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Chapter 11

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Britney pushed off of the wall she was leaning on and jumped up on the stage where the guys were huddled over their fallen member.

“What the hell happened?” Frank asked some strands of his black hair plastered on his forehead with sweat.

“I don’t know!” Ray panicked as he got on his knees and placed a hand on Gerard’s forehead. He tore it away as if he touched hot scalding water. “He’s burning up!”

Gerard’s head slowly moved from side to side, his blood starting to trickle down on each side. His lips started moving slowly but no sound come out.

“Gee?” Mikey called slowly, making sure that he would be heard.

Gerard’s eyes started fluttering and slowly opened, confused that he was staring up at the ceiling. His head was pounding and he brought his hands up to shield his eyes from the bright lights. His palms felt a sticky liquid underneath his nose. He saw the blood and sat straight up.

“What the hell is this?” He screamed.

Mikey took Gerard’s arm to stand him up and walk him offstage. He still felt everyone’s eyes on them. He looked back and gave out a fake chuckle.

“He’s always wearing his stupid leather jacket even if it’s 5,000 degrees. No wondered he fainted.”

“What about the bleeding?” Bob asked. “Heat doesn’t make you bleed that much.”

Mikey gulped as Gee leaned on him for support. “Gerard’s always doing crazy shit with the microphone. I guess he banged the microphone against his nose too hard.”

The guys seemed to believe him as they shook their heads and rolled their eyes at Gerard’s crazy actions. Mikey rushed him into the bathroom and sat him on the toilet. He paced back and forth before Gerard sat up against the tank.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Mikey whispered harshly. “You’re prescription drugs not good enough anymore? You’re doing coke to teach me a lesson?”

Gerard ignored him as he walked to the sink. The water ran and he cleaned the blood off of his face. He turned back to him smirking.

“I just wanted to get a glimpse of your life. It’s pretty fun.”

“Gerard, come on. Don’t do this.”

Mikey looked into his brother’s eyes, seeing that they were still glazed from the drug. The older man shrugged and started to walk over to the door. “Come on, let’s have some fun.”

Mikey’s confusion showed on his face clearly. “What are you talking about Gee?”

Gerard shrugged again and opened the door. “Everyone likes me when I’m fun.” He repeated. He walked out of the bathroom leaving behind a confused Mikey with no answers.

The coke had left Gerard’s veins after practice and now the members of My Chemical Romance were backstage waiting for their set. Gerard paced nervously as they waited. He needed to talk to Britney. He needed more of that wonderful powder but she was talking to Mikey. Mikey was glaring at Britney who was standing in front of him.

“Why would you give it to him?” His voice was low so only Britney could hear him.

“I didn’t give him anything!” She pleaded. “I’m only here for you. He must have taken some after he hit on me.” Her hand covered her mouth rapidly as if she had spilled a secret instead of a lie.

“He did what?”

Britney bit her lip to make Mikey thought she was innocent. “I’ve said too much.” Just as he was about to ask her all the questions that were racing through his mind before Gerard came and interrupted him.

“Hey. Can I talk to Britney for a second?” Gerard asked, scratching at an itch on his neck. Mikey just glared at him, not saying a word. Britney answered for him.


She pulled Gerard to a father corner of the room, far away from his brother. Mikey’s hateful eyes followed Gee to the corner he was led to. He looked away and stood beside Frank, his thoughts the only thing he was listening to.

“ALWAYS!” He yelled inside his head. “I can never ever get my own things. I always have to share with Gerard. Share rooms, share toys, share the same amount of attention. He got most of that anyway. I do not want to share Britney. She’s mine. I don’t give a fuck if Gee wants her, we won’t share this time.” Mikey’s hands gripped the neck of his bass.

Gerard’s hand gripped the small bag of white powder Britney had just given him. He grinned at her, showing her his small white teeth. Britney’s hand caught his arm as he was leaving towards the bathroom. He looked at her weirdly.


“How about a kiss, your temporary payment.” She smiled.

“Sorry, you’re not really my type, besides you’re my brothers ‘girlfriend’ as much as I don’t want you to be.”

Britney shrugged not really bothered by bothered by his statement. “You didn’t seem to care back at the motel room.” She was standing on her toes, her lips hovering before his, moving back slightly so that he would follow. Instinctively, he followed and pressed his lips against hers. Britney smiled. “This is going perfectly.”
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