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Part II

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After the incident.

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Author’s Note: Thought or Emphasis; Flashback; Thought or Emphasis in Flashback

I do not own Teen Titans, but I wish I could have owned Adonis, the man in the red super suit, in “The Beast Within.” What a jerk. He did say Raven was “feisty,” though, and I can’t argue with that. Read and review.

Teen Titans: You Idiot…

Part II

The evening’s orange sky eventually darkened into blues, and finally to black. The calm, cloudy night seemed to leave the hectic afternoon behind. The moonlight slipped past the thin clouds and softly reflected on the windows of the Titans’ Tower.

The only real tension of such a quiet night was in the atmosphere of the Tower’s hallways. The Titans minus one saw Cyborg leave the infirmary with a tired gait. His human eye struggled to stay open, reflecting the hours of keeping Beast Boy alive after the intense ride back home. The half-mechanical medic diagnosed his patient.

“That blast he took was bad, real bad. It grazed his heart, broke some ribs and hit a lung, and changing back to normal looks like it made the damage worse. If he didn’t have that beast blood in him…” His red robotic eye seemed to dim with his mood, though the latter was low enough already. “Could be weeks, months, I don’t know,” his shoulders dropped in both exhaustion and sadness, “but he’s in a coma.” A sigh was his release.

While she could easily hide her emotions from others, Raven’s ability to feel others’ emotions was only semi-voluntary. With enough concentration, she could tune in on certain people and decipher their feelings; otherwise, the sentiments of any one could hit her any time, overwhelming her. Therefore, she constantly set up barriers to predict when and how much of an emotion would hit her. Yet she could never brace herself for the wave of melancholy that hit her when Cyborg uttered those last words; she had to hold on to the wall just to keep standing.

Even behind his mask, Robin’s visage still showed grim surprise. His teammates were misfits alone, but together unstoppable. They faced off against Trigon the Terrible, a demon from another world, and won with no one injured beyond a few sprains or fractures. From a logical standpoint, this was nothing. It shouldn’t have come to this. This type of thing just shouldn’t be. It can’t.
It only took one look at Cyborg to see his mood. His natural eye pointed down and seemed to find much interest in the floor. No matter how long he looked at that unconscious form, Cyborg could not get over the fact that Beast Boy, his friend, no, brother was on that bed. His thoughts were the same as that of Robin’s.

The ex-sidekick’s shock and the robot-man’s despair combined could never match up to the fountain of woe that poured from Starfire. For one whose very powers stemmed from emotion, the alien princess’ reaction was perfectly natural. Those around her, however, had to cover their ears to try to drown out the sobs and Tamaranean rants that echoed through the halls. Robin held her, despite her almost deadly grip, and walked her to her room.

“What about you?” Cyborg’s question broke Raven’s attention from the spectacle in front of her.

“Huh? Oh, I don’t know, really. This kind of thing happens, I suppose.”

Cyborg’s one eyebrow rose. “I know you’re, well, you, but I’m surprised you aren’t in there,” he said, nodding to the door of the infirmary. “You two are always hanging around each other. I’d think this would be another one of those times.”

Raven turned toward her interrogator. Now it was time for her eyebrow to rise. “You and that same joke again? He is always hanging around me.”

“That’s no joke. Heck, Rae, eight hours ago, Beast Boy sav-”

The empath’s face slightly frowned at his persistence. “And if you really do know that ‘I’m me,’ as you put it, then you also know that I will only go in if I feel like it.”

Cyborg turned to the door again. “Well, when you decide to visit him, and if you need to talk, I’ll be there.” He was the unofficial big brother of the group, and despite his current duties, he would make sure that what he said would be true.

Her face slid back into its normal scowl, not far from the previous expression. “That seems fair enough. I am going to bed.” She turned her back on her robotic teammate, walking off to the safe haven of her bedroom.

How do I feel? she wondered. Beast Boy did… save… my life. Her footsteps slowed as the thought finally hit her. In fact, I don’t remember much after—

A Man-Beast, eyes slowly closing, a large paw clutched over the wound, his breathing faint, shifting into the form of—

Raven quickly shook the sight out of her head. She did not realize that she had already reached her room. In spite of herself, she shuddered. I was only trying to get away from Cyborg, but maybe I really do need some sleep. Just as the darkness of her cloak melded with the darkness of her room, she muttered back to Cyborg, “Good luck.”

As he prepared to keep watch on the resident shapeshifter, the half-robot sighed one last time for the night. This is gonna be a tough time. Hurry back, green bean. The sigh shifted into a yawn. Man, I’m tired.
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