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Chapter 10

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I guess Britney has her ways with drugs. (xD

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“Gerard’s been in the bathroom for a long time.” Ray stated. A waitress came and placed a cup of coffee that they have ordered for Gerard. “There he is.”

Gerard was walking down a short hallway, rubbing his nose furiously. He sat down and took the cup in his hands. It was shaking so much; some of the black liquid was spilling out.

“Gerard? Are you okay?” Bob asked. He nodded quickly.

“Oh yeah, yeah. I’m fine, just fine. Everything’s fine. Fine like a bumblebee. Hahaha. That doesn’t make any sense. Who knows if bumblebees are fine? I just know I am. Oh hey Brit-Brit!”

Everyone was so focused on Gerard’s rushed rambling; they didn’t see Britney come over. “Hey.”

“I’m going to go get a donut or something.” He jumped out of the booth, Britney taking his spot for him.

“What’s up with him?” She asked him innocently. The guys shrugged. Gerard came back, stuffing a glazed donut in his mouth.

“Waa are ve vanna do guys?” He asked pieces of his donut flying out of his mouth.

“Eat then talk.” Ray said looking away from the horrid sight.

He chewed, swallowed then repeated his question. “What are we going to do today?”

“We have a show tonight so we’re on the road today.”

“Cool.” Gerard chugged down his coffee and stood up. “Let’s go! I’m pumped.”

Britney and the guys had entered the arena and Gerard had jumped over to the stage. Ray, Bob, and Frank rolled their eyes and followed Mikey started walking towards them but Britney grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bathroom, closing the door behind them. Britney’s mouth covered Mikey’s hungrily. “Mmm.” escaped from Mikey’s lips as he pulled her away.

“What was that for?” He panted.

“Do I need a reason?”

She smirked before pressing her lips against his. Having no objection, Mikey dropped his book bag that was slung over his shoulder to the floor and lifted Britney off of it.
Her eyes wandered over his shoulder and saw a needle through the crack of his open book bag. A smile spread through her face while she pulled away from him and jumped toward his book bag and took the needle and heroin out of his bag.

“I have a better idea.” She said sticking the syringe into the bottle.

“Now? I have to get to practice.” Mikey looked at her, worried that he might get caught later. “They might get suspicious.”

Britney scoffed. “If they can handle your brother they can handle you,” She wrapped the rubber band that she had taken out of his book bag, around his arm and stuck the needle into his vein. Mikey’s eyes fluttered shut as the drug spread through his body and he didn’t feel or see Britney taking out the needle, running it under the water before pushing it into her skin.

“Fuck!” She breathed. Mikey’s head was still thrown back when Britney grabbed his neck and kissed him hungrily.

“Where have you been?” Frank asked Mikey and Britney when they neared them giggling and their hair ruffled.

“Oh nowhere.” She smiled.

“Well come on up here Mikey boy! We got a song to practice!” Gerard’s excited voice exploded from the speakers as he yelled into his microphone. “Britney could be your groupie,” He continued, his hazel eyes now on her and traveled to her hair and then her red smeared lipstick. “Even though you already screwed her that now means that she has to see you play.” Gerard’s voice echoed off of the walls while Mikey and Britney glared at him and the rest of the guys were having trouble stifling their laughter.

Britney’s eyes only stayed on Mikey and her ears tuned out the music she called noise. “Why don’t they play pop music? Why can’t they be cool like Linkin Park or something? Why did Mikey have to be cute and play in a crappy band?”

Her ears became more focused to the music when Gerard’s voice became softer and raspier then his screaming. Her eyes darted to the lead singer whose nose was gushing bright red blood and his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. The speakers echoed the thud as the microphone dropped from his hand and Gerard followed.
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