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A Night To Remember

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Takes place 2 years after Apocalypse, 1 year after the Phoenix. The mutant problem has grown and a obscure general named William Stryker thinks he has a solution. Has Scott/Jean, Wanda/Kurt, Kitty/...

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Chapter 2: A Night to Remember


It was near midnight at the Xavier institute for gifted youngsters and most of the residents had turned in for the night. The last two years had been quite eventful for the X-men ever since the downfall of Apocalypse. Ever since that fateful day, a dramatic shift took place in the overall concerns of Professor Xavier and the rest of the students. After the final battle, Magneto and the Brotherhood had stopped picking fights with the X-men and for the most part they stayed away from each other. Even Mystique hadn't bothered them much after that day in Egypt when she failed to win back her two children, Kurt and Rogue. Now, all three groups had bigger issues to deal with...Mainly concerning the overwhelming growth in anti-mutant sentiment throughout the world after Apocalypse. Professor Charles Xavier of the X-men now spent a great deal of time running in and out of Washington DC attending congressional hearings and arguing for his stance of peace and not violence. His opposition was great even though Bolivar Trask, the founder of the notorious anti-mutant group known as the Friends of Humanity, was back in jail. Senator Edward Kelly, the former principal of the local high school, capitalized on anti-mutant sentiment to win himself a vacant seat in the Senate and had a lot of support as Xavier's main debunker. This growing turmoil had made it very difficult for the students of the institute and their former rivals as well. Life was made quite complicated now that they were forbidden to go out alone, had to stay within secured perimeters after dark, and were forced to deal with undue bullying back in school. However, most of the students in the Xavier Institute had come to adapt to these unpleasant changes and many of them had undergone a great deal of growth over the past few years.

For the two eldest students of the Xavier Institute, Scott Summers and Jean Grey, it had been slightly more eventful in the past two years. Shortly after defeating Apocalypse, Jean's powers began to grow uncontrollably once more. She struggled a great deal over the following year and tried to manage her growing abilities with the help of both the Professor and Scott, who a while before Apocalypse became her boyfriend after many years of being close friends. However, it all came to ahead when Jean encountered a mutant named Mastermind, who had once worked for Magneto and was a part of a shady group called the Hellfire Club. From his trickery and several other complicated occurrences, Jean was possessed by a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. This powerful force quickly took over her mind, body, and powers and evolved into the heinous beast known as Dark Phoenix. It was like the vision Professor Xavier had after he had been released from Apocalypse's control and it nearly bought an end to the universe itself. However...Because of the unwavering loving bond that linked Jean Grey with Scott Summers...This powerful incarnation was subdued and released from Jean's body. It had nearly destroyed them...But they survived through the power of love. And in the aftermath of Dark Phoenix, Scott and Jean became a lot closer both as lovers and as soul mates.

They both attended the same college now and had lived together away from the institute while they were enrolled. Jean was on her way to becoming a doctor and Scott was studying to become a teacher. Through this, they hoped to take a more active role in the Institute and in the Professor's dream. But currently, it was mid June and classes were out for the summer. Now, they were back at the institute to help out as best they could with growing tide of mutant resentment. They shared a room now and it was clear to everybody that their relationship had grown quite serious. However, few people were surprised by this and couldn't help but tease them at times when they openly showed their affection to one another. However, not everybody in the institute had as perfect a love life as Scott and Jean had.

For quite a while, Kitty Pryde's relationship with Brotherhood member Lance Alvers had been on decline. After dating for nearly a year and a half, the initial attraction that had drawn them to each other began to wane in wake of many complications. Even though there was a connection between them at first...It was greatly overshadowed by their opposite nature. Even simple disagreements would turn in to all out fights that put a major strain on their relationship. When things were good between them, they were happy...But when it was bad...It was absolutely awful. The emotional strain became too much for them and then ended in a very nasty breakup that was very unpleasant, especially for Kitty. Since then, Kitty hadn't been her usual peppy self...Instead she was just brooding day in and day out. Presently, she was starting to show signs of recovery, but it was still clear that the bad breakup between her and her first boyfriend hung over her quite strongly.

Kitty wasn't the only one to experience a break up in the past year. Kurt Wagner also had recently ended a long-time relationship with a girl named Amanda Sefton. They had dated throughout high school and in comparison to Kitty and Lance's relationship, they were much happier. However, because of the bitter resentment from Amanda's parents over Kurt being a mutant, it did put a strain on their relationship. Growing anti-mutant sentiment did little to help this, but never-the-less they continued to see each other in secret. But after dating for a while, certain issues arose between them that had a profound effect on their relationship. Kurt had found it very difficult to communicate with Amanda as time went on because of her lack of understanding about how it feels to be a mutant. They got in to many arguments and had many bitter disagreements because of their inability to see eye to eye with each other. As nice as Amanda was, she just couldn't understand what it was like for Kurt to live as a mutant that looked inhuman to the rest of the world. Eventually, their problems with communication prompted Kurt to end their relationship with a heavy heart. Kurt's disposition grew very solemn after the break up and lost much of his jokester personality. It was a bitter blow to the young mutant because he was unsure if he would ever find anybody else out there who liked him for who he was...And understood what it felt like to live his kind of life.

For the rest of the Xavier Institute, life was just full of uncertainty. It had gotten so bad now that Jubilee and Rahne were sent back to the institute out of the growing anit-mutant hysteria. Many of the new recruits were taking more active role in training in hopes that one day becoming full fledged X-men. Senior members like Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Rogue, and even Bobby to a certain extent became the guides in preparing them for such a future. While Professor Xavier, Logan, Ororo, and Beast were still the primary teachers...The more experience students were becoming more and more involved as the need to be prepared grew with each passing day.


Scott and Jean both let out another round of laughter as they continued to watch the movie "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" with each other. Normally, they never got the chance to do something like this together because of their hectic college schedule. But now that it was summer, they had a lot more time to simply enjoy being a couple and spending time with each other. They shared a big bowl of popcorn together as Ororo looked in to the living room to see the happy pair laughing it up.

"Don't stay up too late you two," said Ororo with a smile as she walked past them on route to the stairs.

"Don't worry Ororo, we'll probably turn in after this is over," said Jean as took another handful of popcorn.

"Okay then. Well, I'm going to bed now. I'll see you both tomorrow morning. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight Ororo," said Scott as the former African Goddess made her way up to her room.

Ororo couldn't help but smile as heard Scott and Jean laughing with each other and sitting so close to one another. It was a welcome sight to see that the two eldest students that she had taught all those years ago had found love with each other. She had a feeling that Scott was going to propose to her soon. Even though he hadn't directly said anything to her, she had a pretty good feeling because she had discovered that he had bought an engagement ring a few months earlier. Ororo couldn't help but smile at the prospects of a wedding...She, and most of the others for that matter, had seen it coming; especially after the events concerning the Phoenix. And watching them interact with each other was a welcomed change since Ororo had been busy offering help and emotional support for Kurt and Kitty, who had just come off rather hard break ups. With that thought in mind, Ororo stepped in to her room and prepared for bed.

Things throughout the institute were always a bit more complicated when the Professor wasn't around. Yesterday he and Logan had left for Washington to attend a very imported Congressional hearing over the controversial Mutant Registration Act. Originally, Storm wanted to go...But Logan insisted that she stay here and take it easy since she had gone on the last three trips. It was quite a generous offer on his part and it was one that Ororo was very grateful for, being that she had been doing a lot of traveling to and from Washington and many other cities lately and it was starting to take a toll on her. Either way, she hoped that they would make some headway in the every increasing hostility towards mutants that had plagued hovered like a shadow over the team.

Back downstairs Scott and Jean continued to enjoy their movie when Kitty suddenly phased through the wall looking rather tired.

"Hey, you guys still up?" asked Kitty sounding somewhat groggy.

"Hey Kitty!" said Jean as she looked up over the couch to see her friend walk over towards the couch, "Are you okay? You look exhausted."

"Yeah..." sighed Kitty in a tone that was a far cry from her usual upbeat nature, "The afternoon danger room session really took it out of me."

Kitty's demeanor was hard to watch. Ever since she and Scott got back, Jean had seen her moping around the mansion like every day was the worst day of her life. It was clear that she was still having a hard time with her recent breakup.

"Still upset over Lance huh?" asked Jean, sounding more like a statement rather than a question.


Kitty didn't say much else as she just dragged herself over to the chair and collapsed in a boneless heap. Upon noticing this, both Scott and Jean turned their attention away from the movie and towards the teenage girl in the midst of a bad end to a troubled relationship.

"Kitty...You've got no reason to be upset over a guy like Lance," said Scott, "You know he was no good for you."

"I know..." groaned Kitty, "That's what everybody's been telling me!"

"Kitty you have to face the facts," said Jean as she saw the disgruntled look on her face, "You two fought all the time and had almost nothing in common. I honestly don't know how you made it work in the first place."

"Neither do I really...But we did make it work...At least half of the time we did. And I wanted to make it work all of the time...But I couldn't," moaned Kitty, who hated talking about this every time she was confronted somebody, "So why do I feel like shit now?

Kitty buried her face in the chair and sank like a stone in to the soft cushion and kept on groaning in her own misery. Scott and Jean just looked back at each other, unsure of what to say next. While neither of them really liked the notion of Lance dating her in the first place, they couldn't deny that they did have something...No matter how mismatched it might have been.

"Kitty...Come on...You've got to stop kicking yourself over this issue. Sometimes you date the real jerks before you find the right guy for you," coaxed Jean as she tried to console her friend by speaking from experience, mainly stemming from her disastrous relationship with Duncan Matthews before she went to Scott.

However, this did little to dissuade her moping. Jean turned back to her boyfriend who in turn simply shrugged, not knowing what else either of them could say to cheer Kitty up. Jean bit her lip, not knowing if she should try to say something else since all her words up to this point seemed to be making it worse for her. Both Scott and Jean were now left to contemplate what to do next as they just watched Kitty wallow in her own self pity. Scott was about to speak, when a new presence then entered the room. This time it was their furry friend, Kurt, who had also been somewhat gloomy lately since his breakup with Amanda. He was holding a rather large, cold cut sandwich in his hand and had already devoured half of it. He didn't look much better than Kitty to Scott and Jean and it was pretty obvious why.

"Hey Kurt," greeted Scott, "Man, that's gotta be the sixth sandwich you've wolfed down today."

"Ja...I know. But you know me, hyperactive metabolism," said Kurt in a monotone voice as he plopped down on the couch.

Scott and Jean both watched as Kurt finished the rest of his sandwich rather quickly, not really caring about leaving crumbs or chewing with his mouth closed either. Now they were in the presence of two moping teens, each one brooding over a hard breakup.

"Kurt...As hyperactive as your metabolism is...Even you have your limits," said Scott as he watched Kurt swallow the last part of his sandwich without bothering to chew it, "Still not over Amanda huh?"

"Am I that obvious?" groaned Kurt, who sounded remarkably similar to Kitty just then.

"Well, judging by the way you and Kitty have been moping ever since we got back...It really isn't too hard to spot," stated Jean knowing it was all too obvious.

Kurt was silent for a moment and Scott and Jean were left to look at their distraught friends. At this point, Scott paused the movie...Knowing that it was somewhat useless now that Kurt and Kitty were just going to drown in an ocean of sorrow until they got over their first big crushes.

"It's just that..." began Kurt as he finally worked up the nerve to speak again, "I keep having second thoughts about it. I mean...I don't know how many times I've contemplated picking up the phone and calling her back."

"So why don't you?" asked Scott, hoping that Kurt would remind himself of the answer.

Kurt just let out an exasperated sigh as he let his stomach digest his sandwich.

"Because I know that ve vill start arguing again," groaned Kurt, "As much as I like her...She and I just can't communicate. I know it's because I'm a mutant and she's not...But there's more to it than that. Her parents hate me...She always bothers me about my biological family...And she just doesn't understand."

"Well if that's the case...Then maybe she's not the one for you," said Scott hoping to use that response to help Kurt help himself.

"Who else is there!? She's the only one who ever accepted me for what I was..." shot Kurt, who seemed to only be making it harder for himself, "Amanda saw past the blue fur and tail and just...Accepted it. How am I ever going to find someone like that again vith the world in the state it's in now?"

This elicited another groan from Kitty, who still had her face buried in the cushion of the chair. Kurt's problem somewhat resembled Kitty's in a sense that they were both having serious regrets. There was no doubt that their first relationships really meant a lot...Way more than Jean's pseudo relationship with Duncan or Scott's brief relationship with Taryn. But even when they were dating others, both Scott and Jean were already smitten with each other and Kurt and Kitty didn't have that. They both thought that their respective love interests were stable...And right for them. But in the face of so many complications, it was somewhat disheartening to have them end so badly.

"Look Kurt..." began Jean, sensing all the regret that both he and Kitty were projecting, "If you know it's not going to work, then Amanda just isn't the one for you. I know you think she's one of a kind because she accepted you...But there will be others our there...I'm sure of it. The same goes for you too, Kitty. You just haven't found the right person yet...That's all."

Neither Kurt nor Kitty said anything after that in response. They just fell silent in wake of old wound of their ex love interests. This left the two elder students to simply hope for the best.

'Man...Seeing these two like this is depressing,' conceded Jean as she spoke to Scott through their link, 'I don't know what more I can say to them.'

'I guess we just have to give them some time, but it's already been a month,' replied Scott as both he and Jean sat back down on the couch next to him.

'Yeah they really are taking it hard,' added Jean, 'It's weird though...I'm really not use to seeing either of them like this.'

'Same here...But I guess the first relationships are always the hardest. We should know.'

'Unfortunately...' replied Jean as she shuddered at the thought of her disastrous first relationship with Duncan.

Jean then scooted closer to Scott and entwined her hand with his. Seeing Kurt and Kitty so sad made her only further appreciate the love that she and Scott shared. It made her feel sorry for her friends because now they were struggling to survive without that kind of love in their lives. But both she and Scott remained confident that someday they'll both find someone.

'I hope they find somebody else soon...Seeing them like this is just so...Depressing,' sent Jean.

'Not to mention eerily out of character for them,' added Scott as he turned the movie back on in hopes of getting his friends to be a bit more upbeat. 'I'm really not used to seeing the both of them so down.'

'Me neither, Scott. But I guess that's what bad breakups will do to you...Especially ones as serious as those two were in. I can completely understand why Lance and Kitty broke up...Frankly, I don't know what she saw in him in the first place. But I really wish I knew why Kurt broke up with Amanda. I mean...I honestly thought that they were going to last. Sure they had some problems...But I thought they could work them out.'

'I guess it was more complicated then that,' replied Scott, 'Like Kurt said...They did have communication problems.'

'Yeah, but still...'

Jean's thoughts soon trailed off as her attention turned back towards the movie. Both she and Scott had been looking forward to this little break for a long time. A chance to get away from the rigors of college and the hostile outside world was an opportunity to cherish. It also gave them both some much needed relaxation time that they looked forward spending with each other. However, for Kurt and Kitty...This summer looked to be far from pleasant. They were both taking their respective breakups really hard. And in observing this, it got the young couple thinking. Seeing how miserable Kurt and Kitty were from their failed relationships, it made both Scott and Jean very thankful that they shared such a deep, loving bond.

'I love you...' sent Jean as she rested her head on Scott's shoulder.

'I love you too, Jeannie,' replied Scott as they both started laughing again at the movie.

'I don't want our relationship to turn out like theirs, Scott...You won't let that happen will you?'

'Don't worry Jean...I won't,' assured Scott as he slipped an arm around her waist.


'I promise...'

Scott took those words to heart as he listened to Jean's laughter as the movie went on. He had planned for this summer to be full of excitement for him and Jean. Ever since the Phoenix incident...He had been seriously considering asking her to marry him. In fact, he had consulted Ororo on purchasing a wedding ring a few months ago. He must have gone to every jeweler in New York before he felt that he found the perfect ring. It cost him a great deal...But to him Jean was worth it. However, he was still nervous...He wanted his proposal to be perfect. The ring he had bought seldom ever left his pocket and he even had it with him as they both sat back on the couch watching the movie. Scott was simply waiting for that one perfect moment...And hopefully, it would come soon.


Back in Washington DC in the depths of the Pentagon central control room, the clock neared midnight as the activity among the soldiers and commanding officers continued to operate at a fevered rate. The late hours of the night, however, did little to affect General William Stryker, whose calm and composed demeanor gave off a great level of confidence and assurance that all was going exactly the way he wanted it to go.

"Sir, all aircraft have now reached the target areas and await your command," said one of the lower ranking officers to he general.

"Excellent, tell them to lock on each specified target with JDAM precision guided munitions and wait for my orders to deploy. And remember...Keep a safe distance away from the area...We don't want to lose the element of surprise."

"Sir, it will be done."

General Stryker looked at his golden, Swiss made, precision watch...The time read 11:55 PM. A slow smile spread across his face, hinting at a great deal of excitement within the middle aged man.

"It's all coming together Magnum," said Stryker to the intimidating blond woman who hadn't left his side, "Over two years of planning...Countless resources...And thousands of hours of hard labor the final moment of judgment is here. Oh how I have dreamed on this very moment...Every detail, every conceivable outcome...And now it is about to happen."

The high resolution video screen zoomed in on the three targets at Stryker's request. A close up, real-time view of the Xavier Institute, the Brotherhood boarding house, and Magneto's mountain-top lair were now in plain view. The look in the general's eyes grew to one of great contempt as he stared at the targets with a great deal of eagerness. This act went beyond the mere doctrine of the Friends of Humanity...It was very personal to this man. William Stryker operated under far more complex principles than that of the organization that bore the blunt end of this operation. These principles were known only to him and nobody else. With firepower undreamt now at his fingertips, William Stryker spoke in to the headset he was wearing as his watch now read 11:57.

"All aircraft and long-range artillery, this is General William Stryker. Lock on each target and prepare the first wave," ordered the general as troops hundreds of miles away waited in the shadows in preparation for the moment of commencement, "This is the big moment my fellow soldiers...The moment that we've all been working so hard for. So let's not have any mistakes! As in all wars, there are no second chances and this conflict is no exception. Mutants will not go quietly...They are like the cockroaches that cannot be crushed no matter how hard you step on them. And when an infestation is evident...Then it's time to call an exterminator. My soldiers...We are those exterminators. Two years ago, we were all helpless as we watched these heinous mutants bring this world to the brink of catastrophe. Since then, we have been powerless to deal with the source of all this trouble...But on this day, we will not be left impotent by the influence these menacing abominations. The hour is upon us...Prepare to strike."


Back at the Xavier Institute, Kurt and Kitty still hadn't moved much since they entered the living room where Scott and Jean were watching a movie. They didn't seem to be getting any better despite repeated attempts to pull them out of the rut they had dug themselves in to. Even the movie didn't seem to be doing much good for them as the hour neared midnight. Pretty much everybody except the four young adults in the living room was now asleep. The movie was about half over at this point, but for Scott and Jean they had both grown tired and it was obvious that Kurt and Kitty needed some time to themselves.

"Man it's almost midnight," said Scott as he looked at the clock, "Are you two just gonna sleep down here tonight wallowing in pity?"

"Probably..." answered Kurt as he laid back and closed his eyes.

Kitty didn't respond, she just groaned again as she shifted herself so that her head rested on the back of the chair.

"Oh well, suit yourself," said Jean as she and Scott got up and prepared to make their leave.

Both Kurt and Kitty let out a sigh as the movie kept playing. This prolonged phase of breakup misery was beginning to take its toll on them; Scott and Jean made that pretty obvious. However, every relationship that ends undoubtedly leaves its mark...But unfortunately some leave a lot more than others. They two younger mutants managed to bid Scott and Jean a good night...But then, as Jean took two steps from the couch...She immediately froze like a statue.

"Jean?" asked Scott, as he quickly noticed the sudden change in her disposition, "Jean, are you all right?"

This seemed too attract the attention of Kurt and Kitty as well as they got up from their seats and walked over to Jean. Her entire face had grown pale and a look of sheer horror was now prevalent in her eyes. Scott suddenly felt her dread through their link as her gaze shifted towards the window.

"Something's wrong...Something is very, very wrong..." said Jean in a tone thick with anxiety.


Unknown to the others, over a vast distance back in Washington DC...The final seconds to midnight approached as General William Stryker of the Friends of Humanity and the United States military eagerly gripped the headset that relayed his orders to waiting divisions at each respective target. As the time finally neared, Stryker spoke with a tremendous feeling of authority over the vast distance that separated him and his army.

"Attention all divisions...Aircraft and ground troops alike. History has based itself on the events that change the world. Through those who wield power, the future is thus shaped. Today is a great turning point in the history of mankind...Today is a day in which we all stand united against a threat that could easily wipe our entire species off the face of the Earth. Through the boundaries of gender, race, and ethnicity...We all fight together as one on this glorious day to put a stop to a threat before it is too late. We cannot wait for them to strike first...For he who draws first blood, has already won the first battle. Let us be the one to win this battle...Let us be the one to win this war. So my faithful brethren...I give the order...To strike!"


Jean Grey felt nearly paralyzed by the overwhelming feeling that had gripped her mind as she stood silently...Looking out the window towards the front gate of the institute. Scott, Kurt, and Kitty's concern grew as well...Unable to find a cause for such a dramatic change in Jean's disposition. She was sensing something...Something very bad from the looks of it.

"Jean...Jean, talk to me!" said Scott, with worry apparent in his tone, "What's wrong? What do you sense?"

Jean still didn't respond as she just kept looking out the window. Soon, the others began to look as well...Trying to figure out what it was that she was seeing. Then...Something came in to view. From a distance, it looked like a flare...But it was getting bigger...And fast. Then, the realization soon hit...It was coming straight towards them. More of these flares soon followed as a deathly silence soon filled the room.

"Mien Gott..." said Kurt as the object drew ever closer.

The clock then struck midnight as Jean finally seemed to snap out of her trance and yell out in a panic.

"KURT!!! TELEPORT!!!" she yelled as a low-pitch rumble began to echo through the air.

Scott, Jean, and Kitty then grabbed on to Kurt...Who immediately shut his eyes and began to concentrate. But as he did...The three other mutant's watched in horror as a fireball began to engulf the area around them. The intense heat of the flame drew ever nearer...Until Kurt finally managed to teleport them out of the mansion just as the heat of the fire began to scorch the entire area around them.

Bullets and mortar shells exploded all around the vast walls of the Xavier mansion. From above F-16, F/A-18, and F-15E strike eagles dropped 1,000 pound precision guided bombs all around the institute...Incinerating everything in and around the area...Including the unsuspecting inhabitance, most of whom were sound asleep in their beds. The intense barrage of artillery and bombs crated blasts that echoed all the way down to the institute sub-levels. The explosive noise dominated over every other sound in the whole area as the late night peace was forever shattered by bullets, bombs, and flames. Even as the structure of the institute was shattered to pieces, bombs and mortar shells continued to fall over the charred rubble...Further destroying what had once been the proud Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

In a small forest off the Northwest of the institute, Kurt emerged with Scott, Jean, and Kitty and quickly collapsed upon the soft grass as the shockwaves from the explosions knocked them back with tremendous force. As they fell, Kurt quickly ran out of the boundaries of the forest only to see the institute explode from every direction from bullets and bombs.

"No..." said Kurt in disbelief as he watched in horror as his home was destroyed in a ball of fire.

A dazed Kitty froze at the sight of the fires in the distance and fell deathly still as she covered her mouth with her hands and keeled over in disbelief at what she was seeing. Scott was about to run back to get a view of the institute as Kurt already had...But he was suddenly stopped cold in his tracks when Jean let out an agonizing scream.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! NO! NO!!! OH GOD NO!!!" yelled Jean as she clutched the sides of her heads in agony and collapsed to the ground.

Scott felt a horrible, paralyzing feeling surge through the link that he shared with Jean and struggled to fight off the urge to collapse...But he managed to fight it as he quickly took Jean in his arms and tried to get her to calm down.

"JEAN! Jean...What's wrong?" said Scott urgently as he continued to feel Jean's pain.

The young redhead's screams drew Kurt and Kitty back over to them as they struggled to process what was going on. Everything had happened so fast...It was all in a manner of seconds. The noises of the bombs falling around them continued to echo through the air as Jean opened her tear-stained eyes and released an agonizing sob. She had felt something with her powers that had sent her mind in to a horrible world of pain. Scott, Kurt, and Kitty could only look at the pained look in Jean's eyes and feel her agony. The three bewildered onlookers could only watch with sorrow as Jean managed to speak through her tears.

"They're dead...They...They're all dead..."


AN: Well, that's it for this chapter. Some ending huh? I know of you may hate me for putting so much character death in this story...But remember that this is just a story. It's AU! There will be many other complications to come both in the near and far future of this story. So what do you think so far? Do you want to read more? I'd love to know, but if you have to flame me...Please be considerate in remembering all of the fair warnings that I gave at the beginning of this story. Send your reviews to me via email or post them on the fanfiction website! PLEASE, please review! Remember, there will be plenty of pairings later on in this story, so don't fret all you romance lovers! Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best!

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