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Part I

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The fateful day.

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Author’s Note: Thought or Emphasis; Flashback; Thought or Emphasis in Flashback

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Teen Titans: You Idiot…

Part I

It was a perfect day in Jump City. The sky was clear for miles. The sun gleamed brightly against the windows of the skyscrapers downtown. If one listened closely, he could hear the citizens scream as they scurried away from the formidable robot army, the makings of yet another mad scientist bent on global conquest.

This one was Dr. Crow. True to his name, the maniac stood on a hover platform declaring his intelligence with slender legs and a lengthy, beak-like nose. His open black lab coat, continuing his likeness, fluttered behind him like wings from the light winds.

“Go, go, my battalion! Show your mechanical might to the fools who dare to doubt my brilliance! Soon Jump City, then the country, and finally the planet will be mine! CAW CAW CAW!” His evil laugh made the final touch to his animal affinity.

Following their master’s commands, the white and black robots, some with claws, others with lasers, started to spread through the business district. Some unfortunate souls could only watch from their office windows as androids crushed their cars with raven fists.

Yep. Another perfect day.

It was for days like this that the Teen Titans leaped—or to be specific, flew and drove—into action. As the army had split in half by the time of their arrival, Robin had divided his team accordingly.

“Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, you guys interrupt the group heading west. I’ll go east with Starfire.”

Despite the gravity of the situation, Cyborg could not help but smirk at this decision, remarking to Beast Boy and Raven, “Trying to get her alone, I bet.” The green shapeshifter snickered at this while the empath’s pale face showed nothing.

“It’s nothing like that,” muttered the boy wonder. Though Robin and Starfire were officially a couple since the Titans’ adventure in Tokyo, he kept his relationship away from the battlefield, or so he tried. There were still times when they held hands a little bit longer than normal when one would help the other up.

Beast Boy’s snickering at the flustered Robin came to a halt after Cyborg’s next joke:

“Hey, maybe you and Rae’ll be next.”

That remark certainly threw the green joker off. He admitted that he did feel a little different around Raven from the others since the team had formed. That was a few years ago, back when the Gordanians—and by proxy, Starfire—landed on Earth.

Maybe it was when she first laughed at me…

A light giggle. “You know, you’re kinda funny.”

“You think I’m funny?” A wide-eyed face.

Raven’s rebuttal shattered the flashback. “Right… says the one who has a picture of Jinx in his closet.” Beast Boy’s laughter resumed. That idiot, she thought. Beast Boy and me? I’d laugh if I let myself.

“How’d you…? Never mind that, we got butt to kick,” the half-machine declared as the robot horde continued to spread.

Minutes later, the air boomed with explosions, multicolored from the Titans’ attacks. A flurry of starbolts washed green waves of energy at the androids, who retaliated with missiles. A sonic cannon’s blue blast contested with and was victorious against red lasers. A black blast of magic smothered and crushed even more of the enemies. Green claws and talons tore metal apart, and a titanium staff slammed it flat. The fight was hectic.

With their AI recognizing the threat, the robots soon managed to form circles around the two Titan groups by sheer numbers. Fortunately, for Starfire, the machines were not equipped to fly (quite strange for a villain who emulated a bird), so she and Robin were able to take down their part of the army a bit easily. However, the robots’ heavily offensive weapons grounded Beast Boy and Cyborg, not giving them a break. Rather than use Starfire’s tactic, Raven chose to stay grounded as well to back the boys up. The hundreds shrank into dozens after a while, though, thanks to the Titans’ patented teamwork.

A small circle surrounded Cyborg, and he changed to melee attacks, punching through some of the robots’ ivory-colored heads. Beast Boy and Raven, separated from him, slashed a few of their closest opponents apart with claws and energy blades. Unfortunately, while they moved over to Cyborg, the duo did not notice a would-be demolished robot crawling from a pile of broken asphalt. Its top half still barely functional, the weakened automaton crept forth with a broken hand, sparking with electricity. All of its battle damage left it with faulty wiring, leading to its ammunition chamber overloading to even deadlier capabilities. Its mission to destroy the city still locked into its AI, the android pointed the weapon at one who would interfere with its one true purpose.

The nearest target was Raven’s head.

Beast Boy heard the shot charge up first. “Raven, look out!” Raven saw the red glow from the corner from her eye. She, however, was making a shield that was already blocking three robots’ assault. As the dying robot released the blast, the shield pressed back to slam the others against a wall. The half-demoness tried to change focus, but it was too late.

The laser closed in. The rare thought of fear rose as Raven closed her eyes for her imminent fate. No…

The crimson flash subsided.

Raven opened her eyes to see a huge green Man-Beast wobbling on its feet, falling back to reveal a massive wound on its chest.

Beast Boy…
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