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Bugger Buddies

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They're 13 and this is pretty freakin gay.

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Kyle was nervous about taking his changing in the locker room one friday in winter.
"Dude, what the hell?" Stan said looking rather pissed.
"Well -I sort of- uh," Kyle responded nervous.
"You're acting like Tweek," Stan said frustraded. This was more or less true, Tweek was such a nervous wreck he waited outside the locker rooms til everyone else was done changing before he would even go in it but nobody knew exactly why.
"Why do you want me to take my clothes off?" At this Stan turned away to face his locker.
"Goddamn it," Kyle said looking at his phone to check the time. "Okay, fine," he said, "only because we need to get to class soon."
As soon as Kyle pulled his pants down Kenny, Stan, and Eric stared at him. There was silence til finally Eric gave out a shrill laugh, "Oh my god, dude is that Terrance and Phillip?"
"Shut up fatass," he muttered, it was hard to tell if he was red with anger or embarassment.
"Those tighty-whities make your cock look huge," Kenny said fairly more loudly than he expected.
"Come on, Kyle, it can't take you that long to get changed," Stan pestered trying to ignor what Kenny said.
"Are you done yet?" asked Eric.
"Yes, Cartman. I'm done!" Kyle said in nothing but his embarassing childrens underwear.
Then as they walked out of the locker room Tweek walked through the door.
"Oh, hey," he said nervously.
"Dude just so you know someone's still in there," Eric warned.
"Craig, I think."
Oh," Tweek seemed slightly less nervous than usual and continued walking.
"Huh -that's....strange?" Eric muttered.
Tweek and Craig were both so late to the next class they had after school detention.
The rest of the day went by uneventfully til lunch. "Hey why did you have Terrance and Phillip tighty-whities?" Stan asked randomly. Bebe must have heard her from a table away because she started to giggle in the sort of way everyone would mock if she wasn't in with the right people like Clyde and Wendy.
"Um..... they're Ike's," Kyle whispered so only his close friends could hear.
"Wow, Kyle, seriously... THE FUCK," Cartman responded.
"Why did y- oh," Stan said akwardly, "..... yeah... right."
"What the fuck's going on?" Kenny asked both eagarly and upset.
"Uh...I'll text it to you after school," Kyle said looking around at all the other students.
"Come on, dude," he bugged.
"Okay." He whispered something in Kenny's ear and Stan waited eagerly for a response.
"Cool, can I join?" he asked.
"Suuure," Stan said like he didn't expect a question like that to come up.
After school Kenny walked over to Eric's house. "Hey, man, why'd you want me ta come over?" he asked his.
"Kyenny," Cartman began, "what did Khal and Stan tell you at lunch?"
Kenny shrugged and muttered something under his breath that was hard to understand.
"KYENNY!" Eric pulled out a whip and some hand cuffs.
"What the hell?!?!?"
"I found these in my mom's closet so you better start talking Kenny."
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