryker gave the folder to the ominous looking woman who stood by his side and remained quiet. To Edward Kelly, this woman gave off an immensely weary feeling of fear due to her intimidating posture. But from the looks of it, that's exactly what Stryker wanted for both his enemies...And his allies.

"I understand the arrangement Senator. I am no stranger to such dealings in case you haven't figured that out within the past two years," replied Stryker with a snide grin, "And fear not...I am a man of my word and always have been. Now that I have everything I need...I'm afraid that I don't know you...Stranger."

"Good...Then I don't know you either," said the senator, satisfied with his response.

"Now if you'll excuse me...I have a great deal of work that I need to attend to...I bid you a good night sir," said Stryker as this ominous meeting seemed to come to an end.

Senator Edward Kelly didn't linger...He was quick to leave the dark area and return towards the cleaner parts of town back towards Capitol Hill where he resided. Not once did he look back at the blue Ford with William Stryker and the ominous woman at his side. As soon as the car was out of sight, a slow grin grew across his face as he turned towards his female associate.

"Come Magnum...It's time for us to move in to much more...Comfortable surroundings."

As both he and the woman he referred to as Magnum got back in the car, the clock struck 11 o clock at night. For most people, this was their time to turn in...But both Stryker and Magnum seemed wide awake as if they hadn't even noticed the late hour of the night. As the blue Ford pulled out of the parking lot and began heading south over the Potomac River that ran through the proud city, the tough, ominous looking woman finally spoke.

"I don't trust that Senator Kelly..." said Magnum in deep voice with a thick Russian accent in her words.

Stryker merely turned back towards his associate and smiled reassuringly to the stoic woman.

"Neither do I Magnum...But he is a vital part of this plan. And you should not fear his unscrupulous demeanor. He said it himself...It is his name on these documents and it is on his actions that have led to this most momentous of days. Now that we have the documents...We have leverage over that man...Leverage that will ensure his loyalty. Senator Kelly is now but a puppet in my vast collection whether he knows it or not. He should know that a primary rule of both business and war...Is to never underestimate the power of leverage."

The tone in William Stryker's voice was full of both confidence and assertion. He knew as well as Kelly that it was he who was the one who controlled this operation. It was a plan that was two years in the making and one that they had broken many serious laws to put it in to effect. However, none of this seemed to faze Stryker in the slightest. It was as if the law to him was nothing more than an abstract concept to him...As if he knew he could make it work for him instead of against him. Both he and Magnum remained silent as the blue Ford entered a more secure area as the turned to enter their destination. The men at the security booth both stood and saluted him as they let the car pass through. The guards were also wearing uniforms that differed from that of the rest of the military personnel and bore some similar features to Stryker's uniform. The car finally pulled up to the front entrance where several waiting military officers opened the door for both him and his associate. As Stryker stepped out he couldn't help but smile at the name of the building for which he was now in command of.

"Ah...The Pentagon. Such a rich, colorful history. Come Magnum...This moment has been over two years in the making."

The central nerve center for all activities concerning the most powerful military in the world openly welcomed William Stryker as they escorted him in to the main complex. The Pentagon, the largest office building in the world and home to the United States Department of Defense, now seemed to be in control of one man as he made his way through the vast halls. As they walked along towards their main destination, numerous men and women in uniform stood and saluted Stryker as he walked by. It only gave more assurance of his control as several armed guards led him to the sublevels of the building. Soon, General Stryker and the armed escort entered an area that was severely restricted to the rest of the public. There were many guards and security check points along the way, but none of them even bothered to stop them...Instead they all stood by and saluted him. Then, after a short elevator ride to the lower levels of the most restricted areas of the Pentagon, Stryker and his associates emerged.

"I trust that all necessary preparations have been made?" said Stryker more in terms of a statement than a question.

"Yes sir," said a lower ranking officer as he joined the escort as they were led down a long corridor, "We're just about ready to implement the final steps that you initiated in the mission plan. All we need now is executive approval."

"Like always...I'm one step ahead of that already," said Stryker with a grin as Magnum handed him the unmarked folder that Senator Kelly had given him in the parking lot.

Finally, the small convoy of men and military personnel walked through the final door and entered one of the largest rooms in the whole complex. The room had dozens of men and women working feverishly at large, complex computer terminals and most of the walls were littered with high resolution computer screens. Many of those working at the stations had on the same strange-looking uniforms that Stryker had while most of the lower ranking personnel were dressed in traditional military outfits. But despite this difference in clothing, they all got up and saluted Stryker as both he and Magnum stood at the central platform that overlooked the large work area. A great feeling of power overcame Stryker as he stood before these men and women with such authority. He felt almost...Superhuman in a sense because he now had all the resources of this military nerve center at his fingertips. Few people could ever dream of wielding such power...And Stryker knew it. The whole room fell silent as he held up the folder in his hand and took out a single piece of paper.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the armed forces of the United States of America...As of 7 PM at the close of business for the Federal Government on this most glorious of days, the President of the United States of America issued executive order number 1532. In this momentous decision, our nation's great leader decreed that the soul power of the military and all its subordinate branches are to be under the authority and control of one William Stryker for the duration of our humble little operation. In laymen's terms...It means that I am now in charge...And I expect that you all will respond to me with the obedience that you would have for the President himself. He found it necessary to put me in charge of this most ambitious of missions. This plan...Has been in the making for over two years. And we all worked for it out of one ideal...The principle that the mutant menace must be stopped by any means necessary! We all came so close to meeting our end that day two years ago with Apocalypse...We all were forced to sit back and wait while these freaks of nature worked to stop something that they themselves created! Mutant problems are problems that affect us all whether we like it or not...And we can't have that. Now...It is time to strike back! Brothers and sisters...Both members and non members of the Friends of Humanity...The time has come to commence...Operation Extermination!"


And with that, everyone of both low and high ranking returned to their station and prepared to receive orders from their general. General William Stryker and Magnum then made their way down towards the central monitors as the rest of the guards now stood watch over the area.

"General Stryker...What are your orders?" asked one of the officers at the large computer terminal.

Stryker couldn't help but grin upon hearing that. It only further solidified his power over this vast network of military muscle that was wielded by the most powerful nation on the planet. It was as if the very world itself was now at his fingertips...But for Stryker, this feeling wasn't one that demeaned his judgment. If anything, it was almost as if he was use to such power.

"All global hawk and predator unmanned aerial vehicles are to fly over each target. I want a sixty square mile view of each area and I want to be able to zoom in on anywhere at any time," ordered Stryker as the people around him began to feverishly comply with his request now that the executive order had been given to finalize his control, "I want all military divisions to remain in the fall back position in stealth mode. This includes both foot soldiers and armored vehicles. I want them all to stay back until I give the order to strike from a distance. Our enemies have keen ways of detecting danger, so let's not underestimate them and maintain our advantage of surprise since some of our targets are psychic. I want all F-16, F-18, and F-15 strike forces in the air and over each target fully armed and ready to deploy upon my orders. All field captains are to check in ever five minutes with an update and all are to remain unseen. I want all communications to be encrypted just in case our mutant foes decided to eavesdrop on us and everyone is to maintain their positions and keep a detailed record of the mutant list that we have provided each team. Remember...Leave none of them alive."

"Sir we'll get right on it!" said the subordinate officer as the activity within the room quickened to comply with Stryker's request.

Messages were quickly delivered to the regional air bases near the target areas and the three major divisions were being issued the detailed plans that Stryker had outlined. As the general observed this activity and supervised its progress, another ranking officer came up to him holding a small folder.

"Sir, we've got a fix on Professor Charles Xavier like you asked," said the officer as he saluted the general.

"Excellent, what is his status?"

"Both he and a bodyguard checked into a suite at the Watergate hotel this evening at 8 PM."

"Do we know which bodyguard he brought with him this time?" asked Stryker.

"Yes sir," said the officer as he handed him a picture, "It appears to be the man with the metal claws. We didn't see anybody else so we can safely say that Xavier has bought only one other associate with him."

"Ah...The one they call Wolverine," said Stryker with a grin, "I was hoping that Xavier would choose him. Monitor their every move. Don't let either one out of your sight. Order the soldiers that I took the liberty of stationing there to remain in the shadows until they receive further instructions from me and only me."

"Sir, it will be done."

"And remember..." stipulated Stryker in a more serious, yet still calm tone, "If any of them try to leave...Restrain them at any and all costs with the resources that I have provided you. I want them both alive...For now."

"Sir, I understand..." replied the officer as he soon made his leave to carry out his requests.

Stryker continued to organize and issue commands as any strong leader should. The mysterious woman known as Magnum stayed at his side and remained silent. Her intimidating presence only helped further extend his authority by using a simple level of fear to make others think twice about questioning his commands. Soon, three detailed, high resolution maps appeared on the large computer screen. The maps had numerous blips and markers in and around the area, each one representing a group of soldiers that were now at his command.

"Sir, we have a map of each target as you requested. The Xavier Institute, the Brotherhood boarding house, and Magneto's complex are now in full view."

"Excellent...Our targets don't suspect a thing. And what of the inhabitance of each area?" asked Stryker.

"Based on our reconnaissance, we can safely say that all listed mutants are currently in their dwellings. We've double checked with each of our sources and can they have given us the thumbs up."

"Wonderful...And what of our division on our fourth target?" added Stryker.

"We just received word that all the sewer dwellers are in position and the division will be ready to strike within the next hour or so," answered the officer as Stryker looked over each of the maps.

The grin on Stryker's face grew ever wider as he looked at each target with anticipation. He had been waiting on this moment for two long years...And now everything that he had planned for was now within his grasp. It was all coming together in one glorious swoop. Emotions ran high among him and the rest of the soldiers sporting the Friends of Humanity logo. This was something that they had been working towards for so long...And now it was finally happening.

"All forces on my order...Prepare to strike," said the general in to a headset as he commanded over the powerful armies at his disposal. "For too long now, mutants have been creating problems that have nearly led to the destruction of the world itself. For too long now, human beings have been powerless to stop such events. But today...The human race will rectify itself as the dominant species of Earth. This is OUR planet...And no freaks of nature are going to take it away from us! Now...Both military and Friends of Humanity alike...Let us give those freaks a day they won't soon forget!"


AN: Well, that's it for the first chapter of "Extermination." Mysterious no? Don't worry, this chapter will set the tone for the big events to come! I know that this chapter left a lot of unanswered questions. However, they will be explained in later parts. Remember, this story will be quite lengthy, so please be patient and you will understand some of the hidden meanings in this chapter. Also, I didn't mention in the beginning that I was going to use an OC. The big, blond haired woman with the Russian accent known as Magnum, is mine. She was inspired by the character Shalashaska, aka Revovler Ocelot from the Metal Gear Solid video game. She will be explained much later on, but for now she will remain in the shadows. Magnum is my character, so please don't steal her! Well, what do you think of the beginning? Do you wish to read more? Please tell me what you think by sending me reviews via email or through posting them on the fanfiction website! I'm open to constructive criticism, but please be kind as to not flame me for what's going to happen in the next few chapters! Thank you all so much for reading and I wish you all the best!

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