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The Battle for the Cure

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President McKenna stands with Bolivar Trask as they watch a satellite feed of the battle.

What's going on over there? Send in tanks, planes—

This is Magneto we're talking about, sir. He'll tear them apart.

Where are the back-up troops?

Thirty minutes away, minimum.

The President sighed.

Then I just pray God is with us.


On the battle field a mutant is throwing a soldier around with his tentacles. Another mutant is sending wooden projectiles at them, which impales them, instantly killing them.

Over the skies of San Francisco, The X-Jet roared in. Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine looked out at the battle.

Oh my stars and garters...

This is bad. Storm, cloak us.

Back on the bridge, Callisto looked up at the sky.

Something's coming.

The cloaked X-Jet landed on the roof of the building. Lightning lights up the sky as Storm flies down from the roof. Beast follows her, roaring and landing like a true animal. Iceman forms an ice slide and slides down it.

Nightcrawler teleports himself and Cyclops to the ground. Colossus in his metal form jumps off the roof. Lastly, Wolverine descends a chute, using his claws to slow his descent.

The X-Men all line up: Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Beast, Iceman, and Colossus.

Over on the hill, Magneto's eyes are drawn to the new arrivals. He sneers.

Traitors to their own cause.

Jean was now staring at Cyclops. Jean walks to the side, standing alone. The Brotherhood on the ground look back at Magneto. He then shouts them.


The army of mutants charges towards the X-Men. Wolverine slices through a large pole with comes down and crushes several Brotherhood members. Iceman forms a giant ice blockade that they run right into. Beast launches himself into the air roaring. He punches and smacks a bunch of mutants who go flying. He then twirls around a lamp post knocking out several opponents. Storm flies into the air and unleashes a tidal wave into many mutants.

Callisto glares at Storm at runs full speed from rooftop to rooftop until tackling Storm down to the ground. Storm stands up and is kneed in the face and then punched. Callisto runs at Storm again but is closelined to the ground.

Blob hits Cyclops and throws him to the ground. He runs over to Wolverine who is stabbing mutants and is then knocked over by Blob's stomach. Iceman freezes Blob and Cyclops fires his optic blast at him. Blob shatters.

Dominkios kicks the ground and it creates a ripple through the ground until it explodes under Colossus, throwing him into the air and crashing through a window of the main building.

Back on the bridge, Magneto turns to Gambit and Psylocke.

You two, find the doctor.

The both nod and move towards the office building.

Callisto and Storm continue the fist fight, Storm adapting to Callisto's dirty fighting style. Frustrated, Callisto pulls a knife on Storm and slashes her arm.

Cyclops hits a mutant with an optic blast but then is captured in a net. Wolverine was now being ganged up on by half a dozen mutants. Nightcrawler teleports, hitting mutant after mutant until he reaches Arclight and is hit by a shockwave that sends him flying backwards.

Magneto then turns to Mystique.

Go. Find the boy, and kill him.

With pleasure.


Kavita walks briskly down the hallway, looking for a way out. As she turns a corner and Gambit appears. Kavita promptly turns the other away but Psylocke appears from the shadows.

Going somewhere?

Kavita stops in her tracks, trapped.

You're the one who invented the cure, right?

I am. But I never meant for it to come to this. The cure was only meant for those who wanted it.

Yeah, they're called the weak ones.

Psylocke comes up behind Kavita and grabs her shoulders.

Please don't hurt me.

Shh, don't scream.

Gambit pulled out a playing card from his coat's pocket and charged it with energy. Kavita's eyes widened as Gambit placed the glowing card in her coat's pocket.

It's alright, everything is going to be alright.

Suddenly, the card explodes and Kavita is sent flying backwards. She crashes hard into the wall, and slumps to the floor, lifeless. Gambit claps his hands as though brushing off dust, then follows Psylocke out of the building.


Back on the battlefield, Wolverine slices off RED'S arms, but they grow back. He slices off his legs, they grow back.

Come on!

Wolverine then stabs Red in the balls.

Grow those back!

Callisto and Storm are still fighting as Callisto is able to slash Storm once again with her knife. Callisto then flipped over Storm and tried to cut her throat.

Storm used her powers to spin like a tornado and Callisto was flung off her and crashed into a high voltage fence, which Storm juiced up with her own lightning.


Meanwhile in the facility, Jimmy was sitting on the bed when suddenly the locked doorknobs started to rattle. He gasps and hides under the bed just as the door is kicked in.


Jimmy looked up to see Beast standing in the doorway.

Mr. McCoy?

Jimmy smiles as he gets out from under the bed, running over to Beast and hugging him.

Mr. McCoy. What's going on?

Don't worry, you're going to okay.

Beast then suddenly morphs away into Mystique and she grabs Jimmy roughly by the arm.

You're coming with me.

However, before she can drag Jimmy out of the room, she hears a rumbling from behind her.


Colossus breaks through the wall. Before Mystique can react Colossus punches Mystique in the side of the head, knocking her out. Colossus picks Jimmy up in his arms.

Don't worry, I'm going to get you out of here.

Colossus runs back through the path he created.
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